Cover letter to H.E. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

The further aim of precipitating anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim riots in London and across UK/EU is unknowingly helped by Professor Richard Dawkins himself, held in thrall by the obscurantist use of memes by the Cult of Power in England which also holds Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron and Home Secretary Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May, Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations bound with invisible fetters, unable to act on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of England and the English people, with the freedom and liberty of their conscience.

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
‘Abundance of life and peace’

We remind ourselves and our readers here that we, in this contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One are writing this letter as a Priest to an audience made newly receptive by their predicament created for them by YHVH, Our Father, One Most High, of fathomless compassion for His creation.

This cover letter is to H.E. Frank-Walter Steinmeier regarding the dissolution of the corporate UNITED STATES.

Cover letter to H.E. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

H.E. Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Minister for ‘Foreign Affairs’
‘Bundesrepublik Deutschland’

cc: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

also via Pope Francis
Holy See

Open Letter
Amicus curiæ
10th May 2014

Dear Mr. Steinmeier,

In the name of the One that lives in all men, women and children, greeting!

The purpose of this letter is to forward our recent Amicus curiæ letters and to commend Your Excellency for showing faith and raising a voice of protest against the sentence passed on hundreds of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ members in Egypt. The efficacious route to ‘saving’ them from their fate also has to do with the plight of English politicians who wrestle with an ‘in-out EU referendum’ and an incarnation of the Great Goddess of Law, Love and Pity, who wanders like Moses with his people.

Some compare their Presidential libraries, some compare their dogs, and yet others say, ‘my God is better than your God’.

A recent pronouncement by the former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams that England is now ‘Post Christian’1 and a dead police dog called ‘Sirius’, who died during the September 11th 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center is a clue to the faith of those who operate UNITED KINGDOM PLC for their own religious interests, holding the Cabinet hostage to their pronouncements.

In honour of all the working dogs who have offered their lives in the hopes that their humans might be saved. …

In Memorial of Sirius2

Port Authority K9 Unit - New York & New Jersey - Badge #17

Bomb Detection Dog

The only known animal to have been killed in the September 11th tragedy.

There was a flag over his bag and I carried him out with another officer, John Martin,” says Officer Lim. “Everyone saluted. All the machinery was stopped — the same thing that is done for human police officers and fire-fighters. I thought it was very nice.”

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion”

The Olympiad of the Gods

From the Council of Trent in 1548 to now can be traced a contest over mastery of “God’s Law”. The result has been a race to uncover ‘objective Truth’ in the matter and an intense examination of the evidence provided by both ‘science’ and ‘religion’. The word evidence is used here in the English sense of the word, drawing on the tradition of Aristotle.

The general inclinations which are naturally implanted in my soul to some religion, it is impossible for me to shift off: but there being such a multiplicity of religions in the world, I desire now seriously to consider with my self which of them all to restrain these my general inclinations to. And the reason of this my enquiry is not, that I am in the least dissatisfied with that religion I have already embraced; but because 'tis natural for all men to have an overbearing opinion and esteem for that particular religion they are born and bred-up in. That, therefore, I may not seem biassed by the prejudice of education, I am resolved to prove and examine them all; that I may see and hold fast to that which is best ....

'Indeed there was never any religion so barbarous and diabolical, but it was preferred before all other religions whatsoever, by them that did profess it; otherwise they would not have professed it ....

'And why, say they, may not you be mistaken as well as we? Especially when there is, at least, six to one against your Christian religion; all of which think they serve God aright; and expect happiness thereby as well as you And hence it is that in my looking out for the truest religion, being conscious to my self how great an ascendant Christianity holds over me beyond the rest, as being that religion whereinto I was born and baptized, that which the supreme authority has enjoined and my parents educated me in; that which every one I meet withal highly approves of, and which I my self have, by a long continued profession, made almost natural to me: I am resolved to be more jealous and suspicious of this religion, than of the rest, and be sure not to entertain it any longer without being convinced by solid and substantial arguments, of the truth and certainty of it. That, therefore, I may make diligent and impartial enquiry into all religions and so be sure to find out the best, I shall for a time, look upon my self as one not at all interested in any particular religion whatsoever, much less in the Christian religion; but only as one who desires, in general, to serve and obey Him that made me, in a right manner, and thereby to be made partaker of that happiness my nature is capable of.'

BISHOP BEVERIDGE (1636-1707), quoted by Friedrich Max Müller (December 6, 1823– October 28, 1900) in The Upanishads, Vol I.

The objective in any war is ‘Power’, which is usually translated to ‘Force’, in order to get compliance from the ‘enemy’ to the ‘will’ of the ‘Sovereign’.

The result is a ‘Cult of Power’ noted by that learned British judge, Sir John Woodroffe, Chief Justice of the Calcutta Supreme Court.

Just as in the West one finds advocates of the Cult of Power, so others, both here and there, are opposed to it because of its abuses. It is true that Power may be wrongly used, but that need not be so. The objection is not to the Cult of Power (which is not the same thing as the Cult of material force) but the use of it when obtained. In the same way, loose thinking makes a distinction between Might and Right as though Might was wrong. There is nothing necessarily wrong about Might. The true distinction is between Might in the service of Right and Might in the service of Wrong.

The World as Power, Power as Life, by Sir John Woodroffe (1865–1936), Published 1922

Big Beast’ Atheists, Communist-Socialist-Capitalist devotion to the State

It is a tactic of those who inhabit the Cult of Power to create arguments in the minds of the people and ‘authorities’ to lead them away from the point in question: “God’s Law”.

In Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Car, we find the following regarding the coordinated use of Atheists, Communists, Anarchists, etc.:

F.J. Olondriz wrote the foreword to the book The Red Persecution in the Basque Country, written by José Echeandia. He said : “When the day arrived the Basque separatists, blind with passion, many of them forgetting their faith, and their Catholic sentiments, felt closely and firmly united to the Communists, to the Atheists, and to the Anarchists ... and they launched into a war, and made themselves responsible for slaughter, and believed all means were licit, rebelliously ignoring the peremptory words of their religious leader, Pope Pius XI, as contained in his encyclical ‘Divini Redemptoris’ — Communism is intrinsically perverse, and it cannot be admitted that those who wish to serve the Christian civilization may in any way co-operate with it.”

and then again, the method used to neutralise ‘democratic’ “Public opinion”, is a well worn path for those who wish to play God:

Public opinion is no longer aroused to action when the newspapers blandly report that several thousand Jews were systematically exterminated in gas chambers by anti-Semitics, or that ten thousand Christians were martyred because of their anti-Communist convictions by Béla Kun or Chinese sadists. Such horrors are now accepted as every day occurrences. We are being rendered immune to the reactions we once experienced when violence of any kind came to our attention. We no longer are disturbed by the overthrow of established governments by force. If we were, we would have done something to stop what has been going on. People listen to those who continually cry, as they did in Spain, “Communism can never cause a revolution here”. They listen to those who give them a sense of false security. The majority of citizens are like children, who hide their heads under the blankets when they fear danger. It should be remembered that pulling the bedclothes over one’s head never saved a person from an assassin, a rapist, or an exploding bomb.

A few illustrations will show how psychological warfare worked in Spain. We must remember always that Lenin said : “Part of the training of all revolutionary youths must consist of robbing a bank, blowing up a police station and the liquidating of a traitor or a spy.” Not until a youth has been drained dry of the milk of human kindness, and all feelings of sympathy, is he considered qualified for party membership. This is a vastly different status from that of a ‘Fellow Traveller’.

As the day chosen for the revolt drew near in Spain, the purveyors of pornographic literature and obscene pictures became so bold they took their stand at the entrances to churches and offered their wares to the congregations going in and coming out. The outside covers of these publications usually showed a picture of priests and nuns engaged in sexual high-jinks. Mr. Edward Knoblaugh, who is recognized as an authority on the Civil War in Spain, was so struck by this anti-clerical campaign that he wrote : “Occasionally delegates of Protestant clergymen came to Loyalist Spain to investigate stories they had read of anticlerical activities. These delegations were warmly received. Great pains were taken to convince them they had been badly misled. Special guides were detailed to show them around. They saw only what the Communist authorities wanted them to see. After a day or two they were hustled home, suitably impressed.”

But one day there was a slip up. A delegation of clergymen stopped at a book-stall to admire some rare old volumes. Before the guide could prevent it they saw also copies of “La Traca” and “Bicharracos Clericales”. The covers portrayed priestly orgies with semi-naked nuns. Both magazines were profusely illustrated with obscene pictures. Mr. Knoblaugh commented : “The delegates left in a huff”.

The situation in Spain between 1923 and 1936 was very similar to that which exists in Canada between the French and English speaking population to-day. The Basque people have their own language, culture, and traditions, which date back into antiquity. They are deeply religious and very proud. Like many French Canadians they believed they deserved National Independence. To achieve this objective they organized a separatist movement to liberate the Basque people from the rest of Spain. As was only natural, the plotters of the revolutionary movement in Spain didn’t overlook such a situation. The Basque people were devout Roman Catholics. They believed they were justified in fighting for political independence if necessary. The vast majority however, would never have knowingly affiliated with the Communist Party to achieve their goal. Yet that is exactly what happened. Marxist ‘Cells’ infiltrated into Basque society. They hid their real identity so well, they became the leaders of the “Separatists”. Then, like the Judas Goat, they led the Basques to slaughter. Operating under the banners of intense patriotism and religious fervour, the Basque leaders, President Aguirre, Gird, and Negrin, blended and beat into an unbelievable mass, Christ’s cross, the pistol of Anarquism, and the sickle and hammer of Communism. Then, when the revolt started, the masses were abandoned to their fate. Aguirre was head of the Basque State and generalissimo of the Basque armies. He sat in his office in Bilbao, while hundreds of Catholic priests and other leaders of Basque society were systematically murdered. Their martyrdom naturally increased the hatred existing between the Basques and Spain.

F.J. Olondriz wrote the foreword to the book The Red Persecution in the Basque Country, written by José Echeandia. He said : “When the day arrived the Basque separatists, blind with passion, many of them forgetting their faith, and their Catholic sentiments, felt closely and firmly united to the Communists, to the Atheists, and to the Anarchists ... and they launched into a war, and made themselves responsible for slaughter, and believed all means were licit, rebelliously ignoring the peremptory words of their religious leader, Pope Pius XI, as contained in his encyclical ‘Divini Redemptoris’ — Communism is intrinsically perverse, and it cannot be admitted that those who wish to serve the Christian civilization may in any way co-operate with it.” How well some of our top-level statesmen should have remembered those words of wisdom when they tried to co-operate with Stalin during World War II. Another truth Government leaders must never forget is the fact that Communists, and all other international groups, are used by the Illuminati to further their own secret plans and ambitions.

Atheists have once again been recruited to pose for peace whilst the real agenda is the promotion of paedophilia by the use of suggestive images of bananas and little children is visible in the article “We are all monkeys”3 by the BBC.

'We are all monkeys'

BBC Trending By BBC Trending

What's popular and why Neymar, side by side with his son, holding a banana. Neymar and his son hold a banana [image].

If you can't beat racism, eat it. That's what thousands of people on social media are doing, inspired by footballer Dani Alves eating the banana hurled at him on the pitch.

Tens of thousands of people around the world are going "bananas" over a tweet by Brazilian footballer Neymar. On Sunday, the Brazil international and Barcelona forward posted an image of himself on Instagram with a cheeky smile and a banana, side by side with his toddler son. Under the picture was the hashtag #weareallmonkeys, in English, as well as in Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.

The further aim of precipitating anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim riots in London and across UK/EU is unknowingly helped by Professor Richard Dawkins himself, held in thrall by the obscurantist use of memes by the Cult of Power in England which also holds Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron and Home Secretary Rt. Hon. Theresa Mary May, Housekeeper of Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations bound with invisible fetters, unable to act on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen of England and the English people, with the freedom and liberty of their conscience.

Investigation of the U.K. Civil Service

In the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England, Plaintiffs in this contemplative Court of Record of the Ancient One, in a class action lawsuit on behalf of all Her Majesty the Queen of England’s subjects, are investigating treason and incitement to riots by Her Majesty’s Civil Service”, including but not limited to the Head of the Civil Service ‘Sir Bob Kerslake’4 and the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, ‘Mark Sedwill’5 and their minders in MI5/MI6.

Your Excellency must know that when a new ‘elected’ government takes over, the ‘Civil Service’ secretaries do not change, hence the “Permanent” in their title.

The resume of Mark Sedwill shows the careful training the Cult of Power in England has put this unfortunate man through in the past years of his life.

Biography [of Mark Sedwill]

Mark took up the post of Permanent Secretary at the Home Office on 1 February 2013. He was previously Director General (political) at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Prime Minister’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Mark studied at St Andrews and Oxford universities before joining the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1989. His first overseas posting in 1991 was as a Second Secretary in Cairo, followed by First Secretary in Iraq, then in Nicosia. Subsequent positions are as follows:

  • Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretaries Robin Cook and Jack Straw in the run up to the 2003 Iraq invasion

  • Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan, 2003 to 2006

  • Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa Department, 2006

  • International Director at the UK Border Agency up to 2008

  • Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2009

  • NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, 2010

  • Director General Afghanistan and Pakistan, 2010 to 2012, now expanded to include the rest of South Asia.

Previous roles in government

      • Director General, Political, 2012 to 2013

      • Special Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 2011 to 2013

Extract from official biography of Mark Sedwill

Your Excellency can surely see the pattern. London in particular and England in general, are being operated with a ‘Camp Bastion’ mentality. We are investigating intimidating letters from the Home Office sent out to the Pakistani community in London. We are investigating the cult that claims to ‘divine’ the ‘will’ of God and intimidate the Civil Service and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6) personnel by their practices. We are investigating ritual abuse in England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, for example, why is Robert Green6 in prison for exposing the bureaucracy?

The Green Tree flag: “Two legs or three?”

The question, why did the Nazi doctors institute such terrible practices as revealed in The Greenbaum Speech7 comes with the answer: they were engaged in a war with French and British occult who, since the French invasion of Egypt, had been investigating and adopting every system of black magic into their ‘gnostic’ Churches.

Is it any wonder then that the English people have to choose between the Conservatives who sport the Green Tree flag and the New Labour Arbiet Macht Frei party?

The terrible Boer War in South Africa which witnessed the first use of concentration camps by the British, led eventually to ‘Apartheid’ and to the so-called ‘Independence’ of ‘South Africa’. South Africa is famous for its gold mines and gold lust led to the management of South Africa by mind-programming practices declared in the South Africa flag.

Sex and paedophilia are steps leading up to the initiatory realms of occult magic. The ‘dark’ humour of such is reflected in a recent BBC article on the South Africa flag, which was linked beside an article by The Most Rev. The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby saying that Rt. Hon. David Cameron is ‘right’ about ‘Christ’. The title of the article on the South Africa flag: “Two legs or three?”8. The article itself speaks contemptuously about how it is the anti-nuclear “peace” symbol, ‘laying’ “on its side”.

The Occult

The word occult means hidden, secret, especially with regards to observable effects produced by unseen agency. Radio waves and communicating over long distances by mobile phone would be “occult” to someone unfamiliar with such.

Technology has revealed many such occult phenomena which are now accepted as normal and boring. Teenagers don’t gasp at the occult abilities of their iPhone, they are more interested in the ‘selfies’ and ‘social chat’ they send to each other. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently remarked about how enslaving such magic is.

I don’t get this new world, everybody's taking pictures. When do you have the time to live? They're taking pictures all the time, everybody is taking pictures of each other. Only taking pictures, that's all they do. Taking pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures. Stop taking pictures - live,” he urges them.

So I’m the only person here without all these electronic devices, and I’m a free man, and you’re all slaves,” he added.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu9

Why then, is he seeking to buy his own new toy10, a clone of Air Force One? The world will come to Jerusalem, there is no need to rush around. As our contemplation of YHVH (Ground of Being) and consequent letters show, more can be done for the children of Israel (Jacob) by such contemplation than by rushing around. Each of these letters is a labour of love for YHVH. It is the grace of YHVH, Our Father, the blessed One who has Mercy with His world, the LORD reveals the ever-new and ever-lasting ‘Good News’ of His Mercy.

It is a rare teenager that tries to grasp the mobile phone technology and fewer still who master it as engineers. In this everyday occult device can be seen an initiatory tree of a school of magic. The child who gets his first iPhone sends selfies to his or her friends. As they grow up, the selfies open up new avenues for ‘self exploration’. The ‘brainy’ amongst them start to ‘hack’ into their friends phones to obtain pictures and gossip which are useful, for example, for blackmail. They elite hackers get a job at the NSA/GCHQ and become slaves of their art and pay cheque. The disciplined initiates become Apple engineers and create the next model iPhone. Some of whom got there because they are good hackers have their loyalties elsewhere.

Love the Scavengers

We take for granted the occultation device known as a Water Closet. A recent invention popularised in the Victorian era, it swiftly carries away faeces and urine of humans into underground rivers that flow into ‘occult’ city sewer systems. In times before this11, scavengers dealt with human waste and often with dead human and animal bodies, often a revolting task. Swami Vivekananda spoke about his master’s love of and non-condemnation of all:

Not a word of condemnation for any faith, however crude or irrational, fell from his lips. He did not believe that this religion or that religion was true in this or that respect; to him all religions were equally effective paths to lead their respective devotees, with diverse tastes and temperaments, to the same goal of perfection. Years before, young Narendra had condemned before his Master, in his neophyte zeal, a questionable sect that indulged in immoral practices in the name of religion, and Ramakrishna had mildly rebuked him, saying: 'Why should you criticize those people? Their way, too, ultimately leads to God. There are many doors to enter a mansion. The scavenger comes in by the back door. You need not use it.'

Swami Vivekananda on Ramakrishna Paramahansa

The following dialogue between Ramakrishna Paramahansa and his disciples further illustrates how what is apparently revolting at first, can become natural to some:

Tuesday, October 24, 1882

It was three or four o'clock in the afternoon. The Master was standing near the shelf where the food was kept, when Balaram and M arrived from Calcutta and saluted him. Sri Ramakrishna said to them with a smile: “I was going to take some sweets from the shelf, but no sooner did I put my hand on them than a lizard dropped on my body. (The dropping of a lizard on the body is considered an omen.) At once I removed my hand. (All laugh.)

Oh, yes! One should observe all these things. You see, Rakhal is ill, and my limbs ache too. Do you know what's the matter? This morning as I was leaving my bed I saw (Orthodox Hindus in Bengal believe that the first face seen in the morning indicates whether the day will bring good or evil.) a certain person, whom I took for Rakhal. (All laugh.) Oh, yes! Physical features should be studied. The other day Narendra brought one of his friends, a man with only one good eye, though the other eye was not totally blind. I said to myself, ‘What is this trouble that Narendra has brought with him?’

A certain person comes here, but I can't eat any food that he brings. He works in an office at a salary of twenty rupees and earns another twenty by writing false bills. I can't utter a word in his presence, because he tells lies. Sometimes he stays here two or three days without going to his office. Can you guess his purpose? It is that I should recommend him to someone for a job somewhere else.

Balaram comes from a family of devout Vaishnavas. His father, now an old man, is a pious devotee. He has a tuft of hair on his head, a rosary of tuisi beads round his neck, and a string of beads in his hand. He devotes his time to the repetition of God’s name. He owns much property in Orissa and has built temples to Radha-Krishna in Kothar, Vrindavan, and other places, establishing free guest-houses as well.

(To Balaram) “A certain person came here the other day. I understand he is the slave of that black hag of a wife. Why is it that people do not see God? It is because of the barrier of ‘woman and gold’. How impudent he was to say to you the other day, ’A paramahamsa came to my father, who fed him with chicken curry!’ (Orthodox Hindus are forbidden to eat chicken.)

In my present state of mind I can eat a little fish soup if it has been offered to the Divine Mother beforehand. I can’t eat any meat, even if it is offered to the Divine Mother; but I taste it with the end of my finger lest She should be angry. (Laughter.)

Well, can you explain this state of my mind? Once I was going from Burdwan to Kamarpukur in a bullock-cart, when a great storm arose. Some people gathered near the cart. My companions said they were robbers. So I began to repeat the names of God, calling sometimes on Kali, sometimes on Rama, sometimes on Hanuman. What do you think of that?”

Was the Master hinting that God is one but is addressed differently by different sects?

MASTER (to Balaram): “Maya is nothing but ‘woman and gold’12. A man living in its midst gradually loses his spiritual alertness. He thinks all is well with him. The scavenger carries a tub of night-soil on his head, and in course of time loses his repulsion to it. One gradually acquires love of God through the practice of chanting God’s name and glories. (To M.) One should not be ashamed of chanting God’s holy name. As the saying goes, ‘One does not succeed so long as one has these three: shame, hatred, and fear.’

At Kamarpukur they sing kirtan very well. The devotional music is sung to the accompaniment of drums.

(To Balaram) “Have you installed any image at Vrindavan?”

BALARAM: “Yes, sir. We have a grove where Krishna is worshipped.”

MASTER: “I have been to Vrindavan. The Nidhu Grove is very nice indeed.”

Ramakrishna Paramahansa wept and asked the Divine Mother, Mahakali, YHVH in Her active form, how Christians worshipped in the West. The Roman cults within the Church, the root of the problem, would have been known to Him.

Your Excellency must have patience with these explanations, endure and grow in faith and love for mankind, which is a route to love of God, for truly the West is not what it appears to be, it has always been ruled by “God’s Law”. How, is the question.

Cosmology: Man’s home in the cosmos

A hundred years ago, a scientist would have vehemently stated that ‘because’13 of the ‘law of conservation of matter’, no bomb could be constructed as compact and as powerful as the nuclear weapon that exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How wrong would be that ‘scientific’ materialist!

Quantum teleportation is an established phenomena. Space-time can be transcended for faster-than-light transmission of information. In YHVH, Ground of Being, there is no Space-Time, which the ancient people called æther.

Unlike the inferior cult of matter and of Spirit/God, there is a completely rational philosophy that there is a non-dual One alone, whose nature is of pure Mind.

For each manifestation of knowledge and wisdom is a distinct image, an object in itself, an immediate unity, not an aggregate of discursive reasoning and detailed willing.

Plotinus v.8.6

This word “image” above is non-optical, a matrix of tendencies, often misnamed “archetypes”. Imperceptible in themselves, these traces can be inferred through reflection on their activity by the soul’s gnostic powers when the soul reaches a level of reflective conscious judgement.

The Soul exists in revolution around God to whom it clings in love, holding itself to the utmost of its power near to Him as the Being on which all depends; and since it cannot coincide with God, it circles about Him. …

Similarly Plato attributes to the stars not only the spheric movement belonging to the universe as a whole but also to each a revolution around their common centre; each – not by way of thought but by links of natural necessity – has in its own place taken hold of God and exults.

Plotinus II.2.2

How similar to Moses is Plotinus!

Deuteronomy 5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
King James Bible

The universe is seen as a sense-idea in Mind. Adding a telescope or microscope merely amplifies the image to our sense of sight. Our destiny is in the stars, quite literally. YHVH, Ground of Being, is “speaking” these star-images and sub-atomic-particle-wave images to us, “for each manifestation of knowledge and wisdom is a distinct image, an object in itself, an immediate unity, not an aggregate of discursive reasoning and detailed willing”. The “black hole” of science, is the womb of the Great Mother, giving birth to the ‘external’ image of a universe from within ye, moment-by-moment, the Tathāgatagarbha14 of Buddhism, symbolised by our Immaculate Virgin Mary.

[The Buddha said,] Now, Mahāmati, what is perfect knowledge? It is realised when one casts aside the discriminating notions of form, name, reality, and character; it is the inner realisation by noble wisdom. This perfect knowledge, Mahāmati, is the essence of the Tathāgata-garbha.

Lankavatara Sutra

Secret Egypt

Paul Brunton, whose writings and books we have read, loved and quoted, took it upon himself to travel to Egypt to uncover the secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

Epilogue to A Search in Secret Egypt

AND after I had wandered afar throughout the whole length of this hoary land of Egypt and witnessed divers more curious things, I turned my steps homeward to my good friends, who sit in eternal meditation on the edge of the Libyan Desert.

Tell me, 0 wise Sphinx!” I cried, “whither I may go to rest my tired feet, which seem to have walked enow along the dusty road of life?”

And the Sphinx made response:

Ask thy question of the One whose lonely child I am, whose womb brought me forth to endure the sorrowful bufferings of this world. For I am Man himself, and yonder is my mother, Earth. Ask her”

So I trod on a little farther and came to the Great Pyramid. And I went inside the dark passage and crawled down into the deep bowels of the earth, into the dismal subterranean vault itself.

And I uttered the pass-words of greeting, according to my instruction from the seventh verse of the sixty-fourth chapter of the most ancient book in all Egypt:

Hail! Lord of the Shrine Which Standeth in the Middle of the Earth!”

Thereupon I sat down on the rocky floor and plunged my mind into its own native quietude, patiently waiting for an answer.

When at last the Great One, the Master of the Divine House made his appearance, I begged him to lead me into the presence of She who is called “The Mistress of the Hidden Temple” who is none other than the Living Soul of Our Earth.

And the Master yielded to my strong entreaty and conducted me through a secret door into the Temple which lieth hid hereabouts. The divine Mother received me most graciously, yet remained seated at a distance, and bade me state my request.

To her I repeated my enquiry:

Tell me, 0 Mistress of the Hidden Temple, whither I may go to rest my tired feet, which seem to have walked enow along the dusty road of life?”

She gazed long and earnestly into my yes before She spoke forth in answer:

Seven ways are open before thee, 0 Seeker. Seven steps await to be mounted by the man who would enter into my secret chamber. Seven lessons must be harm by those of thy human race who would see my face unveiled. Not till thou hast travelled all the ways, climbed all the steps, and mastered all the lessons canst thou hope to find rest for thy feet or peace for thy soul”

I heard her mellow voice, which seemed to speak with a myriad aeons of age behind its calm tones, reverberating across the Great Hall of the Temple.

What are those ways, 0 divine Mother?”

And She said:

The Road that leadeth to Many Houses and the Track that Leadeth into the Desert, the Street that Groweth Red Flowers; the Ascent of High Mountains and the Descent into Dark Caves, the Path of Ever-Wandering and the Way of Sitting Still.”

I asked:

What are those seven steps?”

She answered:

The first is Tears, the second Prayer, the third Work, the fourth Rest, the fifth Death, the sixth is Life and the last is Pity15!”

And what of the seven lessons that man must learn, 0 Mother?”

And She made response:

Pleasure is the first and easiest, Pain is the next, Hate is the third, Illusion the fourth, Truth the fifth, Love is sixth and Peace must be learnt at the end.”

And I wondered at these things.

Then the Mistress of the Hidden Temple withdrew from the Great Hall and I saw that behind her there had been a great golden star, and within the star a radiant crown and two silver crescents. Below the crown there was a white cross, and around the arms of the cross were seven red roses.

And the wall behind was deep blue, and upon it there suddenly appeared many words, brilliant with light like set jewels. And of those words I was commanded to read those only which were at the end. And those words were:

For Egypt is the image of the things of heaven, and truly a temple of the whole world.

And when Egypt shall have witnessed these things, then that Lord and Father who is the Supreme God, First in Power and Governor of the World, shall look into the hearts and deeds of men and by His will, shall recall them to their ancient goodness, in order that the world itself may truly appear to be an adorable work of His hands!

We suggest Your Excellency read A Search in Secret India16 and A Search in Secret Egypt17 as an introduction to the possibilities of God’s Mind in which we live and move and have our Being.

Investigation of England’s Cult of Power

Guided by YHVH, Ground of Being, Our Father, the One Most High, Avalokiteswara18, who has Mercy with His World, we are led to the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and the Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ19 Canon Missæ as an expression of the Anglo-French Cult of Power, as a front behind which masquerades ‘Atlantis’ with the ability to draw ‘crop circles’ and with fighting abilities summarised by the phrase ‘Star Wars’.

Aleister Crowley wrote Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass, in 1913 in Moscow, the year after his appointment by Theodor Reuss as the X° Head of the British Section of O.T.O. According to W.B. Crow, he wrote it “under the influence of the Liturgy of St. Basil of the Russian Church.” …

I resolved that my Ritual should celebrate the sublimity of the operation of universal forces without introducing disputable metaphysical theories. I would neither make nor imply any statement about nature which would not be endorsed by the most materialistic man of science. On the surface this may sound difficult; but in practice I found it perfectly simple to combine the most rigidly rational conceptions of phenomena with the most exalted and enthusiastic celebration of their sublimity.”

The word "Mass," according to the Roman Catholic Church, comes from the Latin word Missa, "dismissal," from the phrase used at the completion of some old liturgies, "Ite, missa est" ("Go, this is the dismissal"). Despite the origin of its name, the eucharistic ceremony of the Mass did not originate with Christianity, nor is it the exclusive property of any single religion. Crowley recognized in the Liturgies of the Roman and Russian Rites the intricate and beautiful patterns of a profound symbolic tradition, glimmering beneath the layered crust of scholastic religious dogma.

The eucharistic ritual which comprises the core of the Mass is far older than Christianity; in fact, some Protestant theologians have pointed to the Mass and its symbolic components as evidence of the corruption of the Catholic Church by the incorporation of "idolatrous" pagan practices and doctrines. A few of the many examples of this include: the round Host and Paten conjoined with the silver crescent of the Chalice as obvious symbols of Sun and Moon; the Altar Cross as Cult Object (Omphalos, Linga or Sacred Tree); the baptismal font as sacred spring; the Litany of Saints an invocation of the spirits of the ancestors; and the Eucharist itself as a vestige of human sacrifice.

Some prehistoric totemic cults, by the evidence of certain modern totemic cults, may have created a sense of social bonding through ritual feasts, especially feasts which involved the consumption of the totem animal or plant. The Magic which entwined the destinies of the members of the totem-society with that of the totem animal or plant also entwined the destinies of the members of the totem-society with each other.

The sense of shared destiny, or shared Spirit or Magic, became so strong in some totemic cults that it began to take on its own unique identity, with its own attributes and even its own personality. Sometimes it would become closely identified with the personality of a particularly virtuous and powerful hero or shaman, an identification which would remain after the hero's death. The hero, identified with the cult Spirit, could not have been said to have truly died so long as the cult itself survived. He had become a divine man, a hybrid between mankind and the forces of nature, fully human yet also fully divine, who was dead and yet alive, who therefore possessed power over death and life.

The early worship of Dionysus, which may have developed in a similar way from the rites of a totemic society, included the drinking of wine and the consumption of the raw flesh of a sacrificial animal in a ritual called the Omophagia. The animal was either a bull, a fawn or a goat, all sacred to Dionysus in different locales, and it was ritually torn apart in commemoration of the dismemberment of Dionysus-Zagreus, the infant son of Zeus, at the hands of the Titans.

The flesh consumed in the wild Orgia of the Bacchantes was not, however, the mere flesh of a butchered animal. First, it was an animal of a type which was sacred to the God (i.e. a totem animal) and thus partaking of the God's vital nature. Second, the animal had ceremonially passed through the God's own greatest and most characterizing ordeal20. By passing through this ritual of sympathetic magic, the animal was considered to have assumed the actual identity of the God. Its flesh, therefore, was believed to have become the very flesh of Dionysus himself. The vine was also sacred to Dionysus, and partook of his nature in a similar, totemic way. When the Bacchantes consumed the flesh and the wine, they consumed the actual body and blood of their God. By integrating the body of their God into the fabric of their own individual bodies, they effected the integration of the Spirit of God into the fabric of their own individual Spirits. This not only gave them access to the power and Magic of the God, it also gave them a strong sense of identity with their fellow Bacchantes, who were infused with the same divine Spirit.

Extract from “Introduction to the Gnostic Mass”21

The LORD witnesses their exertions at this hour as the Titans, the planetary cosmocrators, pull apart “the beast” that they incarnate here in earth. Even as they call to the “Ancient One”, the answer comes from this Court of Record of Jesus Christ, signified by the Cross in heaven at whose foot is Sirius. England is indeed not Post-Christian, but that England is under Christ. Christ, One with Our Father YHVH is the One that which says I-AM in all of us, our very being indeed. I-AM the priest, the sacrificed animal and the scavenger who cleans the altar.

Nay, and of hearts which follow other gods
In simple faith, their prayers arise to me,
O Kunti's Son! though they pray wrongfully;
For I am the Receiver and the Lord
Of every sacrifice, which these know not
Rightfully; so they fall to earth again!

Who follow gods go to their gods; who vow
Their souls to Pitris go to Pitris; minds
To evil Bhuts given o'er sink to the Bhuts;
And whoso loveth Me cometh to Me.
Whoso shall offer Me in faith and love
A leaf, a flower, a fruit, water poured forth,
That offering I accept, lovingly made
With pious will. Whate'er thou doest, Prince!
Eating or sacrificing, giving gifts,
Praying or fasting, let it all be done
For Me, as Mine. So shalt thou free thyself
From Karmabandh, the chain which holdeth men
To good and evil issue, so shalt come
Safe unto Me-when thou art quit of flesh--
By faith and abdication joined to Me!

LORD Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita22

Acts 20:24 But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

Acts of the Apostles 20:24, King James Bible

The Goddess of Babylon

From the Gnostic Mass23 we find:

The PRIEST joins hands upon the breast of the PRIESTESS, and takes back his Lance.
He turns to the People, lowers and raises the Lance, and makes upon them.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The PEOPLE: Love is the law, love under will.

The question becomes what is the meaning of “thou” and “wilt” and whose will are the ‘PEOPLE’ under? The answer is self-evident from a careful study of the language what is intended to be achieved.

The Iraq war against Saddam Hussein, who declared himself as a son of Babylon, was a religious war within the secret services, which we can discover from The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church: an Examination24

On the EARTH, the MOTHER and the WOMB

And I believe in one Earth, the Mother of us all, and in one Womb wherein all men are begotten, and wherein they shall rest, Mystery of Mystery, in Her name BABALON.”

Ancient people used animals to denote the power of kingdoms.

Mahakali, YHVH in Her active aspect, is Herself Queen of the Night, Ishtar25 of Babylon. She is thus the image of the history of the past hundred years, the vision described by her legend is similar to the vision described in the The Revelation of Saint John the Devine.

By the grace of YHVH, Ground of Being; Shiva with the Trident of Wisdom; Avalokiteswara, Buddha of Compassion; Allah Ar-Raḥmān the One who is Exceedingly Compassionate, the two “lions”, America and Russia, tamely answer to this contemplative Court of Record.

Thus the “fawning lion” and the “unicorn”26 of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Coat of Arms is seen to be complete in this Court of Record and the grace of YHVH, Our Father the blessed One who has Mercy with His world, for Holy Peace and reconciliation is signified to all, including but not limited to those in England, Wales and Her Majesty’s Commonwealth of Nations.

Adi Shankara, who attained the non-dual One, has already provided the compassionate answer for the Cult of Power in England and France, in his Baja Govidam:

Love the LORD, Love the LORD, Love the LORD. Oh fool!
Rules of Law will not save you at the time of your death.

Oh fool ! Give up your thirst to amass wealth,
devote your mind to thoughts of the Real.
Be content with what comes through actions
already performed in the past.

Do not get drowned in delusion by going wild with passions and lust
by seeing a woman’s navel and breasts.
These are nothing but a modification of flesh.

Do not fail to remember this again and again in your mind.

The life of a man is as uncertain as rain drops
trembling on a lotus leaf.
Know that the whole world remains
a prey to disease, ego and grief.

So long as a man is fit and able to support his family,
see the affection all those around him show.
But no one at home cares to even have a word with him
when his body totters due to old age.

When one is alive, his family members enquire
with kind words about his welfare.
But when the soul departs from the body,
even his wife runs away in fear of the corpse.

Childhood is lost by attachment to playfulness.
Youth is lost by attachment to lust for sex.
Old age passes away by thinking over many past things.
But there is hardly anyone who wants to be lost in the joy of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Who is your wife ? Who is your son ? Strange is this illusion
of being cast out of the Garden into the illusion of separate existence.
Of whom are you ? From where have you come ?
Brother, ponder over these truths here.

From Holy Friends comes non-attachment
to the fruits of the tree of knowledge,
from non-attachment to the fruits of the tree of knowledge,
comes freedom from delusion, which leads to the Peace of the Holy Spirit.
From Peace of the Holy Spirit comes Salvation.

What good is lust when youth has fled ?
What use is a lake which has no water ?
Where are
one’s relatives when wealth is gone ?
Where is the illusion of being cast out of the Garden when the Truth is known ?

Do not boast of wealth, friends, youth and men at your command.
Each one of these are destroyed within a minute.
Free yourself from the illusion of the world
and attain timeless, eternal Truth.

Daylight and darkness, dusk and dawn,
winter and springtime come and go.
Time plays and life ebbs away. But the storm of desire
never leaves.

This bouquet of twelve verses was imparted
to a Doctor of The Law by the all-knowing Shankara,
adored as He who walks in the footsteps of the LORD. …

Give up lust, anger, infatuation, and greed.
Ponder over your real nature.
Fools are they who are blind to the LORD who dwells within.
Cast into hell that is the illusion of separate existence,
they suffer there endlessly.

Wealth is not welfare, truly there is no joy in it.
Reflect thus at all times.
A rich man fears even his own son.
This is the way of wealth everywhere.

Thus was a silly Doctor of The Law lost in rules cleansed
of his narrow vision and shown the Light of Truth.

LOVE the LORD, LOVE the LORD, LOVE the LORD, Oh fool !
Other than chanting the Lord’s names27, there is no other way
to cross the ocean of life.

Offer simple worship

Love is the key ingredient in any worship or ritual. Ramakrishna Paramahansa was a simple, unlettered priest. He and His disciple, Swami Vivekananda have changed the world. Both reverenced Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah and showed in diverse ways that these diverse streams, manifesting under so many stars, lead to the non-dual Ocean of fathomless Mercy, the One.

Can you weep for Him with intense longing of heart? Men shed a jugful of tears for the sake of their children, for their wives, or for money. But who weeps for God? So long as the child remains engrossed with its toys, the mother looks after her cooking and other household duties. But when the child no longer relishes the toys, it throws them aside and yells for its mother. Then the mother takes the rice-pot down from the hearth, runs in haste, and takes the child in her arms.”

Simple worship need not conform to some rigorous liturgy.

Another day found me walking alone near the Howrah railway station. I stood for a moment by a temple, silently criticizing a small group of men with drum and cymbals who were violently reciting a chant.

How undevotionally they use the Lord's divine name in mechanical repetition,” I reflected. My gaze was astonished by the rapid approach of Master Mahasaya. “Sir, how come you here?”

The saint, ignoring my question, answered my thought. “Isn’t it true, little sir, that the Beloved’s name sounds sweet from all lips, ignorant or wise?” He passed his arm around me affectionately; I found myself carried on his magic carpet to the Merciful Presence.

Master Mahasaya to Paramahansa Yogananda

This child-like28, loving worship of the non-dual manifest-unmanifest void-one can be realised in service to all. The image of the cosmos teeming with stars is reflected in the image in earth, teaming with men, women and children.

After so much tapasya, austerity, I have known that the highest truth is this: “He is present in all beings. These are all the manifested forms of Him. There is no other God to seek for! He alone is worshipping God, who serves all beings.’”

Swami Vivekananda

Written in the Stars

A sun or star is known to most of us only by the sensible image. Yet, when we say “sun” we don’t think of an “orange” or “apple”. The distinction of the ‘idea’ of the ‘sun’ from the ‘sun’ itself is not just one of representation. It takes a subtle mind to trace the epistemological difference.

Plotinus traces the nature of the Sun behind the Sun, the I-AM nature, which is the presence of Soul, the “I-am THAT I-Am”. This I-AM nature is present directly in us, our Soul identical with the Over-Soul of the World-Solar-System, yet retaining its full individuality. It is so with each star.

To those who have the competence to see the writ of YHVH in the bedrock of heaven, it will be obvious that His Holiness The Dalai Lama is an incarnation of Sirius, the star sacred to the Egyptians. It will also be seen that at this time, the Cross has signified and activated this wisdom-essence of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It is indeed fortuitous that His Holiness the Dalai Lama is visiting Europe at this time and, God willing, shall be in Frankfurt, Germany29 on May 14th and 15th 2014. We believe that the Nile of spirituality is about to flood in earth and bless us all.

We believe that His Holiness The Dalai Lama, being familiar with the Dorje Shugden controversy already possesses the grace needed to assist England to overcome the worship of “animal spirits” in Europe. We are investigating if the Cult of Power in England is instigating the Dorje Shugden controversy.

We believe that His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Master of the Buddhist teaching on Emptiness, can assist with the breaking realisation that “bank acccounts” are “empty”. We believe that His Holiness The Dalai Lama, can assist the West in generating the Heart of Compassion necessary to move to a debt-free system.

We see that it is written in the bedrock of heaven that The Dalai Lama, President George W Bush and the dissolution of the United States are linked.

We suggest Your Excellency invite U.S. President George W. Bush to visit Germany and meet with The Dalai Lama.

We suggest that Your Excellency and Cardinal Parolin can coordinate any additional steps in England, were the closeness of The Dalai Lama to Prince Charles is well documented. We suggest Your Excellency invite Prince Charles to Germany for the visit of The Dalai Lama. We suggest Your Excellency also invite President Putin of Russia for the visit of The Dalai Lama.

China too will feel the impact of the emptiness of banking. We have already mentioned in our letter to China30:

The living testimony of Tibetan Buddhist monks who refuse to return violence with violence, and the known happy friendship between His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II has more to do with your economic success, for the Federal Reserve and the United States are not ‘republican’ or ‘democrat’, they are projects of the Holy See. The irrational animosity towards the benefactor who has silently interceded on your behalf must be replaced with reverence for the Hidden Hand of God. When mankind is governed by men who have found peace in their hearts then there is peace on Earth. Let the practice of spiritual forgiveness and love take root.

China’s ambassador to Germany has been copied the above quoted letter by this Court of Record.

We suggest that Prince Charles’ good offices in England be used to identify the solution for China where false promises to Imperial and Communist Party “leaders” keep the Roman circus going. We are aware of the financial circus of false starts of a certain recently established London company attempting to sell “bonds” to the Chinese. We are aware of “100 year” British bonds, which are void ab initio. The new creation is a debt-free system based on substance, data and energy. Nothing else will sustain the men, women and children of China and all the world. We send our love to YHVH as the shortest route to Holy Peace and prosperity for all.

St. John of the Cross: Dark Night of the Soul

Out of loving compassion for the members of the Cult of Power and lay political actors and of all those who built castles in the air on the emptiness of their bank accounts, we draw Your Excellency’s attention to the concept of the “Dark Night of the Soul” found in the Ascent of Mount Carmel.

when God draws them forth from the state of beginners – which is the state of those that meditate on the spiritual road – and begins to set them in the state of progressives – which is that of those who are already contemplatives – to the end that, after passing through it, they may arrive at the state of the perfect, which is that of the Divine union of the soul with God.

Saint John of the Cross

Paul Brunton talks extensively about the Dark Night in the Notebooks of Paul Brunton31.

Few are willing to make this change so Nature often forces it upon them by plunging them into “the dark night of the Soul.”

Even during the longest dark night of the soul, the Overself [Our Father] is not a whit less close to him than it was when it revealed its presence amid ecstasy and joy.

Dark Night of the Soul: The owl is blinded by light, which is therefore darkness to it.

We hear that William Blake was one of England’s great mystics and we take it for granted that his mystical perception was easily put to work. Yet there was a time when Blake lamented that the light which was with him had gone out. How long this dark night of the soul lasted has not been recorded.

Henry Suso: “Hitherto thou hast been a squire; now God wills thee to be a knight. And thou shalt have fighting enough.” Suso cried: “Alas, my God! What art thou about to do unto me? I thought that I had had enough by this time. Show me how much suffering I have before me.” The Lord said, “It is better for thee not to know. Nevertheless I will tell thee of three things. Hitherto thou hast stricken thyself. Now I will strike thee, and thou shalt suffer publicly the loss of thy good name. Secondly, where thou shalt look for love and faithfulness, there shalt thou find treachery and suffering. Thirdly, hitherto thou hast floated in Divine sweetness, like a fish in the sea; this will I now withdraw from thee, and thou shalt starve and wither. Thou shalt be forsaken both by God and the world, and whatever thou shalt take in hand to comfort thee shall come to nought.” The servitor threw himself on the ground, with arms outstretched to form a cross, and prayed in agony that this great misery might not fall upon him. Then a voice said to him, “Be of good cheer, I will be with thee and aid thee to overcome.”

Selected quotes on the Dark Night of the Soul in the Notebooks of Paul Brunton.

Practise forgiveness and serve God: generate joy!

Forgiveness is a path to generate joy and gratitude. The heavy burden of debt lifted will for most people, generate a sense of relief and joy.

God is the I-AM nature in all men, women and children. Service to all men, women and children without distinction of people and nations is service to God.

We suggest Your Excellency read our Letter Rogatory to the British32 Cabinet/Parliament which set the ball rolling in this Court of Record. In this letter we have made recommendations regarding Public Schooling with specific regard to Germany where a fascist policy is adopted to persecute German families who choose home schooling, even to pursue them to distant countries. We suggest that the legal idiots in the German government who pursue this policy be dismissed from their positions with immediate effect.

Economic fallacy: Disbanding “troops” of bureaucracy

Fredrick Bastiat shows clearly that disbanding of “troops” is a freeing up of the lives of these men and women to do something constructive rather than the destructive quality of restricting the lives of others and consuming their taxes. There is nothing that this civil ‘servant’ does for the benefit of his people. He only hinders the free expression of the lives of German men, women and children. It is the same with bureaucrats of Church and State.

The sophism which I am here combating will not stand the test of progression, which is the touchstone of principles. If, when every compensation is made, and all interests are-satisfied, there is a national profit in increasing the army, why not enroll under its banners the entire male population of the country?

Fredrick Bastiat33

In the same vein, we would advise Sir Bob Kerslake and Mark Sedwill to fill out Form 3C for early retirement available from Pope Francis and carry on their extra-curricular activities on a sunny beach.

Vigorous application of the Law: End false money, end ‘human trafficking’

We are aware of dire situation regarding honest German families who are unable to pay their fictitious Euro debts. We suggest that a magistrate of this Court of Record be installed in Germany, paid in kind by voluntary donations, to set aside any coercive action by German banks, police or other “authorities”. All inferior administrative German Courts, including but not limited to the German Constitutional Court are to take cognisance: The EUROPEAN UNION, ECB and the Euro system are to be dismantled, together with the concept of passports, identity cards, retail banks instruments like Deutsche Bank and other instruments of human trafficking, actual, legal or virtual.

Pope Francis has condemned human trafficking, calling it a crime against humanity, a scourge and an open wound in contemporary society. ... the Pope noted that the meeting also draws on the expertise of law enforcement authorities, who he said: “are primarily responsible for combating this tragic reality by a vigorous application of the law.”

Pope Francis34

The legal stupidity35 of the corporate police state must be dismantled and the real human trafficking problem must be tackled by dismantling borders and barriers to trade and free movement of people and goods. Germans can lead the way into creating transportation infrastructure in Africa. Isolationists are temporarily insane from lust of “woman and gold” - the lust to possess others for sex, the lust to possess gold for dominion over others and the use of such lust to tempt and control others. This leads to spiritual hubris of ‘racial superiority’ and this lesson being taught on the “World Stage”:

Really, patriotism like yours is sin!” he exclaimed once, many weeks later, when the process of obtaining an uncoloured judgement on some incident had been more than commonly exasperating. “All that I want you to see is that most people's actions are the expression of self-interest, and you constantly oppose to this the idea that a certain race are all angels. Ignorance so determined is wickedness!” . . .

Swami Vivekananda

We suggest that Your Excellency invite His Holiness The Dalai Lama to the Middle East peace process. A ‘surprise’ joint visit to Jerusalem by Pope Francis and HHDL can help settle Holy Peace. The Buddhist teaching on Emptiness or Nirvana is, as we have shown, identical to realisation of YHVH, Christ, Ground of Being. His Holiness The Dalai Lama is a realised Buddha, the Awakened One, the title of an Avatar, which is also Krishna or Christ.

Nothing but spiritual understanding between one nation and another, and between rich and poor, will produce goodwill and thus bring real peace and prosperity.”

You would like people to introduce spiritual principles into their worldly dealings, then ?”

Quite so. It is not impracticable, because it is the only way to bring about results which will satisfy everyone in the end, and which will not speedily disappear. And if there were more men who had found spiritual light in the world, it would spread more quickly. India, to its honour, supports and respects its spiritual men, though less so than in former times. If all the world were to do the same, and to take its guidance from men of spiritual vision, then all the world would soon find peace and grow prosperous.

Sri Shankara of Kumbakonam

Starry wisdom: Love the Dog that serves you

Bureaucrats believe that all power flows from their obstructive pen. Sirius the Dog, resurrected by the Power of Christ, ate their paper work. He was in the basement of the corporate Borg when an electric fire reminiscent of Uranus broke out. He has alerted the watchman who has called Mahakali’s Fire Department. The giant three-phase breaker, whose blades are glowing red hot like Mars, must be switched off. The scene may appear dire, but be comforted, Our Father, LORD of Egypt, who is worshipped at the Central Temple of Mother Earth upon which was inscribed the Covenant with God has been propitiated by a flower and water offering.

Even now the Juggernaut of a “fire car” containing the glowing remains is careening away from the basement to be buried in YHVH, Ground of Being. Bureaucrats of Church and State are advised to run out of the building by the fire exit and stay out of the way of the fire men with axes – they are not about to fill out any forms to request permission when they storm in. Outside the building are stacks of Form 3C and tickets to a sunny beach hotel for those who do not wish to volunteer their service in the future.

A meditation in the Central Temple

The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the Central Temple of Divine Mother-in-Earth, YHVH in Her Active form – the world-universe appearance whose being-essence is the formless One, worshipped in the Roman Catholic Church in the incarnation of Our Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Mixed up with different theologies, dressed up with different rituals, God remains identic and does not change.

Paul Brunton36

Paul Brunton records the legend that an ancient Covenant with God was inscribed on the face of the Great Pyramid, which, not understood, eventually ended up pilfered. He also describes a meditation in the so-called King’s Chamber. We suggest that Your Excellency and others who read this extract do so with the unquestioning loving attention of dogs for their masters. YHVH, Our Father ensures all that questions have answers – at His appointed hour!

We remind ourselves and our readers here that we, in this contemplative Court of Record of the Almighty One are writing this letter as a Priest to an audience made newly receptive by their predicament created for them by YHVH, Our Father, One Most High, of fathomless compassion for His creation.

I had reached the most important room in the Pyramid, the famous King's Chamber.

Here, too, the presence of a couple of air tubes, each about nine inches square, killed the tomb-chamber theory. Their openings into the room had never been sealed, as were those in the Queen’s Chamber, but they had been completely filled with loose stones, which Colonel Vyse had to clear out when he wanted to determine the nature of these shafts. …

I flashed the lamp over the bare walls and flat ceiling, noting anew the admirably accurate fitting of the immense polished granite blocks at their joints, and then began a slow circuit of the walls, carefully examining each individual stone. The rose-tinted rocks of far Syene had been split in twain to provide these blocks. Here and there treasure-seekers had scarred both floor and wall in their vain quests. On the eastern side of the floor, part of the stone flags had -disappeared and beaten earth had taken its place, while on the north-western side a deep rectangular hole remained unfilled. A long rough stone block which had once formed part of the floor and covered this hole, stood against the wall on one side, left there by early Arab hands, perchance. Parallel with it, and but a few inches away, was the flat-sided, coffin-like sarcophagus: a lidless, lonely object, which was the only other thing to be found in this bare room. It was placed exactly north and south.

The dislodged flooring-block offered a possible seat, so I sat down on it, tailor-like, with folded feet, and settled there for the remainder of the night.

On my right I had placed my hat, jacket and shoes; on my left reposed the still-burning torch, a Thermos flask with hot tea, a couple of bottles of iced water, a notebook and my Parker pen. A last look around the chamber, a final glimpse of the marble coffer beside me, and then I extinguished the light.

I kept beside me a powerful electric torch ready to be switched on.

The sudden plunge into total darkness brought with it the wondering question of what the night would bring forth. The only thing one could do in this strange position was to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait.

The minutes slowly dragged themselves along, the while I slowly “sensed” that the King’s Chamber possessed a very strong atmosphere of its own, an atmosphere which I can only call “psychic,” For I had deliberately made myself receptive in mind, passive in feeling and negative in attitude, so that I might become a perfect register of whatever super-physical event might transpire. I wanted no personal prejudice or preconception to interfere with the reception of anything that might come to me from some source inaccessible to the five physical senses of man. I gradually diminished the flow of thoughts until the mind entered a half-blank state.

And the stillness which descended on my brain rendered me acutely cognizant of the stillness which had descended on my life. The world, with its noise and bustle, was now as utterly remote as though it did not exist. No sound, no whisper, came to me out of the darkness. Silence is the real sovereign of the kingdom of the Pyramid, a silence that began in prehistoric antiquity and which no babble of visiting tourists can really break, for every night it returns anew with awe-inspiring completeness.

I became aware of the powerful atmosphere of the room. It is a perfectly normal and common experience for sensitive persons to become aware of the atmosphere of ancient houses, and my own experience began with something of this sort. The passage of time deepened it, enhanced the sense of immeasurable antiquity which environed me, and made me feel that the twentieth century was slipping away from under my feet. Yet, following my self-imposed resolve, I did not resist the feeling, instead I let it grow stronger.

A strange feeling that I was not alone began to creep insidiously over me. Under the cover of complete blackness, I felt that something animate and living was throbbing into existence. It was a vague feeling but a real one, and it was this, coupled with the increasing sense of the returning Past, that constituted my consciousness of something “psychic”. Yet nothing clear-cut, definite, emerged from this vague and general sense of an eerie life that pulsated through the darkness. The hours slipped on and, contrary to my expectation, the advancing night brought increasing coldness with it. The effects of the three-day fast which I had undertaken in order to increase my sensitivity, now showed themselves in growing chilliness. Cold air was creeping into the King’s Chamber through the narrow ventilation shafts, and then creeping past the thin barrier of my light garment. My chilled flesh began to shiver under its thin shirt. I got up and dressed myself in the jacket which I had put off only a few hours before on account of the intense heat. Such is Eastern life at certain times of the year, tropical heat by day and a heavy fall of temperature by night.

To this day no one has discovered the mouths of these air channels on the outside of the Pyramid, although the approximate area of their positions is known. Some Egyptologists have even doubted whether the channels were ever carried right through to the outside, but the complete chilling of the air during my experience finally settles the point.

I sat down for the second time upon my stone seat and surrendered myself anew to the oppressive death-like silence, and to the all-prevailing sombre darkness of the chamber. With pliant soul I waited and wondered. For no reason at all I remembered irrelevantly that somewhere to the east the Suez Canal pursued its straight course through sand and marsh, and the stately Nile provided a backbone to this land.

The queer sepulchral stillness in the room, the empty stone coffin beside me, were not reassuring to one’s nerves, while the break in my vigil seemed to have broken something else too, for very quickly I found that the sensing of invisible life around me rapidly rose into complete certainty. There was something throbbing and alive in my vicinity, although I could still see absolutely nothing. With this discovery, the realization of my isolated and uncanny situation suddenly overwhelmed me. Here I was sitting alone in a queer room that was perched more than two hundred feet above the ground, high up above all the million people of Cairo, surrounded by total darkness, locked up and imprisoned in a strange building on the edge of a desert that stretched away for hundreds of miles, while outside this building itself probably the oldest in the world lay the grim tomb-cluttered necropolis of an ancient capital.

The great space of the King’s Chamber became for me who had investigated deeply into the psychic, into the mysteries of the occult, into the sorceries and wizardries of the Orient , peopled with unseen beings, with spirits who guarded this age-old building. One momentarily expected some ghostly voice to arise out of the all-embracing silence. I now thanked the early builders for those narrow vent-shafts which brought a steady but tiny supply of cool air into this hoary old room. That air travelled through nearly three hundred feet of the Pyramid before it arrived; no matter, it was still welcome. I am a man accustomed to solitude indeed glad to enjoy it but there was something uncanny and frightening in the solitude of this chamber.

The all-encompassing darkness began to press on my head like an iron weight. The shadow of uncalled-for fear flickered into me. I brushed it away immediately. To sit in the heart of this desert monument required no physical courage, but it did require some moral fortitude. No snakes were likely to emerge from holes or crevices, and no lawless wanderers were likely to climb its stepped sides and enter it at dead of night. Actually, the only signs of animal life I had seen came from a scared mouse which had met me early in the evening in the horizontal passage, and which had darted hither and thither between the crevice-less granite walls in a frantic effort to escape out of reach of the dreaded beam of torchlight; from two incredibly aged yellowish-green lizards I had discovered clinging to the roof of the narrow cutting which extends inwards from the niche in the Queen’s Chamber; and, lastly, from the bats in the subterranean vault. It was also true that a few crickets had chirped a good deal upon my entry into the Grand Gallery, but they had soon ceased. All that was over now, unbroken silence held the whole Pyramid as in a thrall. There was naught of a physical nature which could possibly injure one here, and yet a vague uneasiness, a feeling that invisible eyes were watching me, recurred for the second time. The place possessed a dream-like mysteriousness, a ghostly unreality. …

There are vibrations of force, sound and light which are beyond our normal range of detection. Laughing song and serious speech flash across the world to waiting wireless listeners, but they could never detect them were not their receiving sets properly tuned. I had now brought myself out of the state of mere receptive waiting into a forcefully concentrated condition of mind which focalised the whole of its attention upon an effort to pierce the black silence which surrounded it. If, in the result, my faculty of awareness was temporarily heightened to an abnormal extent by the intense inward concentration, who shall say that it is impossible I began to detect the presence of invisible forces?

I know only that as I “tuned-in” by a method of interiorised attention which I had learnt long before this second visit to Egypt, I became aware that hostile forces had invaded the chamber. There was something abroad which I sensed as evil, dangerous. A nameless dread flickered into my heart and returned again and again soon after it was driven away. I still following my method of intense, single-pointed, inward-turned concentration, feeling followed its usual trend and changed into vision. Shadows began to flit to and fro in the shadowless room; gradually these took more definite shape, and malevolent countenances appeared suddenly quite close to my own face. Sinister images rose plainly before my mind’s eye. Then a dark apparition advanced, looked at me with fixed sinister regard and raised its hands in a gesture of menace, as though seeking to inspire me with awe. Age-old spirits seemed to have crept out of the neighbouring necropolis, a necropolis so old that mummies had crumbled away inside their stone sarcophagi; the shades that clung to them made their unwelcome ascent to the place of my vigil. And the legends of evil ghosts who haunt the areas around the Pyramids, came back to memory with the same unpleasant detail with which they had been related by Arabs in the village not far off. When I had told a young Arab friend there of my intention to spend a night in the old building, he had tried to dissuade me.

Every inch of ground is haunted” had been his warning. “There is an army of ghosts and genii in that territory.”

And now I could see that his warning was not a vain one. Spectral figures had begun to creep into and around the dark room wherein I sat, and the undefinable feeling of uneasiness which earlier had seized me was now receiving fit and full justification. Somewhere in the centre of that still thing which was my body, I knew that my heart beat like a hammer under the strain of it all. The dread of the supernatural, which lurks at the bottom of every human heart, touched me again. Fear, dread, horror persistently presented their evil visages to me in turn. Involuntarily my hands clenched themselves as tightly as a vice. But I was determined to go on, and although these phantom forms that moved across the room began by stirring in me a sense of alarm, they ended by provoking me to summon whatever reserves of courage and combativeness I could muster.

My eyes were closed and yet these grey, gliding, vaporous forms obtruded themselves across my vision. And always there came with them an implacable hostility, an ugly determination to deter me from my purpose.

A circle of antagonistic beings surrounded me. It would have been easy to end it all by switching on the light or by leaping up and dashing out of the chamber and running back a few hundred feet to the locked grille-entrance, where the armed guard would have provided gregarious comfort. It was an ordeal which imposed a subtle form of torture, that harried the soul and left the body untouched. Yet something inside me intimated just as implacably that I must see this thing through.

At last the climax came. Monstrous elemental creations, evil horrors of the underworld, forms of grotesque, insane, uncouth and fiendish aspect gathered around me and afflicted me with unimaginable repulsion. In a few minutes I lived through something which will leave a remembered record behind for all time. That incredible scene remains vividly photographed upon my memory. Never again would I repeat such an experiment; never again would I take up a nocturnal abode within the Great Pyramid.

The end came with startling suddenness. The malevolent ghostly invaders disappeared into the obscurity whence they had emerged, into the shadowy realms of the departed, taking with them their trail of noxious horrors. My half-shattered nerves experienced overwhelming relief such as a soldier feels when a fierce bombardment ends abruptly.

I do not know how long a period elapsed before I became conscious of a new presence in the chamber, of someone friendly and benevolent who stood at the entrance and looked down upon me with kindly eyes. With his arrival the atmosphere changed completely and changed for the better. Something clean and sane had come with him. A new element began to play upon my overwrought sensitive being, soothing and calming it. He approached my stony seat, and I saw that he was followed by another figure. Both halted at my side and regarded me with grave looks, pregnant with prophetic meaning. I felt that some momentous hour of my life was at hand.

In my vision the apparition of these two beings presented an unforgettable picture. Their white robes, their sandalled feet, their wise aspect, their tall figures all these return at once to the mind’s eye. Withal they wore the unmistakable regalia of their office, High Priests of an ancient Egyptian cult. There was light a-glimmer all around them, which in a most uncanny manner lit up the part of the room. Indeed, they looked more than men, bearing the bright mien of demi-gods; for their faces were set in unique cloistral calm.

They stood motionless as statues, regarding me, their hands crossed upon their breasts, remaining absolutely silent.

Was I functioning in some fourth dimension, aware and awake in some far-off epoch of the past? Had my sense of time regressed to the early days of Egypt? No; that could not be, for I perceived quickly that these two could see me and even now were about to address me.

Their tall figures bent forward; the lips of one spirit seemed to move, his face close to mine, his eyes flashing spiritual fire, and his voice sounding in my ear.

Why dost thou come to this place, seeking to evoke the secret powers? Are not mortal ways enough for thee?” he asked.

I did not hear these words with any physical ear; certainly no sound-vibration disturbed the silence of the chamber. Yet I seemed to hear them much in the manner in which a deaf man, using an electric earphone, might hear the words sounding against his artificial ear-drum; but with this difference that they were heard on the inside of the drum. Really, the voice which came to me might be termed a mental voice, because it was surely heard within my head, but that might give the wrong impression that it was a mere thought. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It was a voice.

And I answered: “They are not!”

And he said:

The stir of many crowds in the cities comforts the trembling heart of man. Go back, mingle with thy fellows, and thou wilt soon forget the light fancy that brings thee here!”

But I answered again: “No, that cannot be.”

Still he strove once more.

The way of Dream will draw thee far from the fold of reason. Some have gone upon it and come back mad. Turn now, whilst there is yet time, and follow the path appointed for mortal feet.”

But I shook my head and muttered: “l must follow this way. There is none other for me now.”

Then the priestly figure stepped forward closer and bent down again to where I sat.

I saw his aged face outlined by the surrounding darkness. He whispered against my ear:

He who gains touch with us loses kin with the world, Art thou able to walk alone?

I replied: “I do not know.”

Out of the darkness came his last words:

So be it. Thou hast chosen. Abide by thy choice for there is now no recall. Farewell,” and he was gone.

I was left alone with the other spirit, who so far had only played the part of a silent witness.

He moved closer so that he stood now in front of the marble coffer. His face revealed itself as the face of a man, very very old. I dared place no guess of years upon him.

My son, the mighty lords of the secret powers have taken thee into their hands. Thou art to be led into the Hall of Learning to-night” he explained dispassionately. “Stretch thyself out upon this stone! In olden days it would have been within that yonder, upon a bed of papyrus-reeds” and he pointed to the coffin-like sarcophagus.

It did not occur to me to do other than obey my mysterious visitant. I laid myself flat upon my back.

What happened immediately afterwards is still not very clear to me. It was as though he had unexpectedly given me a dose of some peculiar, slow-working, anaesthetic, for all my muscles became taut, after which a paralysing lethargy began to creep over my limbs. My entire body became heavy and numb. First, my feet became colder and colder. The feeling developed into a kind of iciness which moved by imperceptible degrees up my legs, reached the knees, whence it continued its mounting journey. It was as though I had sunk up to the waist in a pile of snow while on some mountain climb. All sensation in the lower limbs was numbed.

I appeared next to pass into a semi-somnolent condition and a mysterious intimation of approaching death crept into my mind. It did not trouble me, however, for I had long ago liberated myself from the ancient fear of death and arrived at a philosophic acceptance of its inevitability.

As this strange chilling sensation continued to grip me, to pass up my shivering spine, to overpower my entire body, I felt myself sinking inwards in consciousness to some central point-within my brain, while my breathing became weaker and weaker.

When the chill reached my chest and the rest of my body was completely paralysed, something like a heart attack supervened, but it passed quickly and I knew that the supreme crisis was not far off.

Had I been able to move my stiff jaws, I might have laughed at the next thought which came to me. It was this:

To-morrow, they will find my dead body inside the Great Pyramid and that will be the end of me.”

I was quite sure that all my sensations were due to the passage of my own spirit from physical life to the regions beyond death.

Although I knew perfectly well that I was passing through all the sensations of dying, all opposition had now vanished.

At last, my concentrated consciousness lay in the head alone, and there was a final mad whirl within my brain. I had the sensation of being caught up in a tropical whirlwind and seemed to pass upwards through a narrow hole; then there was a momentary dread of being launched in infinite space, I leapt into the unknown and I was Free!

No other word will express the delightful sense of liberation which then became mine. I had changed into a mental being, a creature of thought and feeling yet without the clogging handicap of the heavy flesh body in which I had been shut up. I had gone ghost-like clean out of my earthly body, like a dead man rising out of his tomb, but had certainly gone into no sort of unconsciousness. My sense of existence in fact, was intensely more vivid than before. Above all, with this exodus to a higher dimension, I felt, blissfully, languorously free, in this fourth dimension to which I had penetrated.

At first I found myself lying on my back, as horizontal as the body I had just vacated, floating above the stone floor-block. Then came a sensation of some invisible hand turning me upright on my heels, after pushing me forward a little, and placing me properly on my feet. Ultimately I had a curiously combined feeling of both standing and floating simultaneously.

I gazed down upon the deserted body of flesh and bone, which was lying prone and motionless on the stone block. The inexpressive face was upturned, the eyes were scarcely open, yet the pupils gleamed sufficiently to indicate that the lids were not really closed. The arms were folded across the breast, certainly not an attitude which I could remember having assumed. Had someone crossed those hands without my being aware of the movement? The legs and feet were stretched out side by side, touching each other. There lay the seemingly dead form of myself, the form from which I had withdrawn.

I noted a trail of faint silvery light projecting itself down from me, the new me, to the cataleptic creature who lay upon the block. This was surprising, but more surprising still was my discovery that this mysterious psychic umbilical cord was contributing towards the illumination of the corner of the King's Chamber where I hovered; showing up the wall-stones in a soft moonbeam-like light.

I was but a phantom, a bodiless creature sojourning in space. I knew, at last, why those wise Egyptians of old had given, in their hieroglyphs, the pictured symbol of the bird to man’s soul-form. I had experienced a sense of increased height and breadth, a spreading out just as though I had a pair of wings; Had I not risen into the air and remained floating above my discarded body, even as a bird rises into the sky and remains circling around a point. Did I not have the sensation of being environed by a great void ? Yes, the bird symbol was a true one.

Yes; I had risen into space, disentangled my soul from its mortal skein, separated myself into two twin parts, left the world which I had known so long. I experienced a sense of being etherealised, of intense lightness, in this duplicate body which I now inhabited. As I gazed down at the cold stone block upon which my body lay, a single idea obtained recognition in my mind, a single realization overwhelmed me. It expressed itself to me in a few brief, silent words:

This is the state of death. Now I know that I am a soul, that I can exist apart from the body. I shall always believe that, for I have proved it”

This notion clutched hold of me with an iron grip, the while I was poised lightly above my empty fleshly tenement. I had proved survival in what I thought the most satisfactory way; by actually dying and then surviving! I kept on looking at the recumbent relic which I had left behind. Somehow, it fascinated me. Was that discarded form the thing which, for so many years, I had considered as myself? I perceived then, with complete clarity, that it was nothing more than a mass of unintelligent, unconscious, fleshly matter. As I regarded those unseeing unresponsive eyes, the irony of the whole situation struck me forcibly. My earthly body had really imprisoned me, the real “me,” but now I was free. I had been borne hither and thither upon this planet by an organism which I had long confused with my real central self.

The sense of gravity seemed to have gone, and I was literally floating on air, with that strange half-suspended, half-standing feeling.

Suddenly, by my side, appeared the old priest, grave and imperturbable. With upturned eyes, his face more ennobled still, with reverent mood, he prayed: “O Amen, O Amen, who art in Heaven, turn thy face upon the dead body of thy son, and make him well in the spirit-world. It is finished.” And then he addressed me:

Thou hast now learned the great lesson. Man, whose soul was born out of the Undying, can never really die. Set down this truth in words known to men. Behold!”

And out of space there came the half-remembered face of a woman whose funeral I had attended more than twenty years before; then the familiar countenance of a man who had been more than a friend and whom I had last seen laid to rest in his coffin twelve years previously; and, finally, the sweet smiling picture of a child I knew who had died in an accidental fall.

These three peered at me with tranquil faces, and their friendly voices sounded once again around me. I had the shortest of conversations with the so-called dead, who soon melted away and vanished.

They too live, even as thou livest, even as this Pyramid, which has seen the death of half a world, lives on,” said the High Priest.

"Know, my son, that in this Ancient fane lies the lost record of the early races of man and or the Covenant which they made with their Creator through the first of His great prophets. Know, too, that chosen men were brought here of old to be shown this Covenant that they might return to their fellows and keep the great secret alive. Take back with thee the warning that when men forsake their Creator and look on their fellows with hate, as with the princes of Atlantis in whose time this Pyramid was built, they are destroyed by the weight of their own iniquity, even as the people of Atlantis were destroyed.

It was not the Creator who sank Atlantis, but the selfishness, the cruelty, the spiritual blindness of the people who dwelt on those doomed islands. The Creator loves all; but the lives of men are governed by invisible laws which He has set over them. Take back this warning, then.”

There surged up in me a great desire to see this mysterious Covenant and the spirit must have read my thought, for he quickly said:

To all things there is an hour. Not yet, my son, not yet.”

I was disappointed.

He looked at me for a few seconds.

No man of thy people hath yet been permitted to behold such a thing, but because thou art a man versed in these things, and hast come among us bearing goodwill and understanding in thy heart, some satisfaction thou shalt have. Come with me!"

And then a strange thing happened. I seemed to fall into a kind of semi-coma, my consciousness was momentarily blotted out, and the next thing I knew was that I had been transported to another place. I found myself in a long passage which was softly lit, although no lamp or window was visible: I fancied that the illuminant was none other than the halo-like emanation around my companion combined with the radiation from the luminous vibrant cord of ether which extended behind me, yet I realized that these would not sufficiently explain it. The walls were built up with a glowing pinkish terra-cotta coloured stone, slabbed with the thinnest of joints. The floor sloped downwards at precisely the same angle as the Pyramid entrance itself descends. The masonry was well finished. The passage was square and fairly low, but not uncomfortably so. I could not find the source of its mysterious illuminant, yet the interior was bright as though a lamp were playing on it.1

The High Priest bade me follow him a little way down the passage. “Look not backwards” he warned me, “nor turn thy head.” We passed some distance down the incline and I saw a large temple-like chamber opening out of the farther end. I knew perfectly well that I was inside or below the Pyramid, but I had never seen such a passage or chamber before. Evidently they were secret and had defied discovery until this day. I could not help feeling tremendously excited about this startling find, and an equally tremendous curiosity seized me as to where and what the entrance was. Finally, I had to turn my head and take a swift look backwards at what I hoped was the secret door. I had entered the place by no visible entrance37, but at the farther end I saw that what should have been an opening was closed with square blocks and apparently cemented. I found myself gazing at a blank wall; then, as swiftly whirled away by some irresistible force until the whole scene was blotted out and I had floated off into space again. I heard the words: “Not yet, not yet” repeated as in an echo and a few moments later saw my inert unconscious body lying on the stone.

My son” came a murmur from the High Priest, “it matters not whether thou discoverest the door or not. Find but the secret passage within the mind that will lead thee to the hidden chamber within thine own soul, and thou shalt have found something worthy indeed. The mystery of the Great Pyramid is the mystery of thine own self. The secret chambers and ancient records are all contained in thine own nature. The lesson of the Pyramid is that man must turn inward, must venture to the unknown centre of his being to find his soul, even as he must venture to the unknown depths of this fane to find its profoundest secret. Farewell!”

My mind whirled into some vortex that caught me; I slipped helplessly, sucked downwards, ever downwards; heavy torpor overcame me, and I seemed to melt back into my physical body; I strained my will, pushing and trying to move its rigid muscles, but failed, and finally I swooned. . . .

I opened my eyes with a shock, in inky blackness. When the numbness passed, my hands groped for the torch and switched the light on. I was back in the King's Chamber, still tremendously excited, so excited in fact, that I jumped up and shouted, my voice echoing back in muffled tones. But, instead of feeling the floor beneath my feet, I found myself falling through space. Only by throwing both hands on the edge of the stone block and clinging to the sides did I save myself. I then realized what had happened. In rising I had unwittingly moved to the far end of the block and my feet were now dangling over the excavated hole in the north-west corner of the floor.

I picked myself up and got back to safety, secured the lamp and threw a beam of light upon my watch. The glass was cracked in two places, where I had struck my hand and wrist against the wall in jumping up, but the works still ticked merrily away; and then, as I noted the time I almost laughed outright despite the solemnity of my surroundings.

For it was precisely the melodramatic hour of midnight, both hands pointing to twelve, neither more nor less!

The body-idea of Man is the living temple of God. The kingdom of God is within you.

The LORD has arranged an unavoidable experience of the failure of money as an organising principle fronted by a fictitious democractic-repubic-kingdom that ye return to the noble way of love, the key that unlocks Genesis in the Torah to reveal the One who made thee and who loves thee.

Genesis 47:15 And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.

47:16 And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, if money fail.

47:17 And they brought their cattle unto Joseph: and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of the herds, and for the asses: and he fed them with bread for all their cattle for that year.

The failure of fraudulent ‘money’ and a return to goods is a return to God and goodwill amongst men – there is nothing to fear except one’s own ego. There are many who are waiting for a ‘reset’ in the world. Electronic contracts deliverable in goods with a short expiry date force them to re-distribute in a yet-to-be-created market.

Today, there is no market, just virtual reality games for legal idiots. Those who have volunteered themselves by ‘investing’ in some scheme or another can be mobilised to serve the world. The technology that already exists can be mobilised with short term (one month to a quarter) deliverable goods contracts – in electronic or paper form.

The failure of fraudulent democracy/republic/kingdom(s) are nothing to moan about. Satan/dragon, hiding as an occult cult of power, is forced to come out of the healthy body of man. This is reflected in the fable about the Patron Saint of England, St. George, slaying the dragon.

Keep that which is most precious: faith in God

We pray that Your Excellency and the German people extend their warm hospitality to this path of Holy Peace. German companies are eager to work with the substance-as-money concept so that mankind can exchange goods not tokens of fraud. We pray that they embrace the concept and work with Pope Francis and this Court of Record to serve God in all men, women and children.

We invite Your Excellency and Chancellor Angela Merkel and families to come and visit us. We look forward to the day when we can tour Germany once again and visit friends whom we have been unable to visit in many years.

We pray to our LORD, Jesus Christ, YHVH, Ground of Being, that grace be upon Your Excellency and that Holy Peace manifest for all the men, women and children.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Ray Sundarsson
+41 43 508 1447
+44 1234 816 393

GICOR-ref: US-Steinmeier-cover-v1.0

11Do those who tout the efficacy of vaccines consider that sanitation, laundry machines and cars have more to do with human health gains? Vaccines have become a vector for the Cult of Power to accommodate their racial cleansing objectives. We are investigating if mosquitoes have been conscripted as flying syringes in genetic vaccination experiments, for example, in Brazil, to produce sterility in racially targeted men, women and children? Do you go to the doctor with blind faith? Does the doctor know what he is doing? Or is the Cult of Power making the NHS dance to its own tune, even as they celebrated it openly at the London Olympics?

12Woman is shorthand for lust to possess and use another. Treating a legally married wife as chattel property sanctified by the Church is lust. Demanding and forcing sex from her is rape. The Cult of Power naturally encourages violation of these sacred principles for then those people can be used, under blackmail, for their own purposes, as animals in chains. This is how the power of blood oaths have been strengthened by chains.

13See R. P. Feynman: The universe does not answer ‘why/because’ questions. All theories can do is predict the probability of a given sequence.

14The Womb of the Buddha.

15This is the pity of the bodhisattva who repeatedly reincarnates to free “animal spirits” from their folly.

“The Bodhisattva is one who pledges himself to the spiritual service of ignorant unawakened mankind. For this ideal he sacrifices himself to the point of stopping his own liberation just when it is about to be realized.”

Paul Brunton

19Nothing to do with the Roman ‘Catholic’ Church.

20That is, death – being torn apart whilst conscious.

This letter, the essence of the mythical unicorn, with the horn of One, has thundered across your desk, tat tat tat tat, I am that I am, tat tvam asi … Her Majesty The Queen, comfortably assumed to be a figurehead ‘zero’ has no need to say a word; One Christ, Our Father in Heaven, has sent this Court of Record to Her Majesty The Queen. This letter inspires single minded attention. Whoever you are, dear reader, you cannot ignore it. This is the Power of the unicorn.

27We suggest the “1000 names of Vishnu”, the Vishnu Sahasranamam and the Lalitha Sahasranamam – listening to these, even without comprehension of Sanskrit, soon results in ability to chant in Sanskrit and Holy Peace.

28The One Most High is said to be ‘playful’, ‘like a child’.

37The “space-time” he entered does not have to be space-time in earth. Materialists deny any other possibility, those of the inferior there-is-matter-and-there-is-spirit school dig around in the dirt, missing the God in them who is manifesting/witnessing the observation of digging.

Scientific idiots, with whom philosophic reason does not yet prevail, are looking in the wrong direction for a “portal” or seek to create solar-magnetic weapons. “The unconquered Sun” that I-AM is within ye.