Letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Mr. David Cameron,
Prime Minister,
10 Downing Street,
London   SW1A 2AA.

Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London   SW1A 1AA.
								27th January 2011

Dear Mr. Cameron,

		It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.  A draft copy of the upcoming public notice to Heads of State was faxed to your office on the 25th of January 2011. Enclosed is the final proofed copy of the public notice of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) and the Global Isles Court of Record. Out of courtesy, your office is the first to receive it. The following letter relates to your position as the Prime Minister.

		The Global Settlement Foundation has been set up by free men with limited means who have an understanding of fundamental economic principles. GSF employs the latest technology to act as a system where finality of settlement is an inherent characteristic. In this connection Her Majesty The Queen of England was notified first before any one else about the recent developments concerning the foundation. The Globals Isles Court of Record is the designated court that examines issues of interest concerning the establishment and running of the foundation.

		When Mrs. Sonia Bonici, Senior Correspondence Officer at Buckingham Palace wrote on 1st December 2010 conveying  Her Majesties' message, “The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter of 1st December1” and when Mrs. Bonici expressed concern about our potential disappointment regarding the inability of Her Majesty to say more due to her delicate position as a 'Constitutional Monarch', we responded, in part, with:  “I comprehend the delicate nature of the Monarch's position within the UNITED KINGDOM, the power of England's unwritten constitution, and the self-correcting nature of English common law.  Therefore, there can be no room for disappointment”.

		The investigations of this court are part of England's self-correcting nature.

		I am aware that the position of Prime Minister does not come with a nice manual that explains, among other things, the nature of international corporate sovereignty and of the long range planning of financial war.

		This court is investigating the history of how the constitution of the United States of America arose as a fraud at common law upon the men and women on the land; in addition, how this United States of America established bondage, by oath to itself. 

		This court has mounted an enquiry into the  establishment of international trafficking in persons as an 'acceptable' method of bonding the men and women on the land and trading these instruments, starting with the birth certificate, as taxable futures. 

		I am also aware that England is the only European power to attempt to live by common law, as opposed to religious fraud by Roman law. One need only refer to history, to understand the heroic struggle, that honest, upright English faced at the hands of the Romans – being burnt at the stake for the possession of the King James Bible in English.

		I am also aware that it seems entirely likely that the original trust that was the United States of America2 was replaced by a corporation after being bankrupted by the civil war.  By deductive reasoning such a charter must have been granted by an outside power. Can you confirm if this charter was granted by the King of England? If so, is the United States operating a vanquished nation?

		It seems entirely possible that the rest of the true history of the world since then is not taught in universities except for the gory bits.

		This court is also aware, that the noble Lord, Baron Lord James of Blackheath, by stating that he was interested in the truth on the floor of the House of Lords, began a process at common law to investigate the very heart of the matter that this court is interested.

		We are also aware that noble Lord, Baron Lord James of of Blackheath has attempted to contact Her Majesty The Queen and yourself as well through the proper channels for many months now.  Has he yet received the courtesy of a reply?

		We are well aware of how a sovereign court would treat currency contracts that pass for what is money today. It seems that the ongoing financial war will result in disaster for the planet. The two greatest crimes against men and women on land are trafficking in persons and void-contract 'money', war being the bastard child. We would like to see finality of settlement put an end to this war.
		It is my pleasure to bring to your attention the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF) and the GSF System that will enable men and women entrapped by a needless financial war to free themselves. 

		With all that in mind we would like to bring to your attention the following  questions that pertain to opening the doors to a voluntary gold standard for those who wish to prosper in honest trade.

		The practical import of the two greatest crimes against humanity is that the war zone is sealed with the iron chains of passports and fraudulent funds.  

		It is my view that the consequence of the crime of trafficking in persons is that the goodly passport agent at Heathrow is by default, no better than a guard at Auschwitz. 

		“A goodly apple, rotten at the core” - Shakespeare.

		The consequence of trading in void contract money is that finality of settlement does not exist within the Commonwealth Realms. We are aware of individuals who claim to hold Safe Keeping Receipt issued by major banks who are unable to obtain delivery, as well as of counterfeit gold plated tungsten bars. 

		A voluntary, deliverable gold standard will open its doors shortly.  It is our wish that you have the privilege to declare the process open in England, Scotland and Wales on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen per se.

		It is our view that a simultaneous opening of the borders dividing the commonwealth would usher in an era of peace and prosperity and effectively win the financial war in favour of England, Scotland and Wales. The switch to the gold standard will rapidly transform idle speculation to market driven prosperity and the government will be seen to be taking Right Action in the face of the obdurate banks. The banks would be very happy to have your government rearrange the deck chairs on 'Banking Titanic'.

Questions for the Prime Minister of England, Scotland and Wales

		As the Prime Minister I am sure that you are asked a lot of difficult questions. The following questions are now worthy of your investigation. By asking these questions we do not mean to be be confrontational, rather we feel sure that these questions will assist you in your courageous efforts to deal with the banking crisis.

1. Are you the Prime Minister of England, Scotland and Wales representing the men and women on the land known as England, Scotland and Wales or indeed an executive of a corporation known as the UNITED KINGDOM?
2. Is the UNITED KINGDOM at war or vanquished? If the UNITED KINGDOM is at war, with whom?  If the UNITED KINGDOM is vanquished, by whom?  If UNITED KINGDOM is at peace why is it trading in units of circular fraud commonly known as the Pound?
3. Who owns the shares of the UNITED KINGDOM and more importantly, who has granted the charter of the UNITED KINGDOM corporation and these corporations acting as the government agencies and instrumentalities such as the banks?
4. What are the rights and fiduciary responsibilities of the officers, shareholders and of the grantor of the charter of such corporations?
5. How does the Mixed Money Case of 1604 and other precedent for financial war apply to this situation?
6. Who can claim to represent the people3?
7. Who can claim to enforce the Common Law of England?  Is a Police Officer an instrumentality of the UNITED KINGDOM corporation? Has such an officer been bamboozled into enforcement of private corporate rules rather than the common law?  Are the courts of the country that accept payment for their services in unlawful money, courts of common law?  Is the military of the United Kingdom under the authority of the People of England, Scotland and Wales and Her Majesty The Queen, per se?
8. Are the so-called money bills that avoid examination by the House of Lords about lawful money?
9. Have the members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons failed in their duty to prevent such decay in the state of affairs, to the point where the Lords and Members of Parliament have lost their sovereignty and have become corporate vassals created and managed by an outside power?
10. By the operation of the law of voids are recent acts of the House of Commons void on their face and thus have no binding force upon the People of England, Scotland and Wales?
11. In the light of the above, is there a pending crisis regarding the oath of the next Monarch?
12. Can Her Majesty and the government you represent confirm Her Majesties' oath to uphold common law and the Magna Carta?
		There are practical questions before the Global Isles Court of Record with which we would like your assistance:

1. Did the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown commit treason by the sale of 400 tonnes of gold and holding void-contract foreign currencies?
2. Has this effectively put UNITED KINGDOM under a foreign power?

		Can we have your government's assurance that it will support the transition to lawful money? As we wrote to Her Majesty: 

		Malum quo communius eo pejus. (The more common the evil, the worse). 
		Malus usus est abolendus. (An evil custom is to be abolished).

		I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson. “Ray”.
gsf@gsf.li PGP key: 0xD86B6507 

cc: Her Majesty The Queen