Minute Notes for HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

“It can be revealed WHY treasures and gold were buried with the Pharaohs of Egypt. This is so that the son who inherits the throne has to rule with only THE LAW as his support - his father's treasure and gold were buried. Only lunatics and idiots go on about the treasures for the 'after life'.”

“'"The God in the sun is the ‘I’ in me"--this put tersely is the essence of man's relationship to divinity. A whole book may be needed to explain it, a whole lifetime to get direct experience of its truth as insight.'”

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
‘Abundance of life and peace’
“Those ‘Catholic’ Priests, at the Extraordinary General Assembly, if they are unwilling to die in place of the children ritually sacrificed by Roman cults will be shown up as imposters.

These Minute Notes to HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg are regarding the dissolution of the corporate UNITED STATES.

Minute Notes for HRH Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

cc: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

cc: His Holiness Pope Francis

Open Fax Notes

Amicus curiæ
[6] Oct 2014

Your Royal Highness,

In the name of YHVH, Truth, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Good News for all men, women and children, greeting!

‘The Law’ of ‘Jesus Christ’, our LORD , known as YHVH to the Hebrews and known in ancient Egypt as Amun Ra, to the Hindus as Brahman, hailed with the cry Aum Rudra, the Almighty One, destroyer of illusion, Ground of Being in the Sun (Aten), makes rapid progress1 in London. In the past century, the only way to make rapid progress in mainland Europe was with a Panzer division.

The fatal stupidity2 of the Saxon mind seems to be worship of void contracts. The classic rehash of this intellectual-infancy is the recent Ukraine agreement that lasted “10 minutes”. It amounts to the infantile belief that once “it is written down, it is signed, it must be true, it must be enforceable”. The inability of such legal-infant-minds-with-legs to cross the road on foot without an insurance policy is another example. Meaningless insurance contracts denominated in meaningless currency are maintained by an elaborate system of fraud that creates the lunatic-asylum such intellectual-infants live in but do not understand. Hence the term, ‘financial institution’, hence ‘immigrants’ seek ‘asylum’.

The legal definition of a lunatic is someone one can reason with on some days of the month. An idiot is a full time lunatic. See The Law-dictionary, Explaining the Rise, Progress and Present State of British Law … 1835 by Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins. Those who confuse being and existence, those who cannot comprehend the picture language of ancient priests are idiots before ‘Jesus Christ’ who stir up trouble as they did during the Spanish Civil war by saying things like “The washing by water as a symbol of being washed by the ‘blood of the Lamb of God’ is a sick Christian Cult joke”. We have answered such idiots and they have not the guts to publish our answer. ‘Modern English’, spoken on the streets of New York City, London and Rome, for example, has features that ‘offend’ those who purport to be holier than ‘Jesus Christ’. Should an investigation of ‘modern English’ offend thine eyes and ears, we suggest that thou not read our explanation found in Appendix II. Those who often ask us to explain what we write in ‘simple English’, will find there the Rosetta stone to aid them to comprehend our letters.

An ‘institution’ is where lunatics and idiots are fed and clothed. From a legal point of view, an ‘infant’ is in the same category as they cannot feed and cloth themselves unaided. ‘Rights’ are specified because idiots cannot handle ‘liberty’: See idiots of France and 1919 Treaty of Versailles. The Uniform Commercial Code3 (UCC) specifies how ‘legal’ ‘financial warfare’ against lunatics, idiots and infants is conducted in all ‘modern banking’, worldwide. The stupid ones who have imagined they are going to be the ones to benefit from the fraud and send everyone else “up the chimney” are dangerous legal idiots.

A financial legal-infant who worships void contracts may be perfectly rational or intelligent in other functional areas of competence. Is it not the shame of ‘western civilisation’ that no one has questioned what is in their ‘bank’ account? Legal-idiots cannot be trusted with real money for they exhibit Panzer-idiot or Extortion-idiot symptoms. What did the leaders of ‘Aryan’ Europe do with their spare purchasing power, the fruits of extortion and fraud? They set up a system of indentured servitude, they used fraud and extortion to purchase and deploy mass murder weapons, they mind-programmed zombie armies, they have set off bio-warfare to demonstrate their racial ‘superiority’. Are they idiots?

One of the unpublished triggers of World War I was the trading of a contract for the United States Treasury and military ... the document is, we believe, in the museum in Austria. See Scots law regarding Choses in Action. See the result of idiots-in-action painted across Europe in the hundred years past, led by cults of the dead, adopting supposed practices discovered in Egyptian tombs, ‘sacrificing’ armies and navies. See how, anticipating this time of Global Settlement, European idiots have instrumented ‘America’ to murder the entire population to sacrifice them to their supposed God who does not answer them. ‘Jesus Christ’, One with YHVH, answers these idiots in this living Court of Record.

Even as we have noted below regarding the Protestants, Catholic Royalty too have failed to maintain their Nicene faith and those of their subjects, adopting Caesar/Pharaoh/Snake/Gold-worship - the reason ‘why’ YHVH, One, ‘Jesus Christ’, precipitated the events of the past hundred years. This lack of faith in ‘Jesus Christ’ can be traced back to events that precipitated the Council of Trent: Roman Cults of the ‘Holy Roman Empire’. All manifestation and history results from the Law of YHVH: “God, Pure Be-ing (YHVH), appearing as multiplicity, is One that I-AM” -“thee and thy enemy are One that I-AM” -by thy ignorance and stupidity, “vengeance is Mine”4.

Exodus 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; …

The main reason for the last three centuries of ecclesiastic war against the English and the Dutch was the creation of the Bank of Amsterdam, followed by the Bank of England, for it violates Luke 19 and 20 In short: thou shalt not lend coin placed in trust. This can also be derived from the Torah.

It can be revealed WHY treasures and gold were buried with the Pharaohs of Egypt. This is so that the son who inherits the throne has to rule with only THE LAW as his support - his father's treasure and gold were buried. Only lunatics and idiots go on about the treasures for the 'after life'.

Accumulation of gold in the hands of the sovereign power leads to tyranny. This ancient wisdom was known to Moses and why worshippers of the 'fatted golden calf' were killed. The evidence is available about the Law of Moses.

How much gold does this Court of Record of YHVH, Ground of Being, Amun-Ra, need to rule? Answer: NONE! Gold is just a tally stick. Westerners are lunatics and idiots, who without the grace of God, would perish in large numbers.

"10" Downing Street, is itself Masonic speech for rule by the god Aten. See the sun above the door. Aten is the visible sun, Amun-Ra is the Ground of Being in the Sun, Christ, the Awakened One. Say hello to Christ when you see the sun. The sun (Aten) and Christ (Amun-Ra) are within thee. The one who KNOWS this is Osiris, Christ, the Awakened One, who writes you this letter. Moses and Jesus Christ and I are One!

'"The God in the sun is the ‘I’ in me"--this put tersely is the essence of man's relationship to divinity. A whole book may be needed to explain it, a whole lifetime to get direct experience of its truth as insight.'

Notebooks of Paul Brunton


The Dutch Tulip mania and the South-Sea bubble of the 1700s were financial warfare attempts against the said populations, as were the Anglo-Dutch and Anglo-Spanish wars, which failed because these are not compatible with Nicene Christianity. Where are all the Nicene Catholics?

As we have explained to His Holiness Pope Francis, the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, were tricked by the Cult of Saturn in Rome and other Arian cults.

All contracts/oaths are void before the LORD, Matthew 5:33-37. The 'Jesuit Oath' is therefore VOID. The 'Company of Jesus', by whatever name (Society of Jesus etc) shall dissolve, be not attached to it. The seed of its dissolution was built in at the start: "Regimini militantis" is wholly incompatible with the Nicene Crede. All 'Military Ordinates' are VOID. Legal idiots before the LORD can continue dreaming.

The trick is seen when contemplating Jesus’ famous answer to Quo Vadis?5 [John 13:366].

We send our love to the LORD, Ground of Being, Our Father of Fathomless Mercy for His Creation, for all of the Catholic Priests at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the Family.

Those ‘Catholic’ Priests, at the Extraordinary General Assembly, if they are unwilling to die in place of the children ritually sacrificed by Roman cults will be shown up as imposters. It is our wish that the ‘College of Cardinals’ be disbanded. The farce of the ‘Grey Pope’ showing up at the ‘secret’ convocation to select the successor Pope and tell the idiots how to vote, is over. One of the questions they must contemplate is, should the ‘Grey Pope’ and cohorts of the child sacrifice cult, be sent to Guantanamo Bay to await trial in this Court of Record of ‘Jesus Christ’ ? We remind them to read our notes to the Vatican G87 regarding how ‘infallibility’ of the Bishop of Rome is the same principle in English or Scottish Law that “the king can do no wrong”. The ‘Grey Pope’ is not a king or the Bishop of Rome, he believes he is Caesar.

Which is why His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI preached, “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”. The ‘Grey Pope’ thinks of himself as Caesar with super-Fakir powers. We have prayed to the LORD to remove from him the genii and elemental creations he thought he controlled. He is, by the grace of the LORD, YHVH, Ground of Being, Sri Rudram Chamakam, now just a super-legal-idiot. All his “spells” to start World War III have failed. Fear him not.

Knowing all this, His Royal Highness can comprehend and act on the following:

We have seen how insiders ‘fled Switzerland’ to bank in Luxembourg. Is this because Luxembourg is ‘protected’ by ruthless Belgium? We have seen how bankers have isolated themselves with the “super-rich”, shutting off banking for others. They have self-identified the legal idiots of Europe. See our suggestion we have made in our notes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II regarding HSBC, which is applicable to all elite ‘bankers’: Close all personal and corporate accounts of all ‘Directors’ and ‘Officers’ of the banks and limit them to two thousand Euros8 per month in cash and remove all Passports and drivers licenses9. They better grow up and begin to think of the future without banking: “We cannot be adolescents forever”10 - His Holiness Pope Francis.

Legal idiots cannot protect others in the same category, all of whom ‘proudly’ carry an ‘elite’ Passport, which is nothing other than a lunatic ‘prisoner’ identification card within the European prison, a scheme started by the Ottoman Sultan. How defeated are the ‘elite’ of Europe? “Allah is the best of schemers” - Quran 3:54. Al-lah: One Being, YHVH, Isa, 'Jesus Christ'. Did they get the message from false-flag ‘ISIS’ theatrics? Allah and Jesus Christ is the One that I-AM.

We suggest that Your Royal Highness contact all ‘Royalty’ and ‘elite’ who have ‘bank accounts’ in Luxembourg to convey this information. There won’t be ‘banking’. There won’t be a BIS. All circulating Medium Term Notes (MTNs) are void ab initio. There won’t be a war over dead corporate liabilities. No Dinar-Dong games, no ‘risk free’ ‘bank trade’ programs, no ‘sovereign’ ‘grey screen’ balance sheets or debt - in short no ‘bank’ entertainment for legal idiots. All such foolishness must cease. Computerised trading of goods-for-goods does not require multiple levels of fraudulent currencies. The BIS can be sent a box of Kleenex to aid them with their intellectual masturbation. All ‘bankers’ must be reminded that they are living ‘under’ Admiralty law, which today means ‘jungle warfare’. The news bears witness to all the bankers who ‘committed suicide’.

There won’t be religious-blood-lines contending for Royal Thrones. The idiotic result of a ‘Grey Pope’ of the Royal Catholic Brotherhood keeping the Bishop of Rome hostage shall cease. No more corporate republics. All ‘organic republics’ turn into lifeless, corporate republics, this is the testament of history. The men, women and children, legal infants, living in today’s corporate republics do not yet ‘see’ the ‘king’ who protects them.

Bureaucrats who seek to use a ‘Regency Act’, ‘Parliament Act’, etc., to steal the king’s jurisdiction may go to jail. A non-spiritual king is nothing more than a glorified police-man who keeps the thugs of the kingdom in check and in compliance with the Ordinary Law, the Decalogue. The French led the way in showy worship of a policeman, aped by the Germans - see palaces of Ludwig II, copies of those in France. The Russian Tsar was not to be left behind. The priests began to worship the king as yes-men. They were all copying the Ottoman Sultan. What tragedies resulted !

The result these days is that the grey shadow Caesar seeks to hold the Bishop of Rome AND the Queen of England hostage. “The civil service is not and never was broken.”11. The intellectual babble from ‘politicians’ in the Church never ceases – some of them disguised as priests, some of them as ‘civil servants’. The barrage of lies does not fool the LORD, Ground of Being, who is witness to every manifest ‘thought’ that thou hast, every ‘[sub-]atomic particle’ or ‘universe’ that thou observe. The west has yet to learn about the ‘causal’ realm. The priests may appear to “thwart”12 God, but this too is His power to teach lessons that are not forgotten. ‘Gold lust’ and the LORD do not mix.

We have suggested a non-territorial model of governance. Legal fiction unions (E.U., and U.S.A., for example) and ‘federations’ have served to entertain intellectual infants, promote graft, torture, child sacrifice, paedophilia; obfuscate governance and deny justice.

Those in ‘Her Majesty’s Civil Service’ who see “greater competition for good staff” can quit and move to ‘greener’ pastures. Those who wish to focus their hearts and minds on good governance can volunteer to undergo the austerity we have suggested for ‘bank’ directors and officers. There is zero chance that the imaginary pot of gold at the end of the retirement rainbow has any meaning in God’s substance. Recall: All books of account of corporations are subject to ‘UCC Mirror Reflection’. Additional note to U.K. PLC corporate government: Scottish/English Common Law is at work, see Mixed Money Case of 1604. See Choses in Action. See dissolution of the Federal Reserve, the BIS and the Bank of England. Art thou a dangerous idiot?

We have shown how UCC Mirror Reflection works to harvest God’s bounty to pay dividends and annuities which are not dependent on gold, kings, parliaments, lawyers and bankers – or their void, fraud and death infested books of account.

Our Open Letters to Russia13 have achieved what Napoleon and Hitler failed to achieve. Substantial benefits are already being received by the German and European people, despite the Cyprus crisis14.


It is our wish that all this is conveyed to all ‘Royalty’. The LORD has written this in the bloodshed of the past few centuries. The madness of pretend-Christianity and pretend-equality-fraternity-liberty in Europe shall end. Any Royal Idiots, meaning those who cannot comprehend The Law, can consult the ‘physical’ evidence of Exodus 32:4 retained by God, which spells out their possible fate, for they would be ‘dangerous idiots’ who worship the fatted golden calf.

Investigation of Dangerous Idiots

We are investigating reports of a Polio emergency. http://www.wired.com/2014/05/polio-emergency/

The news item regarding Polio in Belgium indicates that the plans for a massive bio-warfare-tragedy were hatched in Belgium. This must be investigated further, it appears that ‘render unto Fakirs things that are Fakirs’ is the message, seen first in Ukraine. Such genocidal behaviour fits with the historical brutality of the Belgians in the Congo and AIDS eugenics in Kinshasa we are investigating15.

http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/ has more information on the long range development of bio-warfare.

All those who authorised this bio warfare are to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay. Those who authorised the Malaysia Airlines MH370 & MH17 tragedies, the holocaust of prisoners and cover-up: same fate. By authorised we mean, for example, a Nuncio or ‘Grey’ operator who signed off on the holocaust of prisoners, for example, or a false-flag attack. All such are dangerous legal idiots.

Corporate ‘Big Pharma’ must be dismantled, as must all corporations. The evil results from the corporate, lifeless mode of business. Living men and women who know their own soul (YHVH) must take responsibility. Ignorance of YHVH results in Her wrath, painted in picture language as the fearsome Mahakali - bio warfare in this instance.

Enumerated rules cannot replace living consciousness. The most deathly-dead in Europe operate the E.U., which is festering with Ebola, as it were. We pray that His Excellency Jean-Claude Juncker begins to ‘see’ this and take action to dismantle the E.U. Legal-infant ‘Britons’ who confuse the E.U. with Europe won’t have to ‘leave’.

We continue to investigate the College of Cardinals for those who wish to “kill Pope Francis”. We suggest that the College of Cardinals is dissolved. Disaffected Bishops and Cardinals may be dangerous idiots. Which world does Bishop Livieres of Paraguay16 live in ? Is he in the same league as Cardinal Pell when confronted by simple questions from an atheist?

The knives of intimidation and extortion are out as we continue to investigate the lunatics and idiots of France and their worldwide interests. For example, these news items within hours of each other:

John Lewis’s managing director has described France as “sclerotic, hopeless and downbeat” and advised British entrepreneurs doing business in the country to pull out.

Andy Street said France was “finished”, adding: “I have never been to a country more ill at ease … nothing works and nobody cares about it.”


John Lewis’s managing director has apologised for a string of derogatory remarks about France, as the deputy mayor of Paris dismissed his tirade as “false and idiotic”.


So who is the idiot? The Deputy Mayor of Paris, is living in a city where the elite “witches of all Paris” have continually sacrificed the men, women and children, quite literally on many occasions, where it can be observed that the main French enterprise of extortion by ceremonial magic, led by Nicolas Seydoux of Gaumont, is dependent on “dopy Hadopi” law to survive.

For example, one may ask questions like how many ‘degrees of separation’ connect Nicolas Seydoux of Gaumont with the P2 Masonic Lodge, the Ndrangheta Mafia, the murder of Richard Rockefeller, Fukushima, child sacrifice, mind-control, hypnotic subliminal programming in film ‘entertainment’, Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 Spy-vs-Spy, the Electro-Magnetic war in California, false-flag ‘aliens’, the sacrifice of innocent people in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, ISIS and Hollywood cult films promoting ‘Uranian’ ideologies and the French Thought Police who have intimidated the ‘John Lewis boss’ by “surrender or we shall crush you” ? What about French control of the witches and idiots of London, the French connection regarding the ‘7/7’ bombing17 ?

Dear Sir or Madam,

Courtesy copy follows for all living men and women in the Conseil constitutionnel of 'France'. We invite thee to come and visit!

Kindly ensure that His Excellency Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa is provided a copy of this fax.

There is zero chance that a 'right wing' war government in France (or Belgium) will help anyone in France. It is time to dismantle the French State and the European Union: www.courtofrecord.org.uk/France

Copyright, ALPA and dopy-Hadopi will go the way of the French State. A little reflection will show that a robotic cryptographically secured rearial internet auction market in entertainment will save a lot of trouble and generate more 'revenue'. Analysis can be found here:


The whole concept of 'revenue' is a farce, given the Dollar, the Euro or the Pound, even Bitcoin mean no-thing. See www.gsf.li/times

UCC Mirror reflection applies. ALPA, RIAA etc., have operated an extortion racket, a "witches of all Paris" type of extortion. Kindly inform them.

We suggest that the 'French' act to scuttle the 'Fogh of war' upon the stormy seas of Admiralty-Law. The brand new 'Mistral' war-junk for Russia, built to yester-year's radar profile, can go straight to the dumpster, 'Top Gear' style: Build it and put it in the dumpster. All those 'workers' could have been paid to meditate - this protects a land more than any war machine. See: Yogis of India.

'The widows of high caste in India do not marry, he said; only the widows of low caste may marry, may eat, drink, dance, have as many husbands as they choose, divorce them all, in short enjoy all the benefits of the highest society in this country. . . .

'"When we are fanatical", he said, "we torture ourselves, we throw ourselves under huge cars, we cut our throats, we lie on spiked beds; but when you are fanatical you cut other people's throats, you torture them by fire and put them on spiked beds! You take very good care of your own skins!" (ND 2: 58-59)'

- Swami Vivekananda

Regarding "witches of all Paris": arrest them! Go on, be a little "right wing" you softies. Clean up France - we dare you. The 'Paris Underground' can fix the Pantheon Clock in Paris, canst thou not fix the bell that tolls for thee?

We send our love to YHVH, Ground of Being, for thee all.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

Similar questions can be asked about former French Presidents, chiefs of companies like Alstom, etc. A news item, “Marine Le Pen's Bengal cat 'savaged by father's Doberman dog'”18 indicates that French chivalry is getting ever more progressive with women’s lib.

Legal idiots of France before YHVH have self-identified themselves by placing their chosen protégés at the head of the Vatican Bank (IOR) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for example. How many new ‘Roman ruins’ would thee like in thy estate? Do not even think of burning the evidence !

It is a law of the causal realm that thou become what thou hatest most intensely. Look very carefully at those whom thou torment and thou shall see the face of thy forefathers who died in hate. Is this what ye wish for thyself ?

France’s future lies in its men women and children who, like Tippi19, are close to nature and those who fix their country in-spite of those that shame their nation. Be comforted, The Law of God shall provide, God Sees, God does not forget !

“Wait and see the finished painting” !

Arrest Warrant

This is an arrest warrant for dangerous idiots.

We have suggested a list of institutions in the U.K., [see Appendix I] where dangerous idiots may be found. We suggest that ye enumerate those not listed, for example, add ‘insurance’, ‘health care’ (NHS or equivalent) and ‘Big Pharma’ corporations or institutions to the list for thy jurisdiction.

If thou, dear reader, hold ‘public office’, or operate an office of ‘public trust’ as an officer or director of a corporation with a ‘bank account’, hunt down and arrest the dangerous idiots or become one of the hunted. The phrase, ‘The Hunt’ has a visceral reality for some who were foolish idiots in their youth, whose foolishness is known to the Almighty One, Ground of Being, who witnesses all. Confess, make amends, all shall be well.

Righteousness and redemption

We ask His Royal Highness to remind all about the forgotten righteousness of their ancestors. We suggest that all be reminded that this era is that of “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”, set by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

His Holiness announced this first in 2008 in France at the Lourdes20 and then again in his Christmas message of 2012 in the Financial Times21. None of the legal idiots con motu proprio who now staff the Secretariat for the Economy noticed or came to the aid of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. His Holiness Pope Francis knows that this is a result of the Law of God as we have shown. The ‘Grey Pope’ and all the legal idiots in Rome, London, Washington D.C., Paris, Geneva and New York can do nothing to force some other circumstance.

The facility for “Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” is operational: this Court of Record of ‘Jesus Christ’, Our father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name”. The LORD was not asleep after all. Be without fear, confront the grey Caesar in his den. Is he a stupid one, a dangerous idiot? He too can ‘convert’ to the ‘Gospel of Truth’. The Bishops gathered in Rome can learn to preach !

We pray that ‘The Law’ of God, Holy Truth, Ground of Being, which He has emblazoned in the bloody history of Europe, is understood by all.

We send our love to the LORD for His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and all men, women and children!

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson

Special Master

+41 43 508 1447
+44 1234 816 393

Appendix I & II follow

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Appendix I

Record of notes by cover sheet faxes sent

Note: fax cover sheets below are cumulative.

^^^ Begin fax to Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May [29 Sept 2014] ^^^

Dear Mrs. May,

Everyone and the Pope knows all about this now.


This is an arrest warrant for Orange Order lunatics or any other idiots who threaten thee in any way or force thee to do anything against thy conscience or thy will. They shall be arrested and sent straight to Guantanamo Bay. G4S has got the contract, have they not?


Tell the G4S boss that he and the prison officials better behave or they may follow their prisoners to experience the same fate. See Decalogue.

The golden "10 year" extortion contract we heard about is void on its face. The HM Treasury's Consolidated Fund is not a golden pot for cult idiots (Caesar! Pharaoh!) to leech off. The same applies to the Bank of England and all banks.

This Court of Record is investigating the Grand Orange Lodge of England for failure to maintain the Protestant religion which Her Majesty is entrusted to uphold by the Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688. Their failure is writ large over "Parliament".

We send our love to YHVH for thee.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

___ Begin fax sent to Pope Francis [29 Sept 2014] ___

Holy Father Francis,

Ave Maria! Courtesy copy below for thee and Father Benedict XVI.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson

Special Master

=== Begin notes for Rt. Hon. David Cameron, MP [29 Sept 2014] ===

Dear Mr. Cameron,

No doubt it is a sad and "Reckless" time for the 'Tories'; sad that the "banking fraternity will never give up their power", or sad that the "witches of all Paris" who have metastasised like a cancer to London, California, Wall Steet, Fleet Street, etc.

The cults are determined to start civil war, race riots, force migration, then sink the boats, etc. The Generals want to fight an "all or nothing" war and decorated soldiers are tired of being "treated like idiots" and "when you've done what we've done, it is very difficult to go back to playing toy soldiers on training exercises." Exactly *what* have they done in Afghanistan?

The lunatics at the Orange Order, it appears, have forced Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May to wear a ghastly orange suit, the Jacobites [www.jacobite.ca/songs/willyeno.htm] never give up, Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Herzog von Bayern has been in the news re Scotland, the legal idiots before YHVH who put up the Georgia Guidestones are at large.

Did the British Navy contemplate that the order to scatter the infamous North Sea convoy may have been the order of an Egyptian death-cult? How long did it take for Sir Winston Churchill to figure it out? Anthony Eden thought he knew it all.

What is the common theme that unites all these legal idiots? Answer: they live in an ought-to-be world and reason accordingly. Throw everyone else (no, not WE) in the fire and WE shall emerge triumphant, they think. The what-is-so world-appearance, however operates according to The Law. Oh, just shoot the guy who goes on about it, WE have the strength of OUR arm, WE shall threaten his children, etc. Then all will go on as 'WE' ought-to-have by "right"! See what WE did to Jesus!!

"If I fail", thou sayest, "Britain could leave Europe!". Magnificent though Britain's technology is, the British have not yet managed to get the island to sail. Be comforted, have no fear, the LORD works with thee, whether thou likest it or not. Swami Vivekananda "checked out" at age 39, yet the things he spoke have come to pass, for the LORD spoke through his lips. It is so for those who have realised their identity with The One, even as it is with 'Jesus Christ' and 'Moses'. It is The One who comes as thee and the world thee live in and the 'choices' thou makest. Thou canst not move a finger without The One having "willed" it. The nature of "will" is obscured by the failure to discriminate and *know* the difference between existence and being. This is the shallow root of the house of ought-to-be legal idiots, built on foundations of sand. They think they live and exercise free-will but they are the walking dead, wandering in the hell of separate existence, their "free will" sacrificed at Hume's Guillotine, but they know it not.

The LORD is ever with thee, pray for the grace to overcome, the men, women and children of England, Wales, Scotland, America, Eurasia, Africa and so on, shall be free. When dost thou 'plan' to come to our tent? Choices, choices! By the grace of the LORD, we know that we are ever with thee.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

=== End notes for Rt. Hon. David Cameron, MP ===

*** begin fax to USCCB Cardinals and U.S. Nuncio ***

Your Eminence,

Kindly bring these to the attention of His Holiness Pope Francis.

Courtesy copy of notes to the 10 members of the Senate Judiciary Committee below. They should be self explanatory. Take action. Become a Nicene Christian. False flag operators, race riot instigators and Roman idiots are not to be tolerated. This may include thyself.

The Mercy of the law of YHVH, is not stupidity. It is worth dying for, even as our LORD 'Jesus Christ' did and paid the price once and for all... as did many in the Nicene Crede which the Roman Catholics and Jesuits have been tricked into forsaking by the Cult of Saturn in Rome. The result is the tremendous suffering, evidenced by recent testimony, by lay Jesuits who are ignorant of the trick.

Quo Vadis?

If thou are not ready to be a Christian, to offer thyself in place of the child-sacrifice victims of the festering-Church, strip thyself of thy robes and red hat, don the grey suit and tie for thou art not free - The Greatness of Saturn, The Law, shall hunt thee down, lifetime after lifetime. A "Grey" 'existence' indeed. The Bishop of Rome alone knew these past hundred years that the Protestants/Anglicans and Roman Catholics were One. What a tragedy!

Should thou be a traitor to 'Jesus Christ' and consort with the 'Grey Pope', [for 'Grey Pope', see www.courtofrecord.org.uk/Holland] it were better that thou were not born. Mahakali, the Great Mother adorned with a garland of Skulls is watching thee. She is none other than our Immaculate Virgin Mary, crowned with the inerratic Stars, witness to the treachery of those who forsook Isa, our LORD Jesus Christ.

We remind thee of the righteousness of thy ancestors!

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

--- begin fax sent to Senate Judiciary Committee [28 Sept 2014] ---

Dear Sir or Madam,

Courtesy copy is below your senator in the Senate Judiciary committee. Kindly ensure that it is delivered to the Senator's hand.

This Court of Record is investigating the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder and the subsequent shooting of a Police officer in Ferguson, MO. We are investigating cults that wish to start race riots22 and civil war in America. We are investigating the cult that created 'Islamic fundamentalists' under the 'ISIS' banner and its derivatives and their links to the Egyptian cults of death that sponsored two world wars.

We remind thee that thy Senate and Congress has legislated 'Jungle Warfare' in America and that thee and the Governors and justices of the Supreme Court of the United States do not have "brass necks", to quote a term used recently in Scotland.

Sufficient and necessary force is authorized to arrest those who forced the Attorney General to resign and to arrest those that are attempting to start race riots in Missouri.

It is our wish that the Amicus curiæ(s) of this Court of Record relating to the dissolution of the UNITED STATES and the FEDERAL RESERVE be printed and provided to every 'Justice' in the Supreme Court of the United States, every Judge and Magistrate in the United States District Court and State court system. Failure to do so shall be investigated as TREASON to the men, women and children of America. Recall: "brass necks".

Thou hast abandoned the LORD God, 'Jesus Christ', One with YHVH, Ground of Being, whose Christian religion thou art traitors to. The testimony to this is the Roman Goddess Persephone that stands atop the 'Capitol' temple to Jupiter, clearly shown during President Obama's televised swearing-in ceremony. Thus thou canst make no appeal to Christ without the intervention of this Court of Record of 'Jesus Christ'. Do thee know The Law even as Cato did?

We are investigating all the men and women in the Justice system, including but not limited to the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States for participating in cult rituals, ritual rape and so on.

All Roman Catholic Nuncios, Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops are stripped of all their authority. There is no immunity of any sort and unlimited personal liability, including but not limited to being subject to 'jungle warfare'. Thou have indicated the acceptance of 'Jungle Warfare' on thy part, witnessed by the Qanun Law Statutes of the U.S. 'Congress'.

We suggest that the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder be rescinded and the 'sock puppet' in Missouri informed. See notes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the provenance of the term 'sock puppet'.

We suggest that those who forced the resignation of the Attorney General be arrested and held at Guantanamo Bay.

Necessary force is authorized to arrest all cult leaders who have participated in ISIS or any Egyptian cult, anywhere in the world. All operational capabilities at cult facilities are to be destroyed with the evidence preserved.

Airstrikes are NOT authorized against the men and women on the ground, operating the false flag 'ISIS' or 'ISIL'. These legal infants are to be released from their roles and free to go. Those amongst them that have been subject to Greenbaum mind-control programming are to be de-programmed before release.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

=== Begin notes for Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister ===

Dear Mr. Cameron,

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29339787 re "Parliament recalled over air strikes".

There is no authority for war or airstrikes, directly or by proxy.

It is no secret that the brItish SIS (MI6) operates ISIS. It is known that that the head of MI6 leaves office in November. We suggest a rapid clean up of the mess created by Baphomet lunatics for whom SIS is the executive authority. How many "worthies" go around with a Croix medallion? The picture of President Obama with Baphomet horns and the mitigating 'sun sign' is widely circulated on 'main stream' media - whom does it help?

All underground drilling operations must cease. All underground detonations/demolition must cease. All Tsunami operations must come to a halt - check the Caribbean islands (Grenada, for example), the continental shelf near the Canary Islands, Pacific islands (remember Indonesia Tsunami?). The psychological and biological terror must cease. The release of Wolbachia infected mosquitoes most stop.

www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-29356232 Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes


The French language report on the cadavers of Malaysia Airlines MH17, deleted from Russia Today is archived here:

Deleted page: http://french.ruvr.ru/2014_09_09/Le-vol-MH17-de-Malaysia-Airlines-rempli-de-cadavres-plastines-2630/

Archive: www.courtofrecord.org.uk/archive/french/cadavers.html

Those who authorized the deletion of that page: arrest them.

All bio-warfare specialists and microbiologists must receive special protection. All lunatics and idiots who have signed off of this warfare must be ARRESTED: Nuncios, Cardinals, Caliphs, Sultans, Weirdos, etc, the whole lot.

The British government is UNDER Common Law, most notably Scots Law regarding Choses in Action. Did anyone in "England" figure it out? This was the "message" behind the referendum and the foolishness of UK PLC and CITY OF LONDON. The Scottish Convention of Estates is a lot bigger than the northern half of the island: it is the Rest Of The World.

We have heard that Nigel Farge pimps for "The Beast" that operates the EU. Does he and the idiots at the City of London think that they are going to move The Beast to City of London?

The Members of Parliament operate a Treasonable Assembly - which 'granted' the Scots independence by passing the Succession to the Crown Act. This is on the Hansard record of the House of Lords. We believe that you were informed after the fact at 10 Downing St.

We suggest that the quickest and best way forward is to dissolve Parliament and leave it dissolved until elections are held at Her Majesty's pleasure. The Lord Mayor of the CITY OF LONDON comes up for annual appointment, marking the post as a formal, non-substantial, ceremonial position. November is the usual Gog-Magog event.

The following, we believe, has been sent via competent channels to Her Majesty The Queen and His Holiness Pope Francis:

--- Begin Arrest Warrant ---

We suggest that all HMRC 'Judges' and corporate 'courts' masquerading as Courts of Law are informed that they and all corporate bailiffs who are at war with the people over void UCC contracts are to be arrested if they allow this activity to continue.


All necessary force is authorized to arrest all dangerous lunatics and idiots within Her Majesty's government who are in Treason to Her Majesty The Queen, including but not limited to:

* Families that imagine that they control 'HM Treasury'
* City of London corporation
* 'Companies House', FTSE 100 corporations
* All London banks
* Lunatics moving their brass plates to London
* MI5
* Military
* Commissioners of Police
* Bailiffs, corporate or otherwise
* HMRC, all 'judges'
* Police, Serco, G4S, Marston, Collectica, UK Evict, subsidiaries, etc.
* Civil Service
* Justice Department
* Foreign Office
* House of Commons
* House of Lords
* Supreme Court
* Political parties
* All those who 'beat up' Alex Salmond and forced him to "show his true colours" to thwart a political campaign: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/11091015/Salmonds-all-snarls-as-he-shows-us-his-true-colours.html etc. ['Grey suit', embattled: suddenly the Scots are loyal to the 'Grey Pope', just like 'HM Treasury' eh?]

Service of Process and Proclamation

We suggest a proclamation of peace and the end of financial war be crafted for the 'celebration' together with a dissolution of Parliament and elections to be announced at Her Majesty's pleasure.

It is our wish to see Her Majesty's Scottish and Ghurka Regiments serve process on London legislators, lawyers and bankers.

--- End Arrest Warrant ---

We believe, that His Holiness Pope Francis has signified that arrests are to go forward by placing former Nuncio under house arrest:


"It is Pope Francis' express will that grave cases regarding the abuse of minors by clergy be dealt with rigorously and without delay. "

A "minister" in government is defined as clergy. The "abuse of minors" is not restricted to sex. UCC legal infants are legal minors. Terrorism conducted by MI6/CIA and financial terrorism conducted by bankers is abuse. For example, HSBC closing bank accounts of refugees is abuse. Bankers operate an instrumentality of government and therefore the Church.

All government since Caesar in Rome fell to ruin as a result of the righteousness of Jesus Christ is Church government. Those who conduct themselves like Caesar (violate 10 commandments and Luke 19 and 20) are acting like Caesar. This is English (and Scottish) Common Law.

Our contemplation suggests and is verified by the writing in the bedrock of Heaven that there is the potential energy of God's will for a rapid clean up of Church government - metaphorically like the fast moving "electric fire" of the weapons of today.

Statues of UK PLC have as much force as Qanun Law Statutes of the Ottoman Sultan; that is: NONE! The Gagging Act recently passed is a bad joke for all Members of Parliament!

All corporations must dissolve: including but not limited to UK PLC and CITY OF LONDON.

The emotional drama of the Scottish vote in the 'NO' camp just proves that a bunch of intellectual infants operate CITY OF LONDON and UK PLC and that the said legal infants are unfit to govern England.

By continuously increasing their own privileges till they have become Caesar they have "plotted to kill the Queen". They are hereby accused of Treason. Statutory authority to proceed in a Court of Record against Parliament is found in the 1770 Parliamentary Privileges Act. Such a process would make 'Bastille Day' look like a French picnic. Thou art lucky that all government is Church government and the Good Shepherd must invoke God's Mercy on thee!

London is the 'New Jerusalem' where English Common Law implements the combined law of the Torah with the Gospel of Truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 'Jesus Christ' threw open the Egyptian Mysteries for all. We are here to renew this in all its depth: God willing. See Lamentations 1:1. The explanation is here: http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Meditations/Hashivenu/hashivenu.html

--- Begin quote re Lamentations 1:1 ---

Lamentations is an acrostic poem that begins with the Hebrew letter Aleph in the word "eichah" (אֵיכָה). In fact, the Hebrew name for the book is simply Eichah. "How (eichah) lonely sits the city that once was full of people!" (Lam. 1:1). The sages note that this word "how (eichah)" could also be read as "where are you?" (אַיֶּכָּה, ayeka), God's first question to Adam after he broke covenant in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:9). The midrash (Lamentations Rabba) draws a connection between the lamentation of the LORD over Adam's banishment from Eden and Israel's banishment from Zion (Hos. 6:7). In both cases the problem centers on the failure to ask where God is...

How many people today live in a state of self-imposed exile from the LORD? God uses our loneliness ("how lonely...") to search our hearts, asking each of us, ayeka – "Where are you?" "Why have you turned away from me and chosen a state of exile?" Our inner pain is meant to provoke us to seek His face. He awaits our only possible response, "Hashivenu!" -- an imperative (demand) for the grace to repent: "You return us (i.e., you cause us to return) so that we may be reunited with you and healed!" We do not appeal to our own resources or strength to undergo this return, but rather trust that God's sovereign grace is sufficient to restore us to His presence. As Yeshua said, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up" (John 6:44).

May it please the LORD to cause you to return to Him today.

--- End quote re Lamentations 1:1 ---

We send our love to "Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" with all our soul and all our strength that His sovereign grace restore us all to His presence.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

=== End notes for Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister ===

GICOR-ref: US-HRH-Grand-Duke-Henri-Fax-Notes-Appendix-I

Appendix II

A brief guide to symbolic language of ancient priests

From the Notebooks of Paul Brunton on his visit to Angkor Wat:

The Secret Doctrine of the Khmers23

I leave the thorny jungle and mount a frail bamboo ladder. The few wooden steps lead to a large grass-roofed hut. The latter is built on timber piles some six feet from the ground--a mode of domestic architecture which prevails throughout the interior villages of Cambodia. In the regions where a feeble effort to cultivate the land is made with the help of the River Mekong, both dwelling and dwellers would be overwhelmed by the great annual floods were it not for this elevated style of living. And in the large forest tracts it is equally efficacious against fierce tigers, which do not hesitate to claw their way into the lightly built huts.

This little clearing amidst thick trees and undergrowth was made by monks who have lately returned--after hundreds of years' absence--to settle near the shadow of the Wat, the great temple of Angkor. They have put up a tiny village and today, after waiting for the oppressive heat of the afternoon to abate, I enter as their guest.

The bonzes squat smilingly around the floor, their eyes narrow slits, their Mongoloid cheekbones set high, their slim short bodies wrapped tightly in cheerful yellow cloth. Some hold fans in their small hands, while others bend their shaven heads over palm-leaf books. Copper spittoons are placed here and there for their relief, because the moist hot climate creates asthmatic tendencies. A wild-looking man approaches me and mutters something unintelligible. Long ago he gave himself the title of "King of Angkor" and now everyone calls him by the name in good-humoured derision. His mind is half-unhinged, poor fellow, and he illustrates in its wreckage the serious dangers in incorrectly practised yoga.

On the ground outside, a boy heaps together a pile of dead branches and sets them alight. Another servant fills two round vessels at a pool close by, ties one to each end of a flexible pole which rests across his shoulders, and then bears them to the hut. The first boy pours some of the water into a black iron bowl and rests it over the fire. Before long he appears among us with tea. It is a fragrantly scented milkless infusion which we sip from tiny bowls. The life of these men is primitive indeed, for they have hardly any possessions. They are the historic descendants of the Khmers who had built Angkor, but my repeated questions reveal that they now keep but a pitiful remnant of their old culture. It consists of a few scraps of tradition mingled with an imperfect knowledge of the Hinayana form of Buddhism which was brought to the country from Ceylon not long before the Cambodian empire approached its final fall. The oldest of the bonzes tells me some more of their curious lore.

"Our traditions say that three races have mixed their blood in Kambaja [Cambodia]. The first dwellers were unlettered savages, whose tribes still live in parts where no white man's foot has trod. They are guarded by poisoned darts stuck all over the ground, let alone by the huge tigers, rhinoceros, and wild elephants which fill their forests. Our primitive religion survives among them in the form of ruined temples which are cherished as mascots. This religion, together with a government, was given us by the great sage ruler Svayambuva, who came across the western sea. He established the worship of BRA, the Supreme Being. The other races who settled here were the Indian and Chinese. Brahmin priests became powerful and taught our kings to add the worship of the gods Shiva and Vishnu and to make Sanskrit a second court language. Such was their power that even today, after our country has been purely Buddhist for many hundreds of years, their direct descendants conduct all important ceremonials for our king according to Hindu rituals. You have seen in the royal palace in Phnom Penh a sword made of dark steel inlaid with gold. It is guarded day and night by these Brahmins. We believe that if the slightest rust appears on the blade, disaster will come to the Khmer people. That sword belonged to our great king Jayavarman, who built the grand temple of Angkor, spread the limits of our empire far and wide, yet kept his mind in control like a sage. He knew the secrets of both Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism, which dwelled in friendship side by side in our country. Indeed, the Mahayana was spread among us even before it reached China."

The afternoon passes. The magic of the evening sun begins to work. A stream of reddening light pierces the grotesquely tiny windows and plays upon the uneven floor. It reveals the teeth of the smiling monks, some glittering but most betel-stained. We adjourn to a larger structure for the evening rites. While joss sticks burn freely before the gilded image of their faith and long litanies are softly chanted, I leave the assembly and settle down in the great Temple of Angkor to savour its sanctified darkness.

I hold to the modern attitude, which has proved so significant in science, that the era of mystery-mongering is past, that knowledge which is not verifiable cannot be received with certitude, and that overmuch profession of the possession of secrets opens the door of imposture and charlatanry. He who is unable to offer adequate evidence has no right to the public ear. I have generally followed this line of conduct in all my writing, even though it has compelled me in the past to leave undescribed that which I consider the most valuable of personal encounters and to record the minor mystics as though they were the highest sages. If therefore I now reluctantly break my own rule, it is for two reasons: that it would be a pity to withhold information which many might appreciate, and that political enmity has put my informant’s head in danger. Let it suffice to say that somewhere in South-east Asia I met a man who wears the High Lama’s robe, who disclaims any special knowledge at first, but who breaks his reticence in the end. A part of what he tells me about Angkor is worth reconstructing here, but the statements are his, not mine.

"You are the first white man to prostrate himself before me for many years. I am deeply moved. … The key which unlocks understanding of Angkor's mystery needs to be turned thrice. There is first a secret tradition which has combined and united Hinduism, the religion of many Gods, and Buddhism, the religion without a God. There is next an unbroken line of sages who held and taught this doctrine as being the real and final truth about life. There is thirdly a connection between Angkor and, on one side, South India, on the other side, Tibet. In all three lands there was a time when both faiths even dwelled outwardly together in complete harmony, with interchangeable rites, symbols, and dogmas. The tradition itself was limited by the mental incapacity of the masses to the circle of a few sages and their immediate disciples. Vedanta and Mahayana are corruptions of this pure doctrine, but of all known systems they come closest to it.

"Its chief tenet was the demonstration to ripe seekers of the existence of a single universal Life-Principle which sages named the ‘First24’ or the ‘Origin’. In itself it has no shape, cannot be divided into parts, and is quite impersonal--like a man's mind when in a state of deep sleep. Yet it is the root of every shaped thing, creature, person, and substance which has appeared in the universe. Even mind has come out of it. There is no room or necessity for a personal God in the Khmer secret doctrine, but the popular religion accepted diverse gods as limited beings who were themselves as dependent on the First as the weakest man. Apart from these gods, the sages gave the people symbols suitable for worship. These symbols had to represent the First as faithfully as possible. They were three in number. The sun was chosen because everybody could easily understand that it created, sustained, and destroyed the life of this planet. From the tiny cell to the great star, everything is in a state of constant growth or decay thanks to the sun’s power. Even substances like stone, wood, and metal come into existence through the working of the sun force. The sages knew also, however, that even the human mind gets its vitality from the same force, causing it to reincarnate again and again upon the earth. The people of Angkor worshipped Light as a very god, and the rite of sun-worship was carried on in vast stone-paved courts which were open to the sky and faced the temples.

"The second symbol was the male organ of sex. It appeared as a cone-like tower on some temples and as a tapering single column set up in the centre of the building. To Western eyes it is a strange and unsuitable symbol. But the people were plainly taught to look upon it as a picture of the Source of Life. Orientals in general and primitive people everywhere feel less shame about natural organs and functions than Westerners. Anyway the temples of Angkor never linked this symbol with the worship of lust. Its existence never degraded them. The Khmer people were so pure-minded that Sulayman, an Arab merchant who wrote an account of a voyage in which he ventured as far as China in the year 851, wrote of his visit to Cambodia: ‘All fermented liquors and every kind of debauchery were forbidden there. In the cities and throughout the empire one would not be able to find a single person addicted to debauchery!’

"The third symbol is also thought of in the West as connected with evil, but the adepts of Angkor held a different view. They gave the previous symbol because hardly a man escapes seeing the miracle of sex, whereby a tiny seed slowly grows into a fully matured human being composed of different parts, thus teaching the possibility of the First becoming the Many. They also gave the serpent as an emblem of worship for three reasons. In the course of a single lifetime its skin periodically dies and is thrown off, permitting new skin to appear each time. The constant transformations, reincarnations, and reappearances of the First as Nature are thus represented. And when a snake lies in its hole, it usually coils itself into the shape of a circle. It is not possible to mark where and when a circle begins. In this point the reptile indicates the infinity and eternity of the First. Lastly, there is a strange mesmeric influence in the glittering eyes of the snake which is found in no other animal. During the operation of the mysteries, which have now been lost to the Western world, the adept initiated the seeker into the elementary stage by a mesmeric process which enables him to get a glimpse of his origin. Therefore, the carvings of every temple in Angkor showed the serpent, while on the lake Pra Reach Dak nearby there is an islet on which a small shrine stands entirely encircled by two great stone snakes.

"The line of sages which had penetrated into the secret of the First and gave these symbolic religions to the masses has shifted its headquarters from epoch to epoch. From the sixth to the thirteenth centuries it flourished in Angkor, but for seven hundred years before that period it flourished in South India. Reminders of this earlier centre exist in plenty in the architectural forms and sculptural details. Even the Sanskrit used by the Brahmin priests in Cambodia is of Pallava (South Indian) origin. But the wheel of karma turned, the Cambodian empire declined and disappeared with a rapidity which outran the fall of the Romans. The rulers were dazzled by wealth and conquest and failed to heed the advice of the sages. The latter withdrew and migrated to Tibet.

"You ask me if they are the same adepts as those spoken of by H.P. Blavatsky. When she was a girl and fled from her husband, she accidentally met a group of Russian Buddhist Kalmucks who were proceeding by a roundabout route on pilgrimage to the Dalai Lama of Tibet. She joined the caravan as a means of escape from her husband. One of them was an adept. He took care of her and protected her and brought her to Lhasa. She was initiated in due course into the secret tradition. She visited other parts of Tibet and also India. Before the existence of the Angkor ruins was known in the West, she was sent there to continue her studies and to receive a certain contact by meditation in the temples. H.P.B. went but experienced great difficulty in travelling through the uncleared jungle; however, she bravely suffered all discomforts. Later, she was introduced to a co-disciple, who eventually became a High Lama and a personal advisor to the Dalai Lama. He was the son of a Mongolian prince, but for public purposes took the name of ‘The Thunderbolt’ – that is, ‘Dorje.’ On account of his personal knowledge of and interest in Russia, he gradually altered it to ‘Dorjeff.’ Before their guru died, he instructed Blavatsky to give a most elementary part of the secret tradition to the Western people, while he instructed Dorjeff to follow her further career with watchful interest. Dorjeff gave her certain advice; she went to America and founded the Theosophical Society. Her guru had forbidden her to give out his name. Moreover, she knew much more of the teachings than she revealed. But she was always fearful of saying too much, so she constantly created what she called ‘blinds’ and wrapped her truthful secrets in imaginary clothes. I may say no more. However, the poor woman was unjustly maligned by her enemies. Her sole desire was to help humanity. They could never understand her peculiar character nor her Oriental methods. Her society did an enormous service to white people by opening their eyes to Eastern truths. But its real mission is over; hence its present weak condition. A new instrument will take up the work in 1939 and give a higher revelation to the world, which is now better prepared. But the beginning of this work will be as quiet and unnoticed as the planting of a seed. It is 108 years since H.P.B.'s birth. There are 108 steps on the path to Nirvana. Amongst all the yogis of the Himalaya, 108 is regarded as the most sacred number. It is also kabbalistically connected with the year 1939 in a most important way. Therefore, this year will witness the departure of the adepts from Tibet. Their location was always a secret; even most of the High Lamas never knew it. Tibet has lost its value for them; its isolation had begun to disappear rapidly and its rulers no longer respond faithfully to them. They leave Tibet seven hundred years after their arrival."

Contemporary spoken English

Spoken English often contains words relating to body parts or sex and these are left out of formal written processes in government or church by those who profess to be ‘holier than Jesus Christ’. We have covered how atheist arguments, sex and pornography were used to foment the Spanish civil war25. The parasites appear and call those who observe the Roman Catholic Mass ‘cannibals’. These idiots now profess how they are going to ‘save’ western civilisation from the “Christian cult”. How many Roman Catholic Priests have valiantly defended their ‘God’ from such predators? Could they?

From: Court of Record fax <fax @courtofrecord.org.uk>
o: sott@sott.net
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2014 18:52:59 +0000

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: http://www.sott.net/article/286666-Another-nail-in-the-coffin-for-dead-man-on-a-stick-religion-Jesus-NEVER-existed-Writer-finds-no-mention-of-Christ-in-126-historical-texts

The emails forwarded below, sent to other 'Patriot' types have not been posted. They apparently don't have the guts. The message is however relevant to the author of the above story published on your site. See forward below, scroll down to "baptism". Kindly publish it. May it ring some bells: Dinar-dong! (the bell tolls for thee).

The 'Good News', circulating in Scotland and elsewhere, is unaffected by the election 'result'.

Yours Faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

The 'Dead Man on a Stick' writes back:

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Re: Leo Wanta, City of London, UK PLC, Ukraine, MH17, Putin, Russia, Pope, 'Christ' etc...
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 01:00:05 +0000
From: Court of Record fax <fax @courtofrecord.org.uk>
To: editor@veteranstoday.com
CC: gpduf@aol.com

Dear Sir or Madam,


The missing French page on MH17 cadavers, now deleted, is still

available on Google cache:


We have mirrored here:


Kindly save and mirror. Gordon Duff should have the contacts to verify and publish. We are happy to publish items that others do not dare. The Court of Record is not bound by Official Secrets Act and other similar statutes of any country.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

On 09/21/2014 11:55 PM, Court of Record fax wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam,
re: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/07/30/the-coming-return-of-the-real-usdollar/

'Ambassador' Leo Wanta, formerly covered by World Reports / Christopher Story FRSA is not going to "pay his taxes" and restore a "real dollar"...

Former World Reports are here:

http://worldreports.courtofrecord.org.uk/ -> http://worldreports.courtofrecord.org.uk/news/

The dissolution of the Federal Reserve and the United States documents and the resulting recent history re MH17 etc., are here:


UK PLC, City of London corp, all Vatican corporations, i.e. corporations masquerading as countries/republics, all multinational corporations are all to dissolve.



Dissolution of France here:

ITCCS, MH17 investigation:

Confirmation of cadavers on MH17 is available in French language news, example:


There are further developments not yet reported, but the farce regarding the referendum in Scotland indicates positive progress. More #dissolution going on.

"God's Law" is a constitution in itself. It works because it is the 'operating system' in God's Being. Read to find out how it has done so. Those who don't know how it has worked are "legal idiots" ... Ukraine, ISIS, Ebola are *Honeypots* to make lists of legal idiots.

Yes, even the Scotland referendum. Its like fly paper. All the FLYing PIGS are stuck: Leo-Ding-Dong-Dinar-Kong. 9/11 today is just fly bait to catch bigger fishy-PIGS.

Here is a mind-map of the fly-paper:

The real tragedy "old world's Heart of Stone" was already reported by Lord Maynard Keynes regarding the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. Stop the hatred of Queen, Pope, etc. Did thou think that "stealing" a country is OK? Look in the mirror. Art thou old world?

See email to Bellringer of fourwinds10 pasted below re "Blood of Christ" and English, a Christian language contrasted to modern English. Spread the memo. He does not have the guts to post it for it guts the ego. Ego = Satan. Art thou annoyed/angry? *Who* is Satanic?

It is our wish that false hope regarding Dinar, dong, Leo Wanta, etc., are seen for what they are.

We have sent greeting for U.S. Veterans. See:


"By this letter we bring greeting to all serving and retired 'United States' officials and their families, including but not limited to Presidents, Secretaries, Justices, Military, ... that retired military 'vets' and other U.S. dependants of the Bishop of Rome continue to live in honour and dignity."

U.S. Military and Vets have already been saved from economic Armageddon as a result, which was already unfolding for them at the time of the letter.

Start reporting the Gospel of Truth. The meek shall inherit the earth.

Yours faithfully,
Joseph Ray Sundarsson
Special Master

--- forwarded email

Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 15:14:33 +0000

From: Court of Record fax <fax @courtofrecord.org.uk>

To: bellringer@fourwinds10.com

Dear Patrick H. Bellringer,

First, greeting! See: www.courtofrecord.org.uk



"The washing by water as a symbol of being washed by the "blood of the Lamb of God" is a sick Christian Cult joke."

No, it is not. What you have opined is a failure to comprehend symbolic speech of priests like 'Jesus Christ'.

Just like "modern" people, who can say almost anything with a few words, to spell them out: fuck, shit, etc.

"She’s fucking beautiful!"

"Shit, that's fucked!"

The 'beautiful' woman is not being 'fucked' and the object that is not working any more is not shit. Investigating modern 'English' language does not make one a sexist, Satanist, a cultist or whatever. If the words shit and fuck are offencive to thee, avert thine eyes, that is to say in modern English, fuck off.

Blood = prana = life-force = chit = pure life-intelligence.

Blood of the lamb = prana from a realized master who has 'sacrificed' his 'ego' - the docile, obedient ego, the 'lamb' that follows the commandments of God, to God, the 'singularity' or One, Being that IS. He or She is then Buddha, Christ, the Anointed One.

Distinguish: being and existence.

being = To Be = That which IS.
existence = To exISt = Outside (ex) Being.

Those who have penetrated to Being are a fountain of prana, the blood of the lamb, Power itself, with dominion over all that exists. See: Genesis.

Further details, as explained to an atheist, regarding epistemology and ontology in symbolic language, regarding a debate in Cambridge, England, on the relevance of religion in the 21st century, are here:


Which brings us to the dissolution of the United States and the Federal Reserve, resulting in Ukraine, MH17, Gaza and the rest on the main page, http://www.courtofrecord.org.uk/

"Thee and thy enemy are the One that I AM"

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson

Special Master


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1 As this is an Open Letter, we remind thee, dear reader, that it must be read in the context of all prior Amicus curiæ(s) of this Court of Record of ‘Jesus Christ’ that have guided ‘leaders’ pitted against each other in the Roman Circus Maximus, otherwise known as the United Nations. See: www.courtofrecord.org.uk
As a
Court of Law, we first showed in our Open Letter to Professor Dawkins how the epistemology and ontology of all possible knowledge, revealed in The First Book of Moses: Called Genesis, is the basis of all ‘modern’ language, science, contracts, economics, law and reason. See: www.courtofrecord.org.uk/Dawkins

4 Deuteronomy 32:35 To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: ...

5 For more on the Nicene crede, see: www.newmanreader.org/works/arians/note5.html

7 The demon called ‘guilt’ is subtle, it operates as a split personality, the aggrieved victim, the accused perpetrator who covers in fear and Caesar who laughs all the way to the bank.

This demon of guilt has the keys to papal infallibility, which in England is the legal concept that the king can do no wrong.

It is this demon that bestows upon the Apostolic Successor to Saint Peter, the cross that Pope Benedict XVI has been wrongly accused of ‘coming down from’.

Papal infallibility is explained thus, sovereign decisions cut off the ‘could have, would have, should have, ought to be’ limb from the tree of causation. For better or worse, the LORD has arranged our lives thus. We have not lived with love for our neighbours. The brutality of the wars shows us that our personalities are imperfect and that the LORD is ever calling us to mirror His mercy and compassion.

When we live in the now, the unanticipatory ever-newness of our LORD, there is no nostalgia for the past, no ‘ought-to-be’ reasoning, no living in a future utopia. In the language of Tuvalu, we have read, there is no future or past tense. The future is described as walking backward without seeing, for it is unknown and the past as walking forward … which we call, ‘perfect hindsight’.

The result of our letters, is that I am come to take responsibility on behalf of our LORD, the blessed One who has mercy with His world, and to take this cross upon myself and dissolve the demon of guilt and allow us to worship the love that is symbolised by the child Jesus on Mother Mary’s lap.


8 Two thousand units of the local currency: Pounds, Euros, Dollars or Swiss Francs. If local currency is not listed, then the equivalent in Euros. Two thousand is too little? Surely their many business friends will embrace them and charitably take care of them.

9 Since when has a piece of plastic with a photo-id caused or prevented an ‘accident’ ?

11 www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/11122896/Britain-faces-five-more-years-of-cuts-head-of-civil-service-warns.html

Sir Bob said on Thursday night there were three “drivers” of reform, including economic growth, austerity and public trust but the “civil service is not and never was broken”.

And he warned: “Suffice it to say that under any government, we face up to a further five years of austerity in public sector spending.

“The first five years have been challenging but the second five years are likely to prove even harder for three reasons.

“Firstly, the easier savings have already been made. Secondly, we are likely to be doing it against a background of a growing economy and greater competition for good staff. Thirdly, the sense of urgency that underpinned the first savings programme will be reduced.

“In reality, the task is not yet complete. But this will be hard to explain to those in the public sector, including our own staff, who are looking for some relief.”

15 www.ox.ac.uk/news/2014-10-03-hiv-pandemics-origins-located

The team’s analysis suggests that, between the 1920s and 1950s, a 'perfect storm' of factors, including urban growth, strong railway links during Belgian colonial rule, and changes to the sex trade, combined to see HIV emerge from Kinshasa and spread across the globe.

16 For example: www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2014/09/29/vatican-bishop-dismissed-for-managing-diocese-badly/

Bishop Livieres said he was appointed to the diocese by St John Paul II in 2004 with a mandate, communicated to him by the nuncio at the time, to oppose Paraguayan bishops’ “monolithic” support for liberation theology. He said Pope Benedict XVI personally told him in 2008 that liberation theology was “the problem in all of Latin America”.

But Pope Benedict “had a very different orientation from the present pontificate”, the bishop said. “This is a pontificate opposed to the previous pontificate.”

Fr Lombardi characterised the bishop’s analysis as “naive”, calling it “absolutely reductive to interpret this decision.

17 The order to proceed with 7/7 was given by former French President Jacques Chirac from his hotel room in Gleneagles, Scotland, to where he had flown from Singapore to attend a G-8 Meeting, after France had lost its bid to host the 2012 Olympics. It was monitored by GCHQ, the eavesdropping centre in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, forming the basis for the ensuing showdown.


22 Who is the mastermind behind the recent assassination plot for President Obama that led to the resignation of the head of the ‘Secret Service’? Is the Secret Service (S.S.) an assassination service, operating at the pleasure of dangerous stupid idiots?

24 One. See Enneads of Plotinus. Gospel of Saint John 10:30 I and My Father are One.