Squatting (Hansard, 4 November 1987)
HC Deb 04 November 1987 vol 121 c733W
80. Mr. Bendall

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what information he has on the incidence of squatting in London and the impact that this has on those on the waiting list for council housing including the homeless.

Mrs. Roe

London boroughs reported in their latest housing investment programme returns that, at 1 April 1987, 6,900 of their dwelling, 0.9 per cent. of total council stock in London, were squatted. Information is not available on squatting in property not owned by the boroughs.

In most authorities the number of squatted dwellings is a very small proportion of their total stock. Three boroughs however, (Southwark, Lambeth and Hackney), accounted for 64 per cent. of all reported cases of squatting in London, with just under 3 per cent. of these boroughs' stock being used in this way, and the impact may well be felt on the homeless and those on council housing lists there.