Open Letter to The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury


The Most Rev and Rt Hon The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,
Lambeth Palace,
London, SE1 7JU.


Her Majesty The Queen,
Buckingham Palace,
London, SW1A 1AA.

Open Letter

4th January 2012

Dear Archbishop,

From the Global Isles Court of Record of our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, Greeting!

As Your Grace noted at Christmas, “in the virtual reality of today’s financial world, the picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark”. The work of our Lord includes all that is and it is my honour and privilege to bring to your attention the enclosed historic class action lawsuit and Open Letter to Parliament to restore the highest ideals of English civilization.

I have spent the last few decades ceaselessly searching for the wisdom hidden deep within the language, history, spirituality and science of the English language, that is, what made Great Britain truly great. Whilst it is easy to focus on the horrors of the hundred years past, I come now with the pearls that I dove deep to find.

Your Grace has asked, “Britain where are you?”, my reply would be anywhere a man speaks English, be it in America or India, wherever there sits a Parliament of men and women, thanks to the seeds of Common Law that were sprinkled during the age of the British Empire.

And from these seeds have sprung new shoots, shoots eager to burst into bloom and overcome the thicket of corruption and deceit, should the grace and mercy of our Lord, the saviour, be welcome in our hearts. This grace brings the light of reason and philosophy and the magic phrase that unlocks the mysteries of religion and of science: “In Mind we live and move and have our Being”.

We come home to Liberty and the Rule of Law, as did the Prodigal Son.

Any system of religion, science or philosophy can be perceived in three ways: there is only matter, there is matter and there is Spirit, and there is only Spirit or Mind. It is this last category, Mind with a capital M, that provides the ideas that demonstrate the hidden unity: for example, there are only five elements of conscious experience: experience of Earth or solids, air or gases, water or liquids, fire or energy, and ether or space-time.

From this unity springs forth our language called English where I write these letters and words, symbols that communicate the formless essence of meaning from my mind to those who shall read my words.

English is a vast language, very capable of specialisation. Using the language of Computer Science I could say, that whereas languages including English are capable of imperative rules, however, it is in English we find a functional system where conclusions can be stated and it is up to the listener to work out the details of execution.

Rules such as those promulgated by a legislature are necessarily imperative, they cannot capture the broad vision of God’s Mind and God’s subtle Common Law. Even the concept of a Blind Watchmaker1 only serves to emphasise the importance that it is man’s mind that must make conscious choices, decide right and wrong, and ensure that Man, not machine or legal fiction, is the master: “Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”

The power and glory of the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688 is that voluntary contracts are the Majesty of The Queen of England and all Her Majesty’s people, who now speak many different tongues with English as the Rosetta stone that lets them trade and prosper together. We must not shirk our responsibility to God and our fellow men: arbitrary confiscation of property is an Act of War. It is this arbitrary confiscation of wealth that has led to the largest military force in peacetime that straddles God’s Earth and threatens us with the terror of annihilation.

As a young boy I heard the bells of St. Mary-le-Bow peal through the speakers of a rugged vacuum tube radio in a far corner of the British Empire and I listened to the death dance of spin in the Voice Of America vs Radio Moscow punctuated by the BBC and Radio Australia. My great-grandfather had toured the world speaking of the importance of the Magna Carta. It was many years later that I discovered his speeches on the internet.

I memorized Electronics Made Simple by Henry Jacobwitz and by the age of eleven I had mastered Electronic Principles by Albert Paul Malvino. As a young man the excitement of reading Feynman, Dawkins and Penrose was balanced by the calming words produced by the hidden spiritual greatness of the British Empire.

The greatness of Great Britain lay in the fact that the British were able to advance through the Kingdoms of India, that jewel in the English Crown, not only by the thunder of guns, but also by trade of value for value and the Rule of Common Law.

The intelligentsia of India was soon behind the British and the ablest administrators of the Britain’s Indian Empire were the Indians themselves. A subtler trade soon developed as India exported the likes of Vivekananda and Yogananda to render in English the spiritual wisdom of India and demonstrate the unity of all religions. The English of the late 1800s and early 1900s, with their inquisitive nature in science as well as spirituality, ventured forth to extract the reason principles of the new spirituality. Raphael Hurst known more famously under his pen name of Paul Brunton, travelled the world and discovered the astonishing fact that the experience of the “peace that passeth all understanding” could by communicated in silence as he meditated with Ramana Maharishi, that Socratic sage of the last century, who taught that the path to one’s enlightenment was through self enquiry or “Who am I?”. As Your Grace has already asked, “who and where are we?”.

The Empire transformed England even as England transformed the Empire. The British were the ones to put in the roads and railways, universities and schools, discover the oil, introduce the concepts of hygiene, and synthesise the best agricultural practices of the ancients into the Indore process for producing compost. The culmination of this work resulted in the Cheshire Testament of 19392 that showed conclusively that we need not a National Health Service, but to farm and eat well. This has been almost forgotten in the tumult of WWII, the ensuing financial war and the constant haggling in Parliament for more handouts.

The BBC can take credit for introducing me to the little known fact of economics that the worst famines are caused by free food, as exemplified by East Africa. Local agriculture cannot compete with free food and soon a culture of dependence develops and the people forget even how to farm. Further reflection has shown me that unscrupulous minds have exploited Christian charity to prepare the world for genocide by Economic Armageddon3. Similarly, ‘free fiat money’ has de-industrialized England and America. This inversion of property rights led to the the insanity of Monsanto where the corruption of a neighbour’s farm by their genetic ‘patented’ material results in the forfeiture of that farm to the corrupter. The introduction of crops that cannot be regrown from the seed produced on the farm is part of the planned Economic Armageddon.

When we look for God’s hand amidst the chaotic Brownian motion of human affairs to discover how Her wisdom has transformed England, we need to look in the quiet and gentle parts of mankind’s endeavours.

When we go beyond the literal mindedness of Roman imperative language, law and religion and become adept at symbolic functional manipulation that was demonstrated by our Shepard and Master when he spoke in parables, we can begin to see that Adam is Reason and Eve is Feeling, two aspects of our one mind and the Tree of Knowledge itself, the field on which reason principles manifest the illusion of being cast out in an external world of mathematical beauty, the appearance of Mind made manifest or Garden of Eden. In Sanskrit, the one word for this is maya.

When one begins with the deceptively simple “Who am I?” and one traces one’s consciousness back to the I AM, the seeming void, and then further back to the null-point or nirvana, one traverses beyond consciousness of I-AM alone, to that in which our awareness arises, Mind in-itself: “I am that I am”, Ehyeh asher ehyeh in Hebrew and in Sanskrit, Narayana. The Indians symbolized the man who has achieved this incredible feat as the elephant headed Ganapathi, the veritable Sage who comes back from that experience with the head of Wisdom, or jivan-mukta-viveka. Paul Brunton writes:

It was his consciousness of being united with this timeless pre-existent as well as ever-existent Life that enabled Jesus to announce: ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was I am.’ ‘I am that I am,’ was the revelation of God to the Hebrew Master, Moses. ‘That I am,’ was the revelation of God to the anonymous Hindu Master of the Upanishads.”

When one further enquires “What am I?”, the answer returns, verily Mind in which the kshetra or field on which one must perform ones duties or dharma, as the knower of the field or kshetragya. This is the secret of Arjuna and the Mahabharatha where in the Bhagavad Gita one can find a chapter titled Kshetra-kshetragya or The field and the knower of the field, an ancient echo of the theory of relativity.

There is surely much work to be done in re-examining the meaning of ancient texts, for a language like Sanskrit has additional levels of sound-syllable meaning we do not find in English. An ode to Krishna has been found to contain the value of π to 32 decimal places.

When one further enquires “Who are we?”, the answer returns, verily imperishable identities, facets of the divine mind itself. Every creature or thing, large or small, looks within itself to manifest its idea of Mind. From the topography of mathematical ideas to the beauty of the flower known as Queen Anne’s lace where one can see the miniature model of the universe/galaxy, we live in a holographic universe where the memes of God’s ideas replicate themselves in the Mind of the Universe, this “where are we”; “In Mind we live and move and have our Being”.

English has also been enriched by the philosophy of Plotinus and Plato. In the Enneads of Plotinus we find a rich language that describes the symbolic language of the soul and its universe. We can glimpse the significance of Number, the importance of One and the Intellectual Principle, and an outline of the System of Nature that lets an ancient symbolic language come alive as Beauty in English to describe the unity of all knowledge, science and religion included.

These ideas shine a light on the reason principles behind the first two commandments of our Lord:

Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
Jesus said unto him,
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
This is the first and great commandment.
And the second is like unto it,
Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

The rational conception of Mind as the stage upon which every man must play a part accentuates the depth of feeling and compassion for the intensity of suffering for those who are experiencing pain. ‘It is all in the Mind’ does not remove an ounce of Reality, rather Reality is another word for Mind.

Rational discourse is what will transform those who are protesting the injustices into those who will take Right Action rather than obstruct with inaction as blockers.

These ideas when imbibed by the rational mind of man, become firm and unwavering, unlike the sentimental neighbourliness of those who cannot rise above the temptation of the Green Beard Effect4 that Dawkins so clearly defines. A rational soul can exclaim as did King Edward VII during his tour of India as a young prince:

In 1875, Prince Edward set off for India on an extensive eight-month tour of the sub-continent. His advisers remarked on his habit of treating all people the same, regardless of their social station or colour. In letters home, he complained of the treatment of the native Indians by the British officials: “Because a man has a black face and a different religion from our own, there is no reason why he should be treated as a brute.”

For those who have eyes to see, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence has impacted England profoundly. In contrast, the biggest liability of U.S.A. today is her vast military machine, useless to generate wealth, leave alone defend it. Unlike the unwritten English Constitution that mirrors the word of God that is unspoken, the written constitution of the U.S.A. has failed the American people in its inability to declare an end to war and the start of Peace.

The great machinery of the State, clanking along with the terror of Hydrogen Bombs and Economic Armageddon to back it, could well reduce us to be herded as cattle into concentration camps, by those that are not our Lord and Shepard, but vicarious pretenders. It is this very danger that, I believe, was foreseen and plans put in place to stop it. Yet the danger is real that the very nature of ‘fiat money’ will inevitably produce the evil result unless consciously stopped at all levels of society.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits”, said our Lord, and the fruits of the New Religion of a godless ‘rational’ State are manifest in their waiting FEMA camps. It is easy to say “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, promote its worship, charge an entrance fee into the ‘holy land of liberty’ as did the Moslem rulers of ancient Jerusalem in the days of yore. Moreover, replacing a Living Queen with a dead legal fiction modelled on the Roman Catholic Church is a bad choice and the very end of civilization as we know it. Better it is to endure the tyranny of the living than to suffer the tyranny of the dead, is the silent rebuke that comes across the vast space of time.

I cannot do better than to quote from Chateaubriand’s Mémoires d'outre-tombe:

There are,” he says, “two consequences in history; an immediate one, which is instantly recognized, and one in the distance, which is not at first perceived. These consequences often contradict each other; the former are the results of our own limited wisdom, the latter, those of that wisdom which endures. The providential event appears after the human event. God rises up behind men. Deny, if you will, the supreme counsel; disown its action; dispute about words; designate, by the term, force of circumstances, or reason, what the vulgar call Providence; but look to the end of an accomplished fact, and you will see that it has always produced the contrary of what was expected from it, if it was not established at first upon morality and justice.”

It is the Uniform Commercial Code that transformed a visit to the grocer into an Act of War. The Common Law is clear: there is no necessity of a fictional unit of account to move the goods produced by the fecundity of Nature or Mind to satisfy the needs of man: Computers can track energy, ideas, services, goods and products as deliverable contracts that can serve as currency.

With a return of accountability in a system of contracts will come actual liberty, a cooling of the frantic pace of modern life and a more luxurious enjoyment of the joys of God’s Earth. The narcotic accumulation of large numbers for the sake of the numbers themselves will be replaced with the creation of real value and a distributed society that enjoys the blessings of a true spirituality, with both inner and outer peace. The erosion of faith in the Church of England can be easily transformed to rational contemplation of the eternal values of Christianity, even as Queen Elizabeth I did much to cleanse the folly of her age.

Only those who seek to preserve their fraudulent playpen will seek a system that allows the theft of property from the weak and poor by force of fraud to arm themselves to defend their scheme. It is only fools, bigots, criminals, crusaders and purveyors of pious fraud who haggle for more tokens of fraud to play Robin Hood or pay for their private underground wars at public expense.

The dark night of the soul for the English is over. The resurrection of Great Britain as the free people of Her Majesty The Queen is at hand. It is my prayer that Your Grace will do all that is in your power to convey the love, spiritual meaning and intent to Her Majesty The Queen, the Privy Council, Parliament and the people. With God’s grace the return of the Prodigal Son, that is, the seating of this court, can be celebrated at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee.

My best wishes to Your Grace and the Anglican Communion for the New Year. As always, I am here to be of service to Your Grace and our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson


Please find enclosed a true copy of the text of the following documents:

  1. Open Letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons, U.K.

  2. Letter Rogatory to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, U.S.A.

  3. Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron with pertinent questions regarding the creation of a voluntary, deliverable gold standard by the Global Settlement Foundation.

  4. Long term Currency and Oil Price Graphs.

Extensive source material is available online at


Please note that other open letters related to this case will be posted to the Court website.

1See: The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins.

3Operation Stillpoint has been thwarted – so far.

4People with green beards only help people with green beards… racism.

Document reference: ABC/1 1/5