Cover letter to Switzerland

The purpose of this letter is to assist Pope Francis with the dissolution of the UNITED STATES and the Federal Reserve, which in consequence shall restore peace in Ukraine, and “standardize”1 the model to move beyond the “flatten-the-earth-policy” of believers in “global warming”.

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
‘Abundance of life and peace’

This cover letter is to Switzerland regarding the dissolution of the corporate UNITED STATES.

Cover letter to Switzerland

Angela Merkel
Willy-Brandt-Straße 1
10557 Berlin


Mr. Didier Burkhalter
President of the Swiss Confederation

H.S.H. The Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein

President Vladimir Putin
Duke of Russia in Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations
Baron of these Global Isles

United States Treasury Exchange Stabilisation Fund (UST/ESF), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Federal Reserve, World Bank

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), His Majesty King
Philippe of Belgium
HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

officials of all ‘states’ and ‘countries’ in the

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukraine in London

also via

Pope Francis
Holy See

Open Letter
Amicus curiæ

3 March 2014

Dear Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Burkhalter:

May it please the Immaculate Virgin Mary with Her Child Jesus!


The purpose of this letter is to assist Pope Francis with the dissolution of the UNITED STATES and the Federal Reserve, which in consequence shall restore peace in Ukraine, and “standardize”1 the model to move beyond the “flatten-the-earth-policy” of believers in “global warming”.

Reflection on this weekend’s news

It is a pleasure to have watched the Chancellor of Germany address a joint session of the United Kingdom Parliament2 and to have witnessed Her Majesty’s welcome3.

As of the 2nd of March 2014, it is reported that “German media [is] making U-turn on Ukrainian tug-o‘-war”4 and that the “Ukrainian armed forces dispatched to Crimea have switched to the side of local authorities … some of the servicemen also ran away, while some submitted letters of resignation … the local military have not been paid for many months”5. It has also been reported that the “Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia’s side”6. As of this letter, it is reported that President Putin has spoken with Chancellor Merkel7 of Germany, President Obama8 of U.S., President Hollande of France9 and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon10 regarding the situation in Ukraine11.

Suggestions based on the weekend’s news that reflects prior Open Letters

We suggest to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine that the ‘command and control’ structures of legal idiots below the Director of National Intelligence12 and the U.S. Department of State, including but not limited to U.S. Ambassadors to the U.N.13 are broken, in-spite of information sent to them by this Court of Record. The U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence14 has been informed.

We suggest to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, that military support from NATO15 won’t be forthcoming, so it is best to send the juvenile delinquents back home.

We suggest that the bluster from The Honourable John Kerry, Secretary of State, be seen for what it is. The dissolution of the UNITED STATES and the Federal Reserve is the end of dollar hegemony and U.S. centric ‘bank’ settlement.

European Union aficionados will find their world view is “enlarged” beyond anything that could be imagined with a background of Berlin rubble16, the result of the the popular flatten-the-earth-policy17 of military think-tanks using “climate change” doublespeak. U.S. & E.U. officials are advised to resign and find ways of creating wealth rather than stealing it. The ‘fascist’ ‘jocks’18 who the US/EU/CIA has arranged in Ukraine, will have a hard time catching up with the ‘nerds’.

We suggest that the Russian Orthodox Church on behalf of Mother Mary in Russia can coordinate and supply substantial aid to Ukraine.

The IMF Director, Christine Lagarde, is advised that the position of renunciant who does not use her powers, is best.

Christians in other countries or denominations, ‘countries’ or companies wishing to contribute towards peace in Ukraine, Syria, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Philippines, Egypt, Venezuela, etc., all the multiple fronts which the CIA decided to start regime change or ‘daring’ ‘Acts of God’ followed by ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to steal gold19 owed back to the people of the world, can send offers of goods that are God’ substance or service to the Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations, Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May or in private via the Euro Swiss Redemption Trust or via your Church. Contact your local Roman Catholic priest or bishop for advice and to coordinate redemption of substance from your local Caesar.

President Putin of Russia20, Duke of Russia in Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations is granted the authority and capability in this contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One to provide security for Ukraine and indeed for the whole world.

This Court of Record does not recognize man made borders or legal fiction.

President Putin of Russia, Duke of Russia in Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations, Baron of these Global Isles21, has just to look west with the love of Christ and with the Power of the contemplation of the Almighty One.

Gospel of Saint John 10:30 I and My Father are One

“Global warming” and “climate change” doublespeak

Readers of western news media may not have noticed the use of the term “global warming” to indicate the “climate change” from peace to war. Students of doublespeak will find that the “Pacific winds22 that are blowing are an ancient one from the time of Moses which knew then about Siemens controllers and “a very deep polar vortex and strong polar night jet.”

Contemplation to 28 February 2014

Further to our recent Open Letters copied to Chancellor Merkel, it will have been noticed that ‘Caesar’ in Ukraine has been knocked off the chessboard by a bishop and a knight.

Juvenile delinquents may find it difficult to accept and may be tempted to replace Caesar with Cleopatra and rush around their ‘queen’ in circles to knock all the other pieces to the floor. If that happens, Mother will be annoyed and ‘canon’ at them.

Canon law leads to cannon law, even a child can see that”.

Checkmate is indeed hard to accept for the devil, the ego, for frustrated desires are more real for a ‘teenager’ than the ‘laws of physics’ - or chess.

Switzerland, a miniature Europe

The first ‘European’ country we travelled in, was Switzerland in the early 1990s. My Swiss grand aunt was very kind and took us on a tour of Switzerland where we visited her cousin, nephew and niece and toured Bern, the Emmental, the lakes and Interlaken. She was no ordinary Swiss woman and Switzerland is no ordinary European country.

Perhaps my most vivid impression of Switzerland from the early 1990s beyond the beauty of the land and perfection of the roads and infrastructure was that they did not waste human lives selling parking tickets. Life was more important than drudgery – the Swiss were above the idiotic ‘arbeit macht frei’ labour theory of value.

Swiss wargame casts an indebted France as the enemy”, reads a headline23, showing how young Swiss men have recently been rushing around the woods practising a ‘defence’ of their country from hordes of hungry French. ‘Successful’ Swiss businessmen24 have orchestrated a ‘democratic’ vote to exclude ‘foreigners’ from Switzerland, and Nigel Farage in England is keen to copy the ‘Swiss model’25. The EU is unhappy, “Switzerland’s access to millions of Euros of EU funding is now at risk.”26

Juvenile delinquents

In Ukraine27 it can be seen that juvenile delinquents have no idea that every move past checkmate is void and are completely ignorant of the ‘meaning’ of what is in their checking accounts and how to ‘defend’ anything. Continued use of force, extortion and void contracts would endanger America and Europe.

We suggest that the acting President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, resign. NATO is not about to help them.

U.S. Navy must note that ‘suicide’ orders are given sometimes like to the U.S.S. Ronald Regan, a nuclear powered air craft carrier that sailed into the radioactive fallout of the Fukushima disaster28, in-spite of on-board warning systems about the danger of nuclear contamination. This Court of Record does not forget false flag attacks, including but not limited to the failed false flag event surrounding U.S.S. Liberty29.

Finality of Settlement - not

A hundred years ago, at the onset of hostilities of World War I, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer removed the liability of the last endorser on Bills of Exchange in the London market.

European barons of Force and Finance immediately rushed to dump their bills and wire the ‘ready money’ funds to New York where German war bonds were purchased. We have covered this event in our Letter Rogatory to the British Cabinet/Parliament30 dated 28 May 2013.

The profit was tremendous. You could afford to pay almost any rate of interest, far greater than the banks were asking, for the discount of any bills at that time in order to get ready money which you could remit to New York at very high rates.

Sir Max Aitken

These funds were then used to buy German War Bonds. At stake was the crushing of Great Britain and mastery31 over the ‘United States’.

Even as German theologians had great difficulty with the 1870 Roman Question32 and the subsequent ‘dogmatic’ declaration of Papal infallibility33, European barons of Force and Finance, had and continue to have difficulty with Scottish law regarding choses in action34.

From Scottish Law comes the law of choses in action. A chose is a legal document that gives you a right to a particular property, but the property is not in hand. A bank note, a bank account balance, a futures contract, a court judgement awarding you a property (for example, with tenants who refuse to be evicted). A chose has value determined by the market but the real property is not in the hand. Where there is a market for such choses, they will trade at a discount.

This legal insight was a precursor to Bills of Exchange, stock and risk/insurance/betting markets …

Letter Rogatory to the British Cabinet35

In 1914, the European barons of Force and Finance failed to see the hand of the LORD who bestows Sovereignty. Blood ties between the cousins on the thrones of Europe did not stop them. They, like many of their fellow Europeans believed more in Darwin than in the Rule of Law amongst conscious men and women. They were anxious to ‘get on with it’ and steal and kill on a large scale36, because they reasoned that religion is just prattle, that the fruits of Bismark were at hand, that many obedient children ‘soldiers’, trained in Public Schools37 to take orders, would march to ‘victory’, powered by the latest ‘invincible’ weapon, the ‘machine gun’. The machine guns of a hundred years ago spat bullets, those of today, solitons.

The ‘machine gun’ had been invented a few years before the war and demonstrated in London by its inventor. The British Parliament had claimed ‘Sovereignty’ in 1911. It is the duty of the Sovereign who declares war to ensure that the forces are not stupid. The British were machine gunned down in the Somme. The lesson is that a Parliament cannot be a sovereign body. This is the Parliament of David Lloyd George and the young Winston Churchill.

The ruthless war produced the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, so eloquently analysed by Lord Maynard Keynes in The Economic Consequences of the Peace38.

“We’ve got our guns to fall back on” President Wilson and “fair is foul and foul is fair” M. Clemenceau of France proved that the hearts of European barons of Force and Finance, “the Old World”, were still possessed by the devil, the ego and their hearts were of stone:

The Old World was tough in wickedness anyhow; the Old World's heart of stone might blunt the sharpest blade of the bravest knight-errant. But this blind and deaf Don Quixote was entering a cavern where the swift and glittering blade was in the hands of the adversary.

Lord Maynard Keynes

Lord Maynard Keynes wrote the above regarding President Wilson of the United States. The same could be said of the combined wit of all the English, American, Swiss and European lawyers, ‘bankers’, ‘intelligence’ and politicians: the Al-CIA-duh. All the king’s horses and all the kings men cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again.

There is no money

“There is no money”, is a simple statement that causes as much difficulty amongst our German friends as the declaration of Papal Infallibility did with Swiss and German Theologians.

“... but I did this and I did that and you promised me …”

Going up from the layman to those who masterminded the Cyprus financial fiasco39, we can see that it is difficult for these ‘experts’ to accept that they did not know the first thing about ‘money’ or choses in action.

It is perhaps a little more difficult for those who did this to accept that President Putin of Russia, ‘gets it’ and is also a man of faith, who is not swayed by the touchy sensitivities of those who cannot ‘feel’ love unless they are beaten.

President Putin of Russia understands that the Cyprus financial crisis is proof of the failure of money, the bankrupt nature of the European Union and has indeed been generous.

The failure of money

Genesis 47:15 And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.

The First Book of Moses: Called Genesis, King James Bible

“What does low cost flights to Zurich have to do with your local Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)?”, is a good question for the President of the EUROPEAN UNION to contemplate. We would suggest that he be encouraged to resign with his halo intact and to let little children go home. He has no ‘money’, ‘power’ or ‘righteousness’.

The famous “empty handbag”40 of Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund, sworn to the ‘highest standards’ of behaviour, is the next thing that those contemplating giving Cleopatra many “billion dollars” must encounter.

Offers of Exchange

The Bills of Exchange market in London cannot be revived in its old form, because there is no gold in the hands of the public that functions as money.

There are no prices set in gold. Fraudulent conversion by insiders is what has allowed insiders to accumulate large quantities of gold. The Bank for International Settlements holds gold obtained using extortion by treaty.

Various ‘intelligence’ operatives have put vast quantities of gold plated tungsten bars in various ‘deep underground’ storage vaults to awe the foolish.

It is time for various de-facto barons of agriculture, industry and substance to contemplate the result of a century of financial war under the Uniform Commercial Code: ‘UCC Mirror Reflection’.

There is no trust. It has to be built from scratch by goodwill amongst the children of Abraham. Offers of exchange must be brought forth to settle the peace.

No Westphalian41 sovereignty

The Peace of Westphalia in 1648 marked the formal recognition by Spain of the then ‘Dutch Republic’. Keen thinkers who know that a ‘country’ is a ‘name in business’ would know that the ‘devil’ that was the Roman Republic prior to Jesus Christ, an organised collection of egos in the business of killing and stealing from their neighbours, was back in incarnation.

This concept became ‘weaponised’. The most successful ‘weaponised’ version of the dragon incarnate is the ‘United States’. By 1812, ‘Great Britain’, a corporate name in business, had defeated the ‘United States of America’. Our Letter Rogatory to the British Cabinet shows that this republic concept proved to be the best method of removing gold from the public, the envy of the rest of Europe. A chose in action sold these corporate assets, the resulting document is in Austria, we believe.

Europeans failed to see that the king of kings, the Bishop of Rome had out thought them, for he relied on contemplation on the LORD. Wars are not won just by weapons, they are won by thinking, contemplative, intelligent men and women.

There is only the appearance of Westphalian sovereignty today. The recent coup in Ukraine is today’s classic example, for the government has no ‘money’ or resources of its own.

Commissions/committees vs Man

Thinkers capable of subtle thought could see that a commission or committee, a group of egos, made an inferior choice for the management of any object of management. The devil is in the details and the contemplative quality of soul is absent in committee. Weak minds, ignorant of the nature of Soul, fail this test as is revealed by a reading of early Protestant leaders.

Depth of Mind results in depth of thought. Whilst it is true that a group of experts may generate a better solution than a single expert, you cannot replace ‘Einstein’ with a committee.

Switzerland, one of the centres of Protestant ‘reformation’, ended up with a committee in charge – not because it is better, but because it is worse, for it suited the ‘Great Powers’. Committees, devoid of soul, fail to recognise long term patterns or ensure long term liberty because they fail to maintain contemplative contact with the Holy One.

The troops of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, who sacked Rome in 152742, vandalised nude art in their new religious fervour, thanks to the Luther Bible. The descendants of these Protestants run large brothels43 in their cities and do not believe in God.

Sex or nudity is not the definition of sin. Sin is ignorance, which is to say lack of awareness, of the Unity of Life, the Holy One. Knowledge of the theory or theology is no substitute for contemplative depth of contact with the LORD, the face of the deep44, the Holy One. When Relations of Ideas and Matters of Fact are grounded in such contemplation, and all fruits of action and inaction are seen in the Holy One, then one approaches the ideal of living in the Word of God, the Tree of Life.

How Switzerland is defended

It is charming for ‘republicans’ to think that the German armed forces of Hitler, the most recent Caesar-in-a-man of the west, did not occupy Switzerland because there was an armed Swiss man behind every rock.

The ‘neutrality’ of Switzerland arose ‘by treaty’ to accommodate the warring tribes of Europe, who, under the spell of Medusa the enchantress, believed that they, the only true race/religion/Reich could force the issue and ‘take over’.

“How many divisions does the Pope have?”

- Stalin.

Chancellor Merkel is aware of the Concordat of Germany with the Holy See, which is the instrument that was active during World War II, which meant that the Germans bent on revenge against the French for extortion by treaty, left Switzerland alone.

Chancellor Merkel is aware that as she is the head of a formal Caesar known as Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the legal successor to Hitler’s Weimarer Republik, she is the ‘natural successor’ to the position of Caesar in ‘Germany’.

Switzerland is defended by the LORD, for it is the de-facto sovereignty of the Holy See that has arranged matters thus, for the proclivity of man to hide his ‘precious things’, high in the mountains, is an ancient one.

The President and Council for Switzerland can see from our Open Letters that this protection is the case in practice, even today. The ‘pressure’ from the ‘United States’ has indeed been offset and brutes have been shown to be legal idiots.

Switzerland must act

We have suggested to Bishop Morerod of Geneva45 that his diocese has many de-facto barons of substance who must begin to contemplate ‘UCC Mirror Reflection’. We have suggested that the Euro Swiss Redemption Trust can assist men and women of goodwill to return to meaningful contracts.

This must be taken up with all registered Swiss corporations, whose very nature is such that they cannot continue to trade in their present form that trades in void contracts and legal fiction, where men and women gather in a ‘board’ room to ‘divine’ the wishes of a lifeless legal ghost. ‘a corporation’. Men and women must take living, episcopal responsibility for these ‘corporations’. The ‘limited liability’ nature of corporations exists to protect legal infants who were dealing in ‘stolen goods’ - goods stolen by fraudulent conversion using commercial banking, where there is no trade in God’s substance. Commerce is war by deception, not another word for trade. Commerce is based on the Uniform Commercial Code46, which is a legal manual for fraud47 as a means of war by deception. Privacy does not come from government fiction. There is no need for a ‘government’ registered corporation to do business in a given name. If the corporate business cannot be run honourably, it must be shut down. The war is over. All men and women must devote themselves to peace.

A Cyprus style collapse of world banking can only be prevented by such. Legal infants who visit Switzerland to worship their large ‘bank balances’ or ‘gold vaults’ have to grow up. The gold in the vaults is ‘dead’ to the life of the people, for it does not circulate. There are no prices of real things set in gold. Much of the gold has been accumulated by fraud, extortion and war. It must return to the hands of living people, who trade with it, thereby setting the ‘real money’ price discovery mechanism in play for the first time in a hundred years. Gold must compete with other substances of God that can be measured and delivered. Indeed, retail suppliers of petrol and diesel, for example, are a pre-existing network that can trade gold for petrol and petrol for gold.

There is no ‘Catholic conspiracy’

Roman Catholic cardinals and bishops have shown themselves to be completely unaware of what is the position of the Bishop of Rome.

Our recent Open Letters have indeed startled many of them into recognition that although they may have met and loved Pope Benedict XVI, they have not known him or heard his sermons.

Bankers, we can see, are equally little children who have gone temporarily insane. ‘Jumping out of windows’ because of imaginary numbers or starting a war because of such, is pure insanity – insanity of either the jumper or the pusher.

Without faith, it becomes tempting to believe that there is no righteous course of action, that all that there is is ‘survival of the fittest’ amongst atheists, but even the leading atheist Professor Richard Dawkins has shown that Nice Guys Finish First48. Reciprocal altruism49 is frequently found in lower life forms – it is man who acts these days, ‘like the devil’, for it is man who has a sophistic ego, capable of sound reasoning in appearance only and of being deceived by such sophistry.

Unfortunately, atheists fail to see how their ‘religion’ has been repeatedly used to destroy the Decalogue and start a ‘religious war’ amongst tyrants who are legal idiots50.

Hard work ahead – of honest thinking

War cannot be ended by more war. We do not expect a faithless generation to ‘stop fighting’, but at least we can expect ‘legal idiots’, full time lunatics, to be removed from the post of ‘captain’ of a sinking ship so that qualified captains can save living men and women.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

Albert Einstein

The default level of consciousness within today’s ‘banking’ corporations and corporate lawyers, unable to pierce the man made maya of ‘international law’ can not be expected to lead Europe and America, both enthralled by the siren song of Medusa51, out of her grasp.

No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form. The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.”
– J. P. Morgan

The first part of the problem is simplified to the question, “What part of ‘computerised barter’ is difficult to comprehend?”

The purpose of an economic system is to ‘generate wealth’ to sustain the population52. Wealth is generated by its extraction ‘from nature’ and its transformation into goods. The elimination of many levels of parasitic illusion will increase not decrease wealth. Gold is just a tally stick. Computers can track and tally any substance. Many pure substances, goods in direct demand, petrol and diesel, for example, can function as money.

Although the difficulty has been reduced to a “simple form”, there is a lot of hard work for virtual reality addicts – many of them may best take up other pass times, once they get over the illusions they have believed in. This is where meditation and contemplation adepts can serve the poorest and most destitute in spirit – those who work in ‘financial institutions’.

Yet even within the community of financial programmers, there are others who have already put in the hard work to create exchange platforms – who are eager to build their lives based on truth.

The second part of the problem can be simplified to the question of breathing life into lifeless corporate instruments of war.

The question that must be asked of the shareholders of each corporate entity is not who is “in charge” of day-to-day operations, but who can “shut it down”. This is the man or woman who can “assume living responsibility” to manage the transition of the lifeless, corporate body to that of a living man or woman in charge of the creation and exchange of wealth.

The living testimony of Ricardo Semler53 of SEMCO, who advocates Servant Leadership54, is proof that this can be done and provides a method to do it and testimony of its efficacy. We have shown that ‘more successful’ corporate strategies, are strategies benefiting from commercial war by fraudulent conversion, which is nothing but sophisticated theft. When fraudulent conversion is not the norm, it is inevitable that realistic strategies will outperform.

The third part of the problem is the maintenance of civil peace. The ‘intelligence’ agencies masterminded the ‘drug war’, where they have managed ruthless men who sold drugs to an addicted population to remove legal tender from circulation, to ‘keep inflation low’.

Deplorable conduct by these kinds people, as evidenced in Ukraine, cannot continue. Civil peace can be maintained by the application of Common Law principles based on the King James Bible, developed in England and America before the outbreak of World War I.

An important Christian civil concept, developed in English Common Law, is that the command of Caesar is Brutum Fulmen, an empty threat that is void from the start, is important to keep to the fore. This is a concept that will finally, after two millennia of Roman civil law strife of the warring kings of Europe, bring the common European people legal protection from arbitrary court or government orders.

The fourth part of the problem is to eliminate a return to the folly of Babylon – that of a debt based society. Worth repeating here is the following quote:

The cross ownership of private property via a true stock market results in peace, since there is no urge to destroy the property of ‘others’ because everyone owns and manages for themselves a little bit of everything in private. There is no incentive to steal when all you have to do is collect dividends. The stock market based on deliverable money ensures that the most productive businesses get the most capital.

True stock markets are far more efficient than money markets, because failed projects do not result in additional wasted time, chasing defunct debts.

- Global Settlement Foundation55

The Laws of Stupidity

An anonymous essay on stupidity56, which we like to attribute to ‘ancient Roman wisdom’, which reputedly came by way of Bologna, Italy, is based on the following aphorisms:

The first basic law of human stupidity

Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.

The second basic law

The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

Corollary to the second basic law

The probability that a certain person acts stupid is distributed in time.

The third (and golden) basic law

A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

The fourth basic law

Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

The fifth basic law

A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

Corollary to the fifth basic law

A stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit.

The ‘bankers’, politicians, spooks and war mongers of Europe and America have demonstrated the truth of these laws most recently in Ukraine, Syria and Africa with the first prize shared by their actions in Fukushima and the Philippines.

Stupidity, unlike insanity of legal idiots, full time lunatics, can be cured. The first step is to confess one’s stupidity as per the corollary to the second basic law of stupidity.

Once stupidity is acknowledged, at least to oneself, then one can apply vichara, sustained contemplation, to investigate, discover, distinguish the token of Truth and apply Right Action. Right Action spontaneously manifests when it is seen that the doer of all action or inaction is the LORD, the observer, the witness.

Voiding debt

The international bank-liability ‘forex market’ can be summarised as a USD token settled zero sum game where participants create bank-liability tokens of various currencies, by putting their signature on deposit.

By these letters present, in the contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One, we hereby say, proclaim, confirm, act and establish this affidavit that currencies of the world, including but not limited to, the United States Dollar (USD), the Euro (EUR), the Great British Pound (GBP), the Swiss Franc (CHF) bind no thing in earth or in heaven.

All living souls may use this affidavit in all inferior administrative courts, wherever they may be located, to liberate themselves from any mortgage, ‘loan’, or other circular credit instrument denominated in these currencies.

All authorities are commanded to close and settle all such accounts using the principle of UCC mirror reflection and/or to re-denominate accounts in the substance produced.

An enquiry into the nature of trust

There are legal idiot tyrants who seem to believe that the world is to be run out of ‘command and control’ bunkers where drones and exotic weapons ‘zap’ the ‘enemy’.

These people who speak with a forked tongue about their ‘flatten-the-earth’ policy regarding “climate change” are reminded that the LORD, Rudra, is a Man of War, Destroyer of tyrants, who is pictured by the faithful as dancing on the carcass of the tyrant with a garland of Skull and Bones.

Truth is a sharp, flaming two edged sword, which when it touches the object of contemplation by vichara, the object is transformed. The flaming sword is a fire that cooks the egg and a knife that cuts it in two.

In Ukraine can be seen Truth in action. The government did not fight a Syria style civil war. Unarmed policemen were reportedly57 crucified by foreign mercenary demonstrators. The one we know as Putin did not invade. Caesar fled. There is, and can be, no legitimate government of Ukraine by force for it cannot be trusted. The pre-existing sovereign, the Church is the only viable entity58. Only offers of substance can be trusted by the Church. There is only One Christ, but many buildings, apostles, preachers and forms of liturgy. Christian preachers of all denominations must learn that moving the chess pieces of Sultan Sam is not their calling, it is their folly. NATO forces, CIA spooks, U.S. warships, EU actors and other meddlers must return to base59.

“… And when there is no Christian coherency, and you live with this incoherence, you’re giving scandal. And the Christians that are not coherent are giving scandal. …”

Pope Francis, 27 Feb 201460

Baroness Ashton, ‘High representative’ of the EUROPEAN UNION, whom we advised a course of action to withdraw their void offer61 that would save them from dishonour, bungled on, assisted by legal idiots of various stripes.

The German foreign minister in full knowledge of the impossible nature of the situation could not assist, in-spite of arriving with his Polish and French counterparts. The agreement signed reportedly62 lasted only a few minutes.

The NATO supreme commander, General Philip M. Breedlove, who we informed63 on 19 Feb 2014, by our enclosed fax of 39 pages that includes our Amicus curiæ to President Obama plus other cover letters, has so far, wisely stayed out of Ukraine. United States National Security Adviser Susan Rice and ‘U.S. Ambassadors to the United Nations’ have also been advised64 on 24 Feb 2014 of their blunders.

Subsequently, on 27 Feb 2013, NATO ‘chief’ is reported65 to have said, “NATO has no reason to worry that a Russian military exercise in the west of the country may be linked to developments in Ukraine”. In western media, the usual ‘escalation’ of lies continue.

The new Caesar, a ‘President’ and a ‘Prime Minister’ are in place in Ukraine. Woe be unto any man or woman who signs any treaty or economic instrument with them or their successors. Woe be unto those who manoeuvred them into place, to those who conducted the coup and to those who brought dishonour to the people of Ukraine. Woe be unto those politicians who prattle on about a ‘democratic’ Ukraine, when they themselves are traitors to their people.

The International Monetary Fund has an “empty handbag”. The UNITED STATES and the EUROPEAN UNION are in dishonour. ‘Great Britain’ says it is “ready with its cheque book”66 … the question must be asked, can they deliver any substance without defrauding anyone?

How then are we to proceed?

Creating trust

The one we know as Putin has received and enacted Trust – even under great duress, for the evidence of how the ancient tyranny of Caesar was overcome by righteous action is known to him. In contrast, the U.S. and the EU have squandered it.

The officials of Switzerland, by buckling under duress in the past, eager to compromise those who have trusted her, has demonstrated a lack of vichara or critical analysis.

It is a fortunate state of affairs that Christianity in Europe, that the men we know as Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, did not lose faith!

The people of Europe, lost in Darwinian wilderness are returning to the light of Truth.

Switzerland, a miniature Europe, is now being put to the test by the LORD. Can the living men and women of Switzerland be trusted?

Trust, described as the Vineyard of the LORD, is Right Action in motion, it is not some scrap of paper to be worshipped for it has a ‘high yield’. The Swiss ‘financial institutions’ are called such because an ‘institution’ is where legal idiots are maintained.

The chief ‘financial institution’ in Switzerland is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) with a special relationship with SWITZERLAND, a corporate name in business, a formal ‘confederated republic’, a member of the UNITED NATIONS, a trust settled by the Holy See. The BIS is where lunatics with the potential for most violence ‘bank’.

This contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One, the real settlor of Law into Europe through Jesus Christ and the Bishop of Rome, is come now to settle Holy Peace.

Gospel of Saint John 10:30 I and My Father are One

We suggest that Swiss officials welcome President Putin on his scheduled visit to Switzerland regarding the International Olympic Committee67. We suggest discussions on security of Switzerland, of the Euro Swiss Redemption Trust and on the use of Swiss infrastructure by the Global Settlement Foundation System to refine and produce circulating physical gold instruments for use in Russia and indeed, the rest of the world.

We have suggested to Pope Francis that Cardinal Nichols of Westminster, England, be involved to coordinate redemption of substance from Caesar. We suggest that Cardinal Nichols meet with our English, German and Swiss trustees and with President Putin and Swiss officials at the earliest opportunity.

We suggest that Swiss officials consider how H.S.H. The Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein may be able to work with the Swiss confederation to provide the long term contemplative guidance a Christian Prince can provide to a country.

We suggest that Swiss and Liechtenstein officials freeze the accounts of politicians and those using ‘Swiss banks’ to ‘fund’ revolution and war. Without income through theft by taxation, politicians cannot meet their ‘UCC mirror reflection’ obligations. Politicians have completely failed their duty as ‘representatives’ to know the law and protect the people they claim to represent, from sophisticated theft.

We suggest that Swiss officials assist the Euro Swiss Redemption Trust return gold into circulation and operate the Global Settlement Foundation System designed to return finality of settlement to all men, women and children without distinction of people and nations.

We suggest that Swiss officials assist this Court of Record with service of process to convoke men and women of goodwill to return to trade in God’s substance.

We suggest that Ukraine be the first ‘country’ to be “standardised” to function without the façade of Caesar, to exchange substance for substance, to be free from ‘passports’, to receive God’s substance rather than fiction, to use the private and public settlement platform this Court of Record has created and made available.

Let us not forget Syria68, the Philippines, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Venezuela and so many other locations where insane men under direction from Sultan Sam and his cohorts have tried to ‘show their power’.

We are pleased that Saudi Arabia69 has removed Prince Bandar70 from his role. We suggest that the dissolution of the UNITED STATES corporation proceed with rapid speed and that implicated U.S. officials resign: “We will look for action to back up their statements”, as The Honourable John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State has just said71.

We see that the City of Rome itself is about to ‘go bankrupt’72, “for the first time since it was destroyed by Nero”. These and other events herald the collapse of Caesar, not just in Ukraine, but worldwide.

Many people are bewildered by these events. We suggest that the needed supplies from ‘barons of substance’ are offered by them as a ‘peace dividend’ to the people as a way to give thanks to the LORD. We suggest that a debt jubilee be proclaimed at the earliest opportunity. We suggest that men and women in public life start speaking truth.

We suggest to Chancellor Merkel that the ‘prosecute’ mentality currently in vogue in Germany be replaced with one of Mercy and forgiveness, a General Amnesty proclaimed in conjunction with the Church, debt voided and prisoners released.

We have witnessed that, even as we contemplated these lines in this letter, on the 28th day of February in the year 2014 of Our Lord, Chancellor Merkel has addressed Parliament in the United Kingdom and had “tea with the Queen”.

We do believe that by prayer, contemplation and goodwill, a new era of the Peace of the Holy Spirit can manifest in Europe, without the blemishes of Caesar’s destructive wars.

We pray to our YHVH, LORD, Our Father, the blessed One who has Mercy with His world to illumine the heart of Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England, this day of their ‘tea together’73 and for ever.

We pray to our LORD, Jesus Christ, whose love is the shortest route to Holy Peace, to guide Mr. Burkhalter and the men and women of Switzerland in offices of public trust and Chancellor Merkel of Germany to settle Holy Peace for all men women and children, without distinction.

We pray to our LORD, YHVH, the Ground of Being, “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name”, to forgive and guide all creatures, and may all to whom these come as present, pray for us.

In witness whereof, on this 3rd day of March, in the 2014th year of our Lord, at 00:40 GMT, in our lovely Earth.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
+41 43 508 1447
+44 1234 816 393
GICOR-ref: US-Swiss+Merkel-cover-v1.0

German Foreign Minister Steinmeier: “Take, for example, your Secretary of State, my colleague John Kerry. The world of his youth was the world in the aftermath of World War Two. As a little boy, he cycled through the rubble of Berlin Kurfürstendamm. He looked up at the first big house that was being rebuilt and it had a sign: ‘Supported by the Marshall Plan’.

“These images implanted the transatlantic partnership in John Kerry’s moral cosmos.”

… stronger winds which have cooled the surface of the Pacific Ocean could explain what looks like a temporary hiatus in the pace of global warming. It warned that “rapid warming is expected to resume once the anomalous wind trends abate....

“The North Atlantic jet stream has also been unusually strong; this can be linked to an unusually strong westerly phase of the stratospheric Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO), which in turn has driven a very deep polar vortex and strong polar night jet.

“We are actually a poor country in terms of natural resources, we have no ports, not many people, and not much to build on because of the mountains. But we have still made something of it, …” - Christoph Blocher, the Swiss ‘billionaire’.

27and Syria, Middle East, Africa, Pacific, South America, etc., and in the fields of ‘banking’, ‘law’ & ‘immigration’.

31Which once again, is the history unfolding, as the 100 year charter of the Federal Reserve, granted by the Holy See, has drawn to a close – see attached Amicus curiæ to President Obama. Available at:

36As can be found amongst military ‘think tanks’ today.

44Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


“The goal of economics and politics is to serve humanity” - Pope Francis

55Also see:

58As we have advised His Excellency Borys Gudziak, Ph.D., Eparch and President of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

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