Open Letter to The Rt Hon Mr. Speaker

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The Right Honourable Mr. Speaker John Bercow,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA. 

Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London, SW1A 1AA.

Open Letter

								12th December 2011

Dear Mr. Speaker,

		From the Global Isles Court of Record of our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, Greeting!
		It is an unusual day in English history when the extended family of the English people, living in purported Democratic Republics, come together with their Queen to instruct the English Parliament on the history of the last 100 years and the Common Law.  Let me begin, in the first instance, with a few significant historical facts: 
		Exactly a hundred years ago, the Jekyll Island Accord was set down in private on the 12th of December 1911.  Today, we reap the consequences of that historic accord.  A frightfully important investigation that nobody wants to talk about regarding it’s present consequences is now before the U.K. Attorney General.
		The context for the Jekyll Island Accord was the failure of American banks during the Banker’s panic of 1907/8 when the British bankers via J.P. Morgan bailed out their American counterparts.  
		In 1908, the House of Commons was ‘incorporated’, in 1909 Prime Minister David Lloyd George introduced the “People’s Budget”, “for raising money to wage implacable warfare against poverty”.  The then House of Commons, abandoned its traditional role of saying no to taxes.
		Let us not forget that King Edward VII passed away in the summer of 1910, the year of the Black Ascot, leaving a country in deep mourning.  In 1911, the House of Commons, in passing the Parliament Act, upset the balance of economic power between the liberties of those with fixed capital alone and the liberties of those with property rights in money alone, to wit, the workers who enjoyed the Freedom of the City, by taking the veto on Money Bills from the House of Lords and playing Robin Hood.  This traditional mode of the English constitution, which was abandoned at that time, is what protected property rights, spurred the innovation of the Industrial Revolution, which lifted the living standard of many an English worker as well as natives in distant lands, and resulted in the expansion of the English civilization to the ends of the Earth.
		I therefore asked Prime Minister David Cameron in my letter of 27th January 2011, “Are the so-called money bills that avoid examination by the House of Lords about lawful money?”.  Kindly refer to the enclosed letter which includes other questions from this court that shine a light on the reality of the current world financial crisis.
		I am, Sir, but a common English man, living free of the protection so-called of Her Majesty’s Government, who come now before this august Parliament that spawned all parliaments and congresses across the world, invoke the Bill of Rights 1688 and the Parliamentary Privileges Act 1770, to fulfil my duty to my Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, and lay before you one of my Sovereign Lady’s most invincible, just and merciful weapons: a soliton of law!
		This soliton of law, is a class action lawsuit by a woman of America, known as Lorene Ann Haggard, from whose lawsuit I quote: 
“… for and on behalf of the class of people ‘All men, women and children in America, England, Scotland and the rest of the world, where men and women may breathe air and live, that is these Global Isles’ to end bank fraud in America... The common heritage of our law, the shared values of a government limited by contract, and the neutrality of the Sovereign Court of Record is our ancestral birthright since time immemorial going back to the Magna Carta of 1215 into antiquity… 
“The current state of oppressive taxation by bank fraud can simply be called extortion by complete abrogation of free will, free trade, property rights, liberty and the rule of law. Extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times – see Acilian Law on the Right to Recovery of Property Officially Extorted, 122 B.C. 
“The origins of the current crisis can be traced back a hundred years prior to the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers to the Banker’s Panic of 1908, when the Knickerbocker Trust Company collapsed and J.P. Morgan led a British banking bailout of American banking of the day. Simultaneously, we read, that the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, inaugurated the “People’s budget” with unsustainable involuntary taxation which caused the abrogation of ancestral property rights in land and a war on the liberty of those who possessed such. This was done against the express wishes of the House of Lords. Deductive reasoning shows that the astute Lords of Money in 1911, on both sides of the Atlantic, who knew that the duty of the sovereign is the liberty of her subjects, must have devised a plan to prevent seditious politicians and unscrupulous bankers on either side of the Atlantic from frittering away the last remaining bulwark of property rights, liberty and the rule of law: gold. 
“True money, like liberty, knows no borders. Money is gold and gold is money. Gold is the ultimate guardian of accountability, liberty and the rule of law.” 
		This ancient liberty is the right to lawfully and productively utilise our properties and persons as we see fit, to travel with and trade the fruits of our capital and our labours, and the right and duty to the protection of and to protect the Common Law against Kings and Parliaments alike.
		What then is this Common Law, that appears to have fallen into disuse?  The Right Honourable Sir Frederick Pollock, BART., D.C.L., LL.D., of Lincoln’s Inn who in The Genius of the Common Law, published in 1911,  asks on pages 77 – 78, “Is there, then, any other distinctive character [of the Common Law]?  Yes, there is this great difference, that the other laws are special and personal, while the Common Law is not.  It is the law not of a class or kindred, but of the whole kingdom and the men who dwell therein; lex et consuetudo Angliœ is its proper style.” 
		What then, you ask, is this soliton of law? In mathematics and physics, a soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave (a wave packet or pulse) that maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed against the motion of the medium.  The shape of this self-reinforcing wave of law is the people and their Queen in a Court of Record – the Originals vs their purported representatives.
		It is the right of a solitary individual, a man or woman, to demand and obtain the Rule of Law, which is what is discovered in a Court of Record, where the tribunal is independent of the magistrate designated to run the Court, where the Court must rule on What-Is, and not some fanciful What-Ought-To-Be, where the magic of Chancellory cannot disguise the fact that the First Lord of the Treasury is bankrupt and that there is NOTHING in his coffers to count!
		Today’s Courts of U.K. PLC, which style themselves ‘Royal Courts’ have to maintain the faith of the people in Government by Executive, in which the paramount objective of the Court is to disguise the fact that the magistrate doing business in the Court under the Royal Court of Arms is there without authority of The Queen in Parliament. 
		Such an Ecclesiastical Court, operating under the Church of England Convocations Act 1966 and the 1966 Supreme Court Practice Statement is not an Ordinary, Customary Common Law Court of this land known as England and is declared to be illegal and pernicious by the Bill of Rights, 1688.  Kindly refer to the enclosed Affidavit of Michael Burke.
		As we sought for the authority of The Queen in Parliament itself, this court has discovered that the House of Commons was incorporated in 1908, therefore operating a legal fiction.  More ominous, our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is herself in bondage, unable to exercise Her Majesty’s freedom of speech, not even to comment on such matters of great importance to Her Majesty’s people, such as the Liberty and the Rule of Law and unable to render justice as is Her Majesty’s duty and right.
		We have also discovered that Parliament itself operates like a religious institution on the faith of the People, where inconvenient and embarrassing rules and Acts have to be placed on the Altar of Parliament during recess, and deemed passed with the “force of an Act of Parliament” with weasel words for example, “as appears to be”, “is necessary and expedient”.  In other words, Mr. Speaker, in the opinion of this court, that there is only an interim de-facto emergency-rule administration operating an Ecclesiastical Commission under The Great Seal, that there is not a valid House of Commons that represents the people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and that there is no access for Her Majesty’s subjects to a fully empowered Her Majesty’s Court of Record.
		In such an extraordinary situation that I have outlined above, as a conscious living Man, who wishes to be perfectly neutral and lawful, I have no choice but to create this instrument of the Rule of Law by Claim of Right: A Court of Record modelled on the Magna Carta.  It is my honour and privilege to enclose the articles of this Global Isles Court of Record.
		Naturally, Her Majesty The Queen was the first to be informed.  Mrs. Sonia Bonici, Senior Correspondent Officer at Buckingham Palace, responded with two letters in response, true copies of which are enclosed.  These letters give rise to certain issues that a duly seated Parliament must necessarily answer:
Does Her Majesty The Queen come under the purview of the Trade Descriptions Act 1994 and the Paris Convention for the protection of industrial property 1883?  If so, what trade or industry is Her Majesty engaged in? 
The display of the Coat of Arms, including but not limited to the Royal Courts of Justice and Acts of Parliament, must have Her Majesty’s written consent. 
		This brings up an interesting point of Common Law: Her Majesty’s silence cannot be interpreted as consent.  Her Majesty is under contract with the People.  This contract is the Bill of Rights 1688 which she has affirmed by Her Majesty’s Coronation Oath. 
		No one in Parliament appears to have recognised, much less objected to the loss of ability by Her Majesty’s People to pay their debts at law.  The price of true liberty is a conscious mindful vigilance. 
		The lawful execution of any contract requires a meeting of minds and conscious consent. The deliverables of both parties to a contract have to be precisely specified and measurable.  I quote now from the accompanying Affidavit of Michael Burke:

“The Coronation Oath
“Adjustments were made in 1688 to the Coronation Oath as it ‘hath heretofore beene framed in doubtfull words and expressions with relation to ancient laws and constitutions at this time unknown.’
“The Coronation Oath is as close as we come to the usual preamble of written constitutions.  The promise of the Sovereign was about the ‘people’ and it was made to God and not to the Sovereign’s Government nor the United Kingdom’s Government.
“The arch-bishop or bishop shall say, “Will you solemnely promise and sweare to governe the people of this kingdome of England and the dominions thereto belonging according to the statutes in Parlyament agreed on and the laws and customs of the same?”
“Blackstone1 is emphatic that the preservation of the liberties of the subject is the duty of all who govern.  He called the rights and liberties absolute.  He points out the duty of preservation of our liberties as being beyond doubt. The Coronation Oath is the contract by which the Monarchy is bound to exert only lawful power.  He refers to the Coronation Oath as being a contract beyond any doubt: -
“‘However, in what form it soever be conceived, this is most indisputably a fundamental and original expres (sic) contract” BL Comm Vol 1 p229. As to the certainty of its obligation he says “ … and to reduce that contract to a plain certainty. So that whatever doubts might be formerly raised by weak and scrupulous minds about the existence of such an original contract, they must now entirely cease; especially with regard to every prince, who has reigned since the year 1688.” BL Comm Vol 1 p226
“The words which forced the Monarch into a constitutional limitation were “govern according to the Statutes in Parliament agreed on” which were not in the oath of James II or his predecessors.  It was this addition to the Coronation Oath at the Glorious Revolution 1688 which defeated the Divine Right of Kings and altered the course of history and the English Constitution permanently.
“Never again could the King rule by absolute power.  Thenceforth there was to be no doubt that the rule of law was supreme, integral and inherent in our Constitution.  The Revolution was not a victory of parliamentary power but of the certainty of the ‘supremacy of the rule of law’.”
		A return to Liberty and the Rule of Law will result in Peace.  This must necessarily require a system of contracts that is lawful, where the deliverables on both sides of the contract can be measured to acceptable standards.  In other words, what is essential for Peace and a retreat from the brink of Armageddon is a voluntary, deliverable gold standard where the holders of the metal are not subject to arbitrary seizure or taxation.  This is as important for the Lords of Money as it is for the poor, even if living by alms.  After all, it is only in an environment of legal safety that gold will begin to circulate again. 
		The enclosed graphs show the long term decline in the purchasing power of the Pound and Dollar in terms of gold, and how, throughout the automobile era, the price of oil in gold Globals remains flat.  A gold Global is defined as 0.1 gram of fine gold. 
		Kindly take note, Mr. Speaker, that the the Council tax system in the U.K. is badly broken.  This decadent state of affairs is where Councils issue computerized printouts purporting to be Court Orders, without the due process of a Customary Court, and the Courts themselves are operating without sanction from The Queen in Parliament.  It has come to the point, where Deputy District Judge Glasner has called an affidavit based on the Common Law, historical precedent, and the Bill of Rights 1688, a “fog of nonsense.”
Reverse Engineering the U.S. Dollar Exchange Stabilization Fund2
		Our scientists have made the inner reality of the atoms that constitute our very existence amenable to extremely precise analysis.  It is said that Einstein’s wife was once shown the inner workings of the machinery at some very impressive astronomical observatory and her guide explained to her that these machines were needed “to determine the secrets of the universe.”  She is said to have replied, “my husband does this on the back of an old envelope!”
		In this vein, and in the spirit of the physicist Richard Feynman who was always two steps ahead of experimental particle physics, predicting their results by thinking, I would like to offer you the following:
A thought experiment: A board game with Monopoly Money
		Let us imagine a board game, “Economic Reality”, where there are four people around a table, each in charge of a “country” on the board, each country being able to produce and sell certain items but not others.  To begin the game, each of them is given a certain amount of dollars but they do not know what the other receives.  Let us say that a certain game is started with each player given exactly $100,000.  The game starts and the first player who has an oil well makes an offer of a million barrels of oil for $1 each thinking that he will soon be rich... can any of the others buy a million barrels at $1? Answer: no. Why? 
		Let us examine another game where one of the players decides to loan out his money to ‘businesses’ at the table. If the risk of business failure, randomly chosen, is that on average one in ten businesses will fail, what is the minimum interest rate he must ask for to ensure the recovery of his principal and to make a minimum profit?
		The key to comprehending the “money” situation in Europe, U.K., and the U.S.A., is the Exchange Stabilization Fund and a correct comprehension of the mechanics of the currency system we have today.
		Let’s say that instead of a fixed quantity of money around the “Economic Reality” board game, there is one player that is a modern “Federal Reserve Bank”.  Qualified players can borrow from the “bank”... and presto, player B, if he is qualified, can “borrow” a million dollars into existence...
		The reality, however, is that the simple common people, walking in and out of houses, buses and the cabinet office, even after they have grasped the phrase “monetization of credit”, fail to comprehend the actual mechanics that are far more sophisticated.  We offer here a simplified explanation by way of an analogy:
Virtual Reality	
		Computer generated virtual reality can be indistinguishable from reality.  Trained fighter pilots experience shock and nausea in today’s computerized simulators.
		Today’s computerized markets have a near infinite pool of new tokens caused by the monetization of credit at the retail banks on one side and on the other side have a strictly limited pool of paper “cash” printed against “Government Bonds” earned by Central Banks for auctioning their bonds.  The average market participant has no idea that bank liabilities to pay legal tender are not legal tender cash. The “Forex market” is where gamblers, are offered the ability to monetize their signature at 100:1 leverage to the chequeing account ‘cash’ they put in.  The house wins, the gamblers lose. Anxious traders experience shock and nausea. When the spigot of new credit is turned on again, they experience euphoria.  As the Bank of International Settlements warns, fiat money is more addictive than narcotics for ‘investors’, and I note that the narcotics trade is used to remove paper currency from circulation from a stoned population to keep price inflation in check.
		The ‘elite 1%’, so-called, have heard that the banks win every time.  They have been tempted into various ‘bank trading programs’ where they are assured they can partake of the ‘profits’ of the ‘bank’.  Many of these elite families of the world have been thus lured into being sponsors of unmitigated bank fraud, have had their funds effectively seized by a “you can check-in any time you like, but you can never leave” process and their fate is sealed by confidentiality clauses.
		Regulators and legislators are coerced into accepting this system through a combination of greed, ignorance, fear and corruption.  Fear of economic annihilation can be used to get any concession from any legislature, it seems.  Not one legislature in the world has debated how this economic system works and what is their duty in protecting the people.  The “representatives” of the entire world stand in treason to their masters, the people.  Some of these representatives have gone so far, as in the U.S.A., as to codify their treason as the Uniform Commercial Code.  The Exchange Stabilization Fund is the operator of this Virtual Reality.
The Actual Reality behind the Virtual Reality
		‘In Mind we live and move and have our being’ is a terse paraphrase of a tremendous truth.  The most enlightened sages amongst the scientists know that matter disappears into radiation and  radiation itself into mathematical ideas.  The ‘smash the world into smithereens’ of the ‘cold war’ shows that there is more than enough energy available to man to create any effect he so wishes, be it ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Star Wars’.  Weapons technology has progressed…  a million man army on the march is no match for an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile or I.C.B.M... an incoming I.C.B.M. can be annihilated by airborne lasers even during take off, and miles deep underground bases destroyed by directed energy weapons.  The smartest people know that patents for advanced technology is for those taken in by corporate government socialism – the latest technology is super secret, for the only form of intellectual property protection that works is trade secrets.
		It is also the same with gold and to a lesser extent, silver. Gold is the only lawful money since antiquity, it is the only lawful money today.  There is plenty of gold for a gold standard – the long term oil price figured in mass of gold remains bound.  There are those who have secretly maintained their books in gold whilst socialists are quite happy to carry on with their empty promises – pretend work with pretend pay – is it a surprise then that today’s products are built not to last?  Yet another useless project to build some unneeded high speed rail line which creates nothing of value to trade does not solve the fundamental problem for any island – islands as small as the British Isles or as large as Eurasia.  Today’s economy is packet based – packets the size of Fedex parcels can bring the world’s produce to your doorstep.
		We know that there exist trusts with gold set aside for the benefit of the people.  We also know that there are these trustees who have done their duty to protect and preserve this last bastion of property rights and that this has already prevented the outbreak of WWIII on several occasions in recent months. It stands to reason that without Common Law and Courts of Record, it would be impossible for these trustees to put their gold at risk.  They dare not even reveal their existence and if they did, it is sure to be in the most remarkable way, as is already the case.
		True markets in risk will of the necessity for due caution and desire to be perfectly lawful, have to be re-created using modern cryptographic protocols.  In such mathematically fair markets, equity dividends that represent the bounty of Nature’s harvest will return once more and true leisure to the people as machines will do the work of producing wealth.
		We believe that it all has to start with the English Parliament and the restoration of a Court of Record for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  There is no other institution capable of recognizing the past mistakes, the present reality and which will take the necessary steps and set the right example.  The legacy of the Magna Carta in England must reawaken to protect and preserve trade, prosperity, and peace.  Her Majesty The Queen and Her Majesty’s people must once again be at liberty.
A homecoming for the Common Law
		Once again, I would like to to quote from The Genius of the Common Law by The Right Honourable Sir Frederick Pollock:
On pages 45 – 46, “No one ever maintained that the king’s command, however express, would of itself justify or excuse an act not warranted by the law of the land; much less that his officers would derive protection from his general authority.  The sheriff’s responsibility to the king’s subjects even for honest mistakes in the execution of his office is very ancient.  It extends, and appears to have always extended, to acts of the sheriff’s deputy or subordinate officers done without his personal knowledge.” 
On page 21, “It was a great and a true word that Jhering spoke when he said: ‘Form is the sworn enemy of caprice, she is Freedom’s twin sister.’”. 
		This form that will protect us from Caprice is the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights 1688 and a Court of Record.  The result will be legal certainty, property rights and actual liberty, not the mere worship of it.  This is the form of government that was Great Britain – Her Majesty Queen Victoria and the Lords in a Court of Record (the House of Lords) ran the government, the House of Commons ensured that such a minimal government was acceptable to the People. 
		The last one hundred years is demonstrable proof that neither poverty nor terrorism can be ameliorated by “warfare”.  It is also proof that the ability to tax, put into the hands of an elected House does not result in a stable government – it results in the debasement of currency, human trafficking in ‘persons’, trade and travel restrictions, xenophobia, an apocalyptic weapons race, and war.  The true history of the last century and particularly of the last decade must be told.  The necessary corrections must be made with consciousness at all levels.  This is the genius and the beauty of the English civilization, not revolution.  It is better to have a lost decade than to acquire a new asteroid belt. 
		The result of this ‘War on Poverty’ is all around you: a currency of the United Kingdom, the Pound, is not lawfully accountable in any substance, it’s value has been decimated, the ‘Freedom of the City of London’ is a mere symbolic appearance only, with city workers not secure regarding their property rights in the money they are paid in.  The incorporated House of Commons operates the Private Law realm of the United Kingdom where ‘persons’ are extradited upon the trumped up allegations of private prosecutors of courts foreign to our Common Law, such as the recent case involving Julian Assange.
		The result of the ‘War on Terror’ is writ large on the U.S.A.: their ‘passport’ is not welcome in many ‘banking’ centres, the profound respect and admiration that America enjoyed world over is now replaced with simmering hatred, it’s legislatures and courts are filled with men and women who are treasonous to their Sovereigns, “We The People”, and as this court wrote in a letter to President Obama on 28th February 2011:
“We are aware of how the Declaration of Independence restored the people of the land known as America to their natural and inherent common law state of being free men and women on the land.  It was possible then, to step onto American soil, say ‘I am free’ and resume one’s natural and unalienable rights – the natural state of freedom from subjugation by any other party – a ‘naturalized’ American.  There is no inherent value in the much touted system of identification, culminating in Americans and their visitors being treated as cattle. 
“It is our view that a simultaneous opening of the borders dividing America from the rest of the world would usher in an era of peace and prosperity worldwide.”
		Seen in this light, I would like to commend Home Secretary Theresa May and Prime Minister David Cameron on their courageous stance regarding relaxed borders.  It is the opposition, not knowing the reality, that is in a fiasco.  I am sure the Right Honourable Mr. Speaker will enlighten the house so that better informed representatives can have a real debate and the nation choose liberty and the rule of law.  Let us pray that Her Majesty shall soon have the honour of inaugurating a voluntary, deliverable gold standard and open the world to travel, trade, prosperity, liberty and the Rule of Law.  Those of us who adore England and the Common Law will feel invited again on these lovely islands where the English civilization began and spread to the ends of the Earth.  
		Putting England and the world on a Gold Standard is not difficult – the techniques of discounting Real Bills, the circulation of contracts redeemable on demand for gold, distributed markets in actuarial instruments, all cryptographically secured are the means, which will be manifest within the bureaucracy of banking and government when it ceases to be able - and apparently addicted - to whipping up credit and circulating it as if it were real, lawful money.
		The process is similar to the way that England emerged from the tyranny of pious fraud.	The result will be actual liberty and freedom not seen since Queen Victoria. 
		There are many questions that remain to be asked at the end of this 100 year era by private agreement between the world’s wealthy families, some of which are outlined below:
The history of the last century, is the history of the accumulation of all the world’s gold in the hands of just a few, accumulated as a direct result of the two greatest crimes against humanity – trafficking in persons and the use of void-contract money. The result of which is bank fraud and war. 
The reasoning that the trustees of the hoards of gold can use in their defence is clear: the liberty of the people is the duty of the sovereign (see Mixed Money Case of 1604) and that all this was done to prevent those that acquire the most advanced weapons using void-contract money from using them in rage and without reason, even for ostensibly noble purposes. 
The American Civil War was one such as this, where great damage was inflicted by those who printed up void-contract money for their war. 
The result is witnessed as equal slavery and human trafficking/trading for ‘citizens’ under the 14th Amendment, which is now seen as the charade of the ‘litany of human rights’ rather than the elegance of ‘all rights reserved’ at Common Law under the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights 1688. 
The Lords of Money who have the thankless task of preventing and having prevented Armageddon many a time, and have preserved a lawful form of government, need to be acknowledged.  Yet there are others who have tried to get whatever they can for themselves by audacious acts of violence followed by the looting of the American and European banking systems by bank fraud. 
Single handed, gold has cornered the perpetrators of these actions – those that possess vast quantities of gold or bank-liabilities today formerly known as savings or time deposits have obtained this by fraud and war, by borrowing the credit of the people and removing gold from circulation.  Although there are vast hoards of gold that may put the world back on a gold standard, questions will have to be asked as to what belongs to the people of the world. 
How can Her Majesty, the Lords of Money and the people ensure that any or other lunatics who wish to start another crusade or war-for-population-control or any other distraction from the questions of this court do not get their way? 
There are questions outstanding and as yet unanswered about lawful source of funds and about constructing a process of Global Settlement that includes pledges to abide by the Common Law, which is but a pledge to not cause harm or loss, to use clearly defined contracts that specify deliverables and to settle disputes via a Court of Record. 
There are questions regarding evidence of gold-plated tungsten bars, some of which surfaced in Hong Kong, and claims about vast underground hoards of bullion “in deep storage”. 
In the view of this court, a return to Common Law will require the gold to be put at risk, not remain in unverified, unaccountable locations.  This means that lenders and investors will have to part with absolute control of the gold and for men and women to take delivery.  Today, one gold Global, which is only 0.1 gram of gold, purchases about 5 USD. It is a tiny amount of gold. 
In a reversal of the traditional reasons against gold as money, it is the low value instruments that will be notes embedded with gold using nanotechnology and coins and bars for higher value. 
People with metal in their pocket will have to protect their lives, honour and property – this is after all the meaning of “a guard of honour”.  A return to the Bill of Rights 1688 and actual liberty will naturally have to include the right to self-protection – a minimal government will not be able to manifest an omnipresent police force.  Government officials in all countries who are alarmed at this prospect may wish to contemplate their new lives lived without the safety and protection of a government job and pension, where they shall have to create and trade value for value.
The question is, will those who have these hoards of gold allow it to flow in lawful trade or will they wish to continue their lawless ways using fear and intimidation in the process of trading paper with circular promises? 
Then there is the question of the vast quantities of bank liabilities to pay legal tender accumulated by the addicts of ‘bank private placement’ programs.  Many of those duped include those connected to high level bank and government officials. 
There is also the question about how, during and after such a Global Settlement, corporate bank accounts of profitable companies ought to be handled and also accounts of individuals. 
There are questions about how artificial monopolies were substituted for real property rights and how these artificial rights violate fundamental property rights. 
There are questions about corporate forms of government, who the rules or “laws” generated by such corporate bodies apply to, and about freedom of individuals to voluntarily contract. True Parliamentary Democracy, not the modern farce of it, is described in The English Constitution3, by Walter Bagehot. It is natural that more questions will arise from the study of this classic work. 
There are questions of how, since the ‘banks’ risked no metal or any real property, the vast majority of real estate is held without a customary good title.  There is the issue of farm claims from as far back as the Great Depression that have been acknowledged and yet they still stand UN-settled.  There are sure to be a number of questions regarding the settlement of this process. 
There are questions about taxation and how the world will work in a gold based economy. Current super-high-levels of invasive taxation exemplified by Value Added Tax will never work even with dependence on government jobs in expensive and complex enforcement of same. 
It is a good thing to acknowledge and answer these questions and rid society of the parasitic culture of dependence and haggling for more handouts.  When this ceases, both fortunes and jobs will be made again the old fashioned way, created by honest enterprise.  In addition, this will mean people must have the freedom to move to where the market moves them.  Nations closely resemble prison camps implemented through the use of national passports and prohibiting visas – these obstacles are not compatible with liberty.  The natural questions that arise in this context are how to retrain Parliaments and Congresses from entertaining notions that man made National Borders increase security.
True security is the outcome of a flourishing economy on a Gold Standard, with the genius of western thought - the joint stock company, distributing risks and ownership, guiding peoples all over the world to create and trade wealth, rather than go to war.
The consequences of the above will be a natural emigration from the western (and eastern!) countries to where resources (and jobs!) are plentiful.  It is better to travel as a trader in a new Golden Age than as a soldier in a new World War.  This is the legacy and heritage of England and the Magna Carta. 
Those that promote xenophobia as nationalism are on the slippery slope towards another World War.
		More analysis and a clear path forward to Global Settlement is included in the enclosed Letter Rogatory from the Plaintiff in this case.  If some of this sounds utopian, Mr Speaker, I take your leave with Lord Maynard Keynes’ description of London in 1914:
	“The inhabitant of London could order by telephone, sipping his morning tea in bed, the various products of the whole earth, in such quantity as he might see fit, and reasonably expect their early delivery upon his doorstep; he could at the same moment and by the same means adventure his wealth in the natural resources and new enterprises of any quarter of the world, and share, without exertion or even trouble, in their prospective fruits and advantages; or he could decide to couple the security of his fortunes with the good faith of the townspeople of any substantial municipality in any continent that fancy or information might recommend.  He could secure forthwith, if he wished it, cheap and comfortable means of transit to any country or climate without passport or other formality, could despatch his servant to the neighbouring office of a bank for such supply of the precious metals as might seem convenient, and could then proceed abroad to foreign quarters, without knowledge of their religion, language, or customs, bearing coined wealth upon his person, and would consider himself greatly aggrieved and much surprised at the least interference.  But, most important of all, he regarded this state of affairs as normal, certain, and permanent, except in the direction of further improvement, and any deviation from it as aberrant, scandalous, and avoidable.”
		The House of Commons must set the standard of debate, re-examine the Parliament Act of 1911, its ‘incorporation’ and seek the wise counsel of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who has seen many an administration since Sir Winston Churchill, in this frightfully delicate and important matter, for the good of all humanity.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Please find enclosed a true copy of the text of the following documents that are now before Our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth II in hard copy, which are available online at 
1. Letter Rogatory to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, U.S.A. 
2. Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron with pertinent questions regarding the creation of a voluntary, deliverable gold standard by the Global Settlement Foundation.
3. Affidavit of Michael Burke.
4. Articles of the Global Isles Court of Record.
5. Copies of the letters from Mrs. Sonia Bonici, Senior Correspondence Officer, Buckingham Palace.
6. Long term Currency and Oil Price Graphs.
Please refer to the following source material all available online at 
1. Affidavit of Walker F. Todd, attorney for the Federal Reserve banks of New York and Cleveland regarding a foreclosure case.
2. The Minnesota Credit River Decision of 1969.
3. Finality of Settlement, Part I & II
4. The Global Standard. [ ]