LIGHTING. (Hansard, 24 February 1936)
HC Deb 24 February 1936 vol 309 cc28-9
44. Mr. H. G. WILLIAMS

asked the First Commissioner of Works what percentage of the electric lamps in the Houses of Parliament are of the gas filled type; and how long will it be before this type entirely supersedes the less efficient types still largely in use?


About 75 per cent. of the electric lamps in the Houses of Parliament are of the gas-filled type: I am not in a position to forecast the date by which this type only will be in general use, as substitution of gas-filled lamps where available takes place as the old types wear out.


Would it not be economic to replace all the old-fashioned lamps forthwith by new ones which only use half the energy; and is it not the case that in this respect at present this House is worse equipped than many private houses in the country?


AS I have said, 75 per cent. have already been converted and I am converting all the time. There are still some of the old lamps not actually in the House but in places where bright illumination is not needed. I have no doubt that those remaining old lamps will be replaced in due course.