Roads (Expenditure) (Hansard, 3 December 1990)
HC Deb 03 December 1990 vol 182 c12
20. Mr. Knox

To ask the Secretary of State for Wales what has been the total spending by central Government on roads in Wales since 1979; and how many miles of motorway and trunk roads have been laid since that year.

Sir Wyn Roberts

Since 1979, total net spending by central Government on motorway and trunk roads in Wales has exceeded £1.2 billion. In addition, over £260 million of transport supplementary grant has been provided to Welsh local authorities for improvement of their roads. Twenty-two miles of motorway and 134 miles of trunk road have been completed. Seven schemes totalling 16 miles are under construction.

Mr. Knox

May I congratulate my hon. Friend on the size of expenditure on roads in Wales since he became a Minister 11 and a half years ago? Can he say anything about work in progress on the north-south road?

Sir Wyn Roberts

I am glad to tell my hon. Friend that we have spent about £100 million since 1979 on improving the A470 north-south route; and we shall spend another £100 million on that same route. We have spent £50 million on the other north-south route, the A483, since 1979, and we shall spend a further £30 million in the not-too-distant future.

Mr. John P. Smith

What does the Minister intend to do to get away from the ludicrous problem of Wales's national airport being serviced by a single-carriageway road?

Sir Wyn Roberts

We are always considering the situation of the airport and we look forward to its further development. I have heard the hon. Gentleman talk about the problems of prosperity in his area and around the airport, but he will be aware that the road to the airport is a county road.