Letter to Her Majesty the Queen

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Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London, SW1A 1AA.
									12th October 2011

May it please Your Majesty,
	With this letter, Your Majesty shall have received vital Court papers regarding the Historic Opportunity for Finality of  Settlement.
	The constitution of England is a living being, where proper words manifest themselves by Right Action of those who are alive to Reality.  The decision of those who were in power in 1908 during the reign of King Edward VII, to ‘incorporate’ the House of Commons, seems incredible in hindsight, for it is a sure indication that they knew that fiction reigned supreme in the hearts of men.  
	Clearly, the living constitution of England, although it retains the fictional form of a Parliament, is that, it is a core group of men and women who are alive to the duty to preserve the legacy of England.  The birth of the Global Isles Court of Record (GICOR), as the neutral Court of Record of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II indicates the unity of “We the People” and the Monarch of England.  This is indeed a cause for quiet celebration and the surety that the legacy of the Magna Carta will be preserved.
	There is an immediate and urgent need to restore lawful money, liberty and the Rule of Law to Your Majesty's people and a Court of Record is a dignified and legitimate channel for those, referred to as the financial cabal, who seek a way out of an obvious mess handed down by their grandfathers. This can be done without violence or oppression. America is indeed waking up homeless from a few centuries of the absence of lawful money and the Rule of Law. 
	This Global Isles Court of Record arrived on its own volition to liberate Your Majesty and the people from ‘bondage’ of past wrongdoings and so preserve the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights 1688.
	Over the course of our recent correspondence, Your Majesty will have received a true copy of the digitally authenticated facsimile of the Letter Rogatory to Mr. Timothy Geithner (Secretary of the Treasury U.S.A.) from Lorene Ann Haggard, a true copy of her class action lawsuit, a true copy of the final articles of the Global Isles Court of Record, a true copy of the final Affidavit of Michael Burke, a true copy of the Letter to the Prime Minister from this court, a copy of John Bingley’s Unlawful Governance, and a copy of The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot.
	A Web site has been prepared at www.courtofrecord.org.uk to publish the relevant documents. The Court shall send facsimiles of the lawsuit and Letter Rogatory to all parties that Lorene Ann Haggard has carbon copied.
	I remain, as ever, at your service.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Telephone 020 3002 7472