Information (Hansard, 17 November 1987)
HC Deb 17 November 1987 vol 122 c480W
Mr. Shersby

To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment what advertising agents have been appointed by his Department, or by the Central Office of Information on behalf of his Department, to handle campaigns involving the communication of information on subjects for which his Department is responsible to Parliament during the year 1985–86; what was the subject of each campaign ; and how much was spent on each campaign.

Mr. Ridley

The table lists the subjects and costs of campaign for which advertising agents were appointed on behalf of my Department in the financial year 1985–86.
Campaign date and agency Cost of campaign £
Historic Houses promotion (May-June 1985) Doyle Dane Bernbach Ltd. 12,480
Urban Development Grants (July 1985) Doyle Dane Bernbach Ltd. 28,347
Kensington Palace promotion (July-August 1985) Doyle Dane Bernbach Ltd. 43,000
Right to Buy-new legislation (September 1985) Doyle Dane Bernbach Ltd. 262,800
Building Research Establishment (October 1985)—subscription sales Francis, Killingbech Bain Ltd. 23.412

All figures are in full cost terms, including VAT.