Cover letter to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

In the ancient scheme of things, the Mayor of the City of London is to be informed when there is a danger to the people of London, but as a formal, corporate figurehead lost in virtual reality, the responsibility falls on Your Excellency.

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
‘Abundance of life and peace’

This cover letter is to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London regarding the dissolution of the corporate UNITED STATES.

Cover letter to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Telephone: 020 7983 4100
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Pope Francis
Holy See

Open Letter
Amicus curiæ
3rd March 2014

Dear Mr. Johnson,

In the name of our Sovereign Lady of the Common Law, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, greeting!

Your Excellency has shown an active interest in world affairs, the history of England’s relationship with the Papacy1 and travelled in India2. Your Excellency has also made remarks that have been adapted3 in our Amicus curiæ to President Obama of the United States, which follows.

It is typical in England, in ‘Yes Prime Minister’ fashion, for the Prime Minister and the British Cabinet to be kept in the dark and informed only on a need-to-know basis, however we have attempted to fill them in by our contemplation.

Recent events, including but not limited to the bad weather and ‘bankers’ jumping out of the window, can be traced to the dissolution of the UNITED STATES corporation and the Federal Reserve system. The hundred year charter of the Federal Reserve is over, as Your Excellency may already know.

The Allies during the world wars were Allies for the Rule of God’s Law in the Magna Carta wars of Europe. The Queen of England is a trustee of this rule, the Crown a trustee of the UNITED NATIONS, the Holy See is the settlor.

Lunatics and legal idiots in the U.S., E.U. and U.K. are on a massive disinformation spree, including today’s items on the Telegraph. President Putin is not a tyrant, the Al-CIA-duh is.

The historical precedent for the financial war is the Mixed Money case of 1604, where Queen Elizabeth I diluted the coin of Ireland to thwart a rebellion.

The formal “Caesar”, the corporate nation-state is falling to ruin as per the sermon preached by Pope Benedict XVI in his 2012 Christmas Message4 in the Financial Times.

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God,” was the response of Jesus when asked about paying taxes. His questioners, of course, were laying a trap for him. They wanted to force him to take sides in the highly charged political debate about Roman rule in the land of Israel. Yet there was more at stake here: if Jesus really was the long-awaited Messiah, then surely he would oppose the Roman overlords. So the question was calculated to expose him either as a threat to the regime, or as a fraud.

Jesus’ answer deftly moves the argument to a higher plane, gently cautioning against both the politicisation of religion and the deification of temporal power, along with the relentless pursuit of wealth. His audience needed to be reminded that the Messiah was not Caesar, and Caesar was not God. …

In Italy, many crib scenes feature the ruins of ancient Roman buildings in the background. This shows that the birth of the child Jesus marks the end of the old order, the pagan world, in which Caesar’s claims went virtually unchallenged. Now there is a new king, who relies not on the force of arms, but on the power of love.

Pope Benedict XVI

The farce regarding the E.U. and Scotland referendum must be seen for what it is. The European Union, together with the United States and the United Nations will no longer be relevant in a world without banking in circular money and doing business with ‘limited liability’ legal fiction, using formal corporate law, the law of the dead5.

We suggest that Your Excellency make contingency plans to keep London operational and the people fed, fuel and energy provided, regardless of the banking system or any City of London corporation.

We suggest that Your Excellency lead an initiative on ‘UCC mirror reflection’ at the ‘highest levels’ of London society, which we have discussed in our Open Letters.

In the ancient scheme of things, the Mayor of the City of London is to be informed when there is a danger to the people of London, but as a formal, corporate figurehead lost in virtual reality, the responsibility falls on Your Excellency.

We suggest that Your Excellency contact Cardinal Nichols of Westminster to arrange charitable works for the men, women and children of London and in England.

We suggest that Your Excellency contact Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron and the Housekeeper for Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations, Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May who are informed as are Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Lord High Admiral Prince Philip.

Our Open Letters are published at and we shall forward some of these relevant letters such as may be useful to guide Your Excellency and the Greater London Authority.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
+41 43 508 1447
+44 1234 816 393

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